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I am an aspiring writer, romance enthusiast, and a horrible over emotional mess. If you're here I hope you like homosexual stallions. If you enjoy my work and want to support me I have a Ko-Fi!


Everything starts somewhere. Under the bark of a great tree you'll find where a sapling once began. The same can be said for all forms of life that to find out who they truly are, or where they began, you have to start at the roots. Deep in the soil they grow, and eventually blossom.

Caramel and Big Macintosh have been dating for a while. Two years to be exact. They've fallen into a routine of dates, romance, and finding time just to be with one another. Settling down might be seen as a negative to some, but it's comfortable for the two of them. The Apple Family reunion approaches quickly, set to take place for the first time in Appleloosa. Mac debates the question if he's ready to introduce Caramel to his extended family, and to take their relationship to a more serious level. During this, Caramel struggles to deal with an appearance of a letter on his doorstep. It's a letter that reminded him of the roots he abandoned, but never forgot.

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The plot is stirring, and it won't be long before it thickens. I'm intrigued...

I'll be keeping track of this, just to see where this is going.

Damnit, lord jesus the suspense, but on a good note way to make an impressing comeback on the story. Caramel still acting fidgetty, and I guess Mac feels their relationship has gotten to a point where he trusts Caramel with his parents deaths, or whoever it is.

Cool start, I look forward to future chapters!

This is great. I love the prologue and I look forward to more

I love gay horses. They are cute.

This is a good start! Can't wait for the next chapter!

good so far. keep it up

Stop, my heart can only take so much

This is super sweet, and the Brushed Away reference is especially touching. I gotta say though, this chapter is making me super hungry for breakfast food.

Also, I should point out how you mentioned Caramel would take a few minutes before being a "human being" at breakfast? Since when do ponies become humans? :derpytongue2:

Due to recent events in my own life, the ending of this chapter really hit home for me. Even though I personally wouldn't have a panic attack like Cara did, I can definitely understand that kind of reaction.
Also, I really like Caramel's relationship with his brother in this chapter. It feels really genuine and sweet, and I haven't seen that sort of dynamic between the two in a long time in your work.

7933489 amen to the brotherly relationship. Really great writing.

Even though I'm glad Mac is using the family reunion as a means to help Sages brother, I really hope Caramel doesn't think his boyfriend is inviting him just because of that. Even though I know that isnt the case, people can assume the craziest things when distraught like that.
Also, another great chapter! I can totally relate with both Mac and Sage's viewpoints in this part, and or feels very real. Also, I thought it was "latter," not "ladder."

Damn, my feelings are torn through the f***ing roof right now. Such emotion, I may or may have not just shit myself reading this. Awesome

This is so nice. You always know how to bring two ponies together

Sage is number the 1 troll brother

That last part nearly made me cry. Way to make me happy and sad all in the same chapter

This was really well-written on an emotional level. Big Mac is really relatable in this chapter, and I like that Caramel was able to explain his reasoning a little bit near the end. Despite whether or not it was a justified thing to think about, at least it was established so we're able to see his mindset. I also loved how close we're able to see these two, while also being mature and serious about things. It definitely shows a deeper relationship between the two than what we may have seen before.

Now all we have to do is wait and see how Braeburn reacts to seeing the two. I predict shenanigans. :pinkiehappy:

This was quite an engaging chapter. It's easy to get invested and concerned for the characters, as both are experiencing relatable anxieties, though handling them in different ways. It's quite understandable that Caramel as the more vulnerable emotionally would get on the snappy, defensive side. Whilst Big Mac's kind nature and level head work as a good foil to Caramel, it's good that we get to see Big Mac's own family worries as well. If Braeburn's personality is as explosive as I recall from the show, I'm guessing we have a lot to look forward to in Appleoosa. :pinkiehappy:

I'm really loving how much Mac and Caramel's relationship is evolving to something more serious. What started off as a lovey-dovey romance between two characters is becoming something that feels more... real. Granted, I think some real-life events are big inspirations for this development, but it's still a great thing to see in a story like this. You're really growing as a writer. :twilightsmile:

What's this? Braeburn is going to be really fun in this fic?

To quote Groucho Marx: "Now we're getting somewhere's."

hahaha. Braeburn's great. He reminds me a lot of my cousin

I really enjoyed the flirtiness between the couple in the train. Although I can't help but think my most recent fic inspired some choice ideas you wrote with them ticking each other. :duck:

Also, I can already tell I'm gonna love Braeburn. He's a total doll.

I er.......See where Brae gets it from.

Oh man, that was fun! Now I'm curious to see what happens next.

Teach me how to be adorable, Braeburn. You make it look so easy.

7951858 No, I don't believe so. They usually refuse my submissions.

Cam and Mac's scene is not only really cute, but surprisingly relatable. After I came out to certain people in my family, I've had conversations this casual before. Most weren't nearly as open as Cam's was, but the love and understanding was there.

Also, now I'm imagining Brae and Cara wearing matching pink robes and gossiping like teenage girls. They make such a cute friendshipping.

This is very interesting. I really wonder how caramel will face these demons. And i feel like you got spot on with braeburns character here. I cam visualise him as a kind and caring soul yet still having those little moments of talking too much.

A short chapter with a lot of depth. Well done my dear sir!

Part of me wonders if that stench of perfume is a sign of self-insuced phobia, or just out of nowhere foreshadowing. Either way, I'm really glad Cara was taken care of, and that Brae was shown in a sympathetic and caring light.
Although, part of me expected that cowpony to have some Helga Pataki-level shrine of Soarin arranged in the corner of the room or something.:rainbowlaugh:

Man, this story has come such a long way since Melting Snow. You can really see how much the couple has matured (both together and individually), while still being a loving and adorable pairing. Plus, Caramel felt really relatable in this chapter when he talked about his Mom; while it's not necessarily the same, I have very similar issues regarding my own Mother, and reading Caramel's words really sticks out for me. I love how both Cara and Mac are being more caring and respectful of one another, but still have to learn new things. That's a big thing in any relationship, and you displayed that perfectly here. In closing, you did a fantastic job, babe.

This series as a whole has been mesmerizing and opening not only for me, but also countless of other followers. Sometimes it's nice to just appreciate such a great piece of art, that has someway helped me figure out who I'am. For that I thank you.

Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock...

Oh, shit. Someone's gonna get hurt, and at this point I don't wanna think about who that could be...

And THAT'S why you should explain your situation to other people.

Faecal matter is set on a collision course with the rotary impeller.

Well, this was certainly an educational chapter! I learned a lot today!

Although I have to question whether or not Brae never did drag. Lets face it, that colt has the best figure for some crossdressing~

Fuck Toffee, manipulating wrench should leave Caramel alone and accept that she messed up.

Man, there's a lot of great character development in this chapter from both Cara and Braeburn. We're seeing a lot of depth in both of them, and their chemistry with one another is really sweet.

Speaking from experience, a lot of narcissistic parents will most likely never come to terms with their own shortcomings. Unless a major revelation comes along in their lives, they'll usually just blame all their problems on others and make everything about themselves.


Love this story :)
I wish I could write more, but I am a total failure when its comes to writing in English xD
(English teaching in Germany is pointless, no one understands it with our teachers)


Mac is such a softie in this story, and I absolutely love it. Why is it always the big and burly ones that make me swoon when sensitivity shows up?

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