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Silver Heart, a guard in the Royal Canterlot armed forces, has just been re-assigned to the Crystal Empire Royal Guard! He is there on a temporary security boost for the Equestria Games. He was planning a fun time with his colleagues at the Crystal Empire, explore the kingdom, watching the games, meeting the Crystal Guards, making some new friends. Romance? Expectations were low for finding that on his holiday. But as clockwork as Celestia raising the sun, fate has a funny relationship with expectations.
Contains M/M shipping,

Original artist of cover art used with permission from the amazing: http://vavacung.deviantart.com/
Thanks a huge bunch to my amazing friends who made this possible! Thanks to all my editors, Geechan, Eye-CFox, Javarod,OkemosBrony and AlternateUniverse.

Featured on 17/10/18!!!! thank you all my amazing readers!

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found on the bead of every room.


I enjoyed it, and also I'll watch you. I like your stories so far. (I like M/M shipping)

Oopsies! thanks for that, all fixed :scootangel:

Please do more. I already ship it XD

Yay, I'm glad your back. This story has promise and I was quite excited to see a new chapter. This relationship is already becoming quite adorable:twilightsmile:

Thank you! Yes I've been on a productive purge recently seeing asthe procrastination monkey in my head has gone on holiday. Be expecting more a lot more sooner than last time.:raritywink:

8074198 Yay, and your productivity has reminded me that I need to start being productive again as well, haven't updated my latest fic in nearly a year:twilightoops:

Needs proofreading, but I do like the feel of them being a little awkward, then warming up to a much freer conversation. Nice little first date there, even if unintentional. Now write more, I need mushy colt feeeeeeeeelings.

Sorry, May is when University wants everything and oops.... time went fast. I have a chapter of my other fic The Regular to complete then I will be able to get back into Armoured Hearts, then something special :raritywink:

But yes, for now it remains... in the drawing... board? will you buy that? meh

(I totally didn't forget to track this story. *Cough*)

Aaaaah not another MLP M/M FanFic to get addicted to keeps reading *^* what have you done?

Hey, a story that has M/M and DOESN'T look like shit.

I'm upvote and read later fam.

But in all seriousness, I'm glad you're not dead.

“Hey Starry! We should probably head back to the castle now, I think I need a break from my own head…” Silver muttered.

“Huh?” Starry asked furrowing his brow in confusion having returned from the toilet.

“Just got a bit lost in thought is all.” Silver shrugged off.

I don't think there should be italicized since they're talking, right?

oops! thank you, i'm glad you are enjoying it! and good to hear from you again!

I love this!!! also you had me there with the dream sequence lol

I really like this story and so glad to see another chapter. I love these "two guys who never realised they were gay just falling in love with each other because it just feels like the right thing" stories. It's really sweet

Even if it takes you another 4 months, I eagerly await the next chapter

Thank you! That means so much to me and I am really glad you are enjoying it. I actually have a new chapter hopefully being ready soon, finding editors being a drawback and what not.

Don't be expecting the fun to stop there in any case!

And I damn well hope to keep it

Oh no! I was so happy to see this fic update, but now starry's gonna be beaten up, please tell me he's not going to be hospitalised or permanently injured for this, he doesn't deserve that :raritycry:

I'm thankful to say I've never been gay bashed before, mostly because while my country of origin is deeply homophobic, having spent the last 5 years of my life in the uk, the most LGBT-friendly and accepting country in Europe, I have never once experienced hostility for my orientation.

My boyfriend is so adamant on us being out as a gay couple no matter where in the world we go on holiday, but I fear one day this might happen to us if we did do that:fluttercry: Having grown up somewhere homophobia is deeply entrenched, i know it can happen. It's like having never experienced a car accident but knowing full well the risk and consequences of one

can you tell me if cadance is going to meddle with their love life much or not so much? I prefer it if she let's it play out for the most part and gives only subtle hints.

there will not be much involved with that particular pink pony, do not fret!

good good, I'm really interessted in your gay ponie stories, it is something else and eve if it was rather short or ended soon, I liked the one with Ristretto.

Some of the names are flip-flopped near the end, but other than that the whole conversation Silver had in his head is 100% relatable and just really great.

