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May contain high concentrations of Thorax and/or Pharynx. You've been warned.



This story is a sequel to Walk Where There Is No Path

Now that Spike has convinced Princess Cadance that the ponies had been wrong to assume Thorax was an enemy, the kind changeling was given, and accepted, the opportunity to make the Crystal Empire his new home, one where he hoped to soon have many friends, plenty of love to sustain him, and basically a good life, much better than the one he’d escaped from. He really should have known it wasn’t going to be that easy.

Set between Walk Where There Is No Path and Winds of Change. The story will touch on some of the events from Path, but familiarity with said story isn’t an absolute requirement.

Edit 5-Aug-2021: Whoa, made it into the Featured slot! Thanks guys!

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Aww, this is a perfect first chapter! I can't wait to see where this goes! I like how Thorax still has Pharynx in his thoughts even if he's unsure if Pharynx is happy he left or not

Welcome back :twilightsmile: Looking forward for your future updates :pinkiesmile:

Home. How strange it felt to call a place that after such a long time on the run! But a good kind of strange! Would it live up to that word’s meaning and to my hopes and expectations? For the first time in forever, I felt confident that it just might!

Aww thats sweet thats how he felt Hopefully the crystal ponies will Accept him

Thanks! :raritystarry:

Thanks :pinkiehappy: the updates will be less frequent than you're used to, but barring any unforeseen complications, there won't be too long a wait between chapters

No problem! Can't wait to see more!

So far this was a pretty good start I've always wonder has he been doing ever since that episode How to adjust his new home It's cool to see that again Can't wait to see How that gos 😊

“So, I was wondering… now that you’re here, would you mind answering a few questions? Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble! I was just thinking, you’re the first changeling I’ve gotten to know, and I’d like to know more about you, both you individually and changelings as a species, and because not much is known about your kind beside what little was observed during the invasion of Canterlot and glimpsed from changelings discovered sporadically and what studying the few deceased changelings available to us was able to reveal, and now that ponies have a non-hostile changeling among them, this is a perfect opportunity to gauge your abilities such as memory and learning-”


Well this is a nice first chapter! Faved and tracked before I even read it. That's how much I enjoyed the other 3 stories.

this is a really good start to whet looks to be a good story.


Aww! More sweet Thorax! Loved the new chapter!

“You forgave me ,” Starlight muttered. “Why not him?”

Ohh starlight made a good point there girls

“What just happened?” I asked nopony in particular.

“Heh, it’s Pinkie,” Spike said. “We’ve learned to just roll with it!”

Yeah Seriously thorax Don't ask its pinkie pie 😅

Aww thats sweet I mean sure in the beginning it was a rocky start but then everybody started to chilled out And Starting to get to know him a little better I wonder how this day would go for him I can't wait to see nice job on the chapter

grate chapter. Flutter Shy just makes things work.

Aww, poor Thorax...Shining how could you?! If you were starving and resorted to stealing food from a marketplace, would you expect to be chained and thrown into a castle dungeon?!

Invest in some burn cream Shinning cause your sorry flank's gonna need it when Twilight & Spike find out what you just did, especially Spike!:twilightangry2::moustache:

Oh man Things just escalated really quickly in the end Anyway in the beginning of the chapter it looks like everybody was enjoying thorax company Which that's pretty awesome and the main 6 and spike Will back him up if anything happens to him and Try to convince everybody that he is no threat but when They left As I said before things went down quickly shining armor was asking him questions about his quest and thorax even confessed of draining the love from that mysterious pony from Manehattan And I get it hes mad But it was a little too extreme what he did to him But I guess thorax Should have seen this coming Because it was his fault and he felt like he deserve it Can he get out of this situation I guess we'll find out next time

true But unfortunately it was a pony not an object but I really hope They will Find a way to forgive him somehow I really felt bad for him 😔

Yeah, I do feel really bad for him...poor Thorax, my heart is breaking for the little guy...

I know right not cool shining armor

Shining is gonna be sleeping on the couch for a long time if not worse when Cadence finds out! I'm surprised he even bothered saving Shining during the next story.

An’ burst mah pumpkins if Ah can’t handle hard work!”

Hahaha whahuhuhut? HahahahaHahahaha

Shining must never want sex agene as Cadance is going to lop off his balls for this one.

Aww, poor Thorax...

This chapter really hits hard, man...

Doggone it, this one stung......hard! :fluttercry:

Still want a certain unicorn stallion to get what's coming to him though! :flutterrage:

Oh man thats so sad that thorax is putting alot of guilt that what he did back at Manhattan to the pony he drained I just hope he finds a way to see if he can ask for forgiveness for what he's done and a little Mercy

Okay I will admitted that was a little harsh what shining Armour did to thorax specially made a promise never go overboard on him but the anger and the discovery just got the best of him and hopefully he will understand what he did was kind of harsh

To thorax 😢😔

You find the perfect songs for my chapters :pinkiesad2:
Also, a minor point, but the mare was in Whinnyapolis, not in Manehattan

Yeah its so sad thats how thorax feels about what he did 😢

Also, a minor point, but the mare was in Whinnyapolis, not in Manehattan

Oh my mistake I got two city mixed up 😅

Yay for Cadence! Thorax is free! Poor little bug though, his nightmare seemed scary...

My God that nightmare was so scary not only that thorax was dreaming about pharynx and that victim of that pony he drain and even Chrysalis was there trying to kill him even though it was a dream but that was scary and he was feeling guilty but princess Cadence came to help thorax and send him free despite he still felt guilty for everything he's done but she reassured him that there was nothing he could have done despite his hunger and everything but she realized something that he already punished himself enough throughout his journey so with that she released him and I'm glad she did that so I wonder what's going to happen next guess we'll find out next time

Shining still has a lot to answer for however. I'm glad Cadence saw the truth however. And his draining that mare falls under both the insanity clause and the desperation clause. He had no other way to survive.

I like Cadence here, well done! Still want Shinning to get smacked by karma though! :twilightangry2:


I'm sure Princess Cadence will talk to him about what he did

“Shining can grin and bear it! Besides, I think he could use an explanation from you about why it was wrong of him to lock you up on an impulse like that!”

Yup shining armor needs to explain about this

Cadence laying down the law! Good to see some character growth from her, too bad they didn't put that in the actual show. A great chapter, I liked the nod to Dear Small Pony Book

Nice reference! And yeah Shining your standards are impossible for anyone to meet! Having hot stuff thrown in your eye would make anyone cry out in pain.

Yeah Shinning's still being a jackass, really want him to get hit by a huge dose of karma on his fat head! :twilightangry2:

Watch it, Blockhead Armor. You're on thin ice. :twilightangry2:

Well then something tells me lunch didn't go too well what we expected and now thorax is really not having a good day I mean for flurry heart innocence I'm sure she didn't mean to she's just a kid do her food at thorax and he accidentally hiss her which I'm sure that was an accident but to shiny armor reacted pretty poorly that's starting to attack him but good thing Cadence came in and stopped the fighting shining armor you really need to calm down thorax is not the Threat I really hope he will chill out

Congrats on testing negative! Also, I miss dear small pony book... I wanted to see their reaction when thorax realizes that flurry said Thorax Amore... not armory...

Thanks! :twilightsheepish:
I miss it too :fluttershysad: though I have to admit I forgot that part
*chalks fic up for another re-read*

Oh boy, Shinning ya need to control yourself a least for a little bit.

Hot oatmeal sucks, be a little more considerate!

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