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Peter Yellowhammer

I'm an out of practice writer using Ponies to recharge and sharpen my skill set. I like romance and gay stuff and adventure and other things I couldn't name off the top of my head.


Sorry For Being Gone, But There's a Reason: I'm Not Writing Ponies Anymore :/ · 2:36am Sep 23rd, 2013

I said it in a comment on my user page, but I think I need to say it here as well. I officially leave Horseshoes up to interpretation because I can't find the energy to finish that bloated monstrosity. It's not that I gave up writing. I just became interested in other things. Don't expect me to write Ponies anytime soon. Impossible? I wouldn't say that. Improbable? Definitely.

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Hope you are doing well in life, see youar ound.

Everything okay?

Dude i loved Silent Vigil and Whistle Tone can u type more of them Please man i would love to see them in more

751592 I understand completely, Ill be still here- awaiting for more of your writing if your interest ever jumpstarts again.

Good luck on whatever you are focusing on :)

748238 Okay, this is as good a time as any, I suppose. I have lost interest in that story completely. And for full honesty, I haven't done much in the way of bronyhood in a long time. I log onto this account to see if anyone needs me to address anything, basically.

It's no one's fault but mine. I became interested in other things, and this happens to a lot of people. So, as much as having an ending to that story would be nice, I...I just can't muster the energy. I would either write the most lackluster, drained conclusion or feel lackluster and drained after writing a good one. And I don't want either of those things.

So, as crappy as I know it is, I have to leave the ending of Horseshoes up to the reader. Maybe that was the end for Caramel and Mac, maybe something crazy happened, maybe the story broadened to even more characters...whatever you would like. I'm sorry. I honestly doubt anyone would want an ending from an author whose heart just isn't in it.

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