I guess all I can say is, I hope the situation doesn’t get any worse?

You'd be surprised at what an evil author I can be sometimes..:raritywink:

Yeah, I don't care what part of the world you are, but if a bunch of guards beats up another (regardless the reason), they should be nervous for this action if they get caught. Best case scenario for them is to be fired and possibly banned for all other jobs for life. Worst case scenario - death. After all, they did something incredibly stupid: they left Starry alive. In other words: as long as there's a witness, there's a much higher chance of them getting caught.

avoided the story at one time or two for it was incomplete & decided to read The regular instead. Love it & those guards better get what's coming to them!
in my story the latter part with first base(younger brother of flash sentry that was given by the fandom!) when he join the guards in crystal empire they absolute bros(more like the Romains in greece)

So, I had been putting off reading this chapter for a while, actually, because of what happened in the last chapter. (I had also read another fic inbetween that dealt with the same themes) when I finished the first bit that still focused on Starry, I actually had to stop reading briefly because I was so high-strung. Reading the rest of the chapter went about as well as you’d expect and now I’m apprehensively awaiting the next chapter.

So, I think I started tearing up at one point while reading this. I’m not exactly sure why, since I’m usually pretty emotionless. I suppose that means you did a good job, eh?

Wow, thanks for the compliment, really. As an author who really puts a lot of myself into the paper, to evoke emotion and to get you to cry is something really special to me. To think that what I have to say and how I say it has an impact on others is something that I'm so glad you can share with me.

From the bottom of my heart thank you. Something as small as that really motivates me to keep going and get better, And comments in general just make writing such a gift.

I look forward to hearing from you again :twilightblush:

Oh man, poor Starry. I was wondering if princess Luna would show up to him or something, but I guess a medically-induced coma makes sense.

Did, did the police put two and two together over the circumstances of Starry's assault and evidence in his room to determine that Silver Heart is a person of deep interest to Starry Scroll?

I really want to see Starry awaken, and him and Silver finally having a heart to heart about how their hearts lie with each other

When I heard the doctor say that Starry could possibly be paralyzed, It hit me hard personally because I'm paralyzed form the waist down and it has been eight years since it happened.

Wow, that is a truly terrible thing to have to happen and I'm so sorry to hear that. But thanks for sharing, I'm glad this story has something for everyone to connect to and I'm truly glad that you have. That must be a hard thing to deal with but your comment in my story is a testament to your strength through such a life-altering event. I really hope you are enjoying and I hope to see you in the comment section again!


I can’t even make words right now, this chapter was really great and I’m so glad it’s back.

omg yes! that sergeant is an asshole.
i'm going to pm you some time in the day. you can read it whenever ya have the time.

Comment posted by AuroraBorealis17 deleted May 2nd, 2018

The sergeant is a dick and the police Amy be in onnit. I don't know where this is going but I'm looking forward to seeing

Holy fuck, I was waiting for that to happen, go Silver! And that asshole sergent of his was in on it!

Great Chapter, but so short 😭

Don't worry! The next will be huge, with plenty of drama to boot :raritywink:
It's been a bit of a struggle writing romance with only one character in these past few chapters, which has taken a toll on speed. But now I'm cutting through this awkward segment the pace will be picking up!

Nah, I get it. Typically, romance is framed by some external conflict in order to have that work, so I figured this would turn into a makeshift detective story or something along those lines.

to milo_chalks (author) -This story was updated...wow! & I follow you, interesting.
question:is sliver having a ptsd flashback/moment?
9070643 I totally agree with you 100%.

Silver is dealing with events as they are happening in the story, so this is shortly after coming back from the hospital! I hope that cleared things up and apologies if I didn't make that very clear. But be expecting a new chapter soon! :twilightsmile:

“Look Silver, there is.. Something I need to tell you.” Silver started nervously.

I gues he’s talking with himself here.

I believe I spotted a few more mistakes in other chapters but I didn't keep track of them. :/

Oh it's honestly fine! It's all part of learning and growing as an author. It only incentifies me to do better and keep working till those mistakes are gone!

Wonder of Silver could appeal to Celestia? Cause I'd have a hard time believing that she wouldn't act upon such blatant corruption.

Nice story! Awaiting the next chapter! :)

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