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Thorax has been living in the Crystal Empire for some time now and ponies are adjusting to the idea of living with a changeling. One day, on a walk with Sunburst, Thorax learns about the holiday Hearth's Warming and decides that he'll make a gift to show his thanks to the ponies that have made his new life possible - The Royal Family.

This is a collaboration I've been working on with theOwtcast for the past month or so, and is set in something of an AU to their story The Odd One (kind of like the timeline is set up that part of the story coincides with the holiday season). Big thanks to theOwtcast for their contributions, especially the artwork they made to feature in the story. I hope everyone reading this enjoys it, and Happy Holidays/Hearth's Warming!

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It's been a pleasure working with you, too :twilightsmile:

Just a couple of little things: I've noticed that you refer to me as 'he' a couple of times when it should be 'they', and you forgot to mark the story as complete

Sorry. I caught myself several times as I was writing but I guess I didn't catch every instance :twilightsheepish:

Awesome story, I have to admit I bookmarked this story not long after it was published. But took me this long to get to it. Kinda disappointed it ends with just the 2 chapters, but it has been a very good story.

i'm undecided, but i might do an epilogue chapter that has Twilight and Spike's reaction to the painting. being honest, I've been feeling unwell and it's been having an effect on my mood to write.

Awwww! Such a sweet story! And the drawings are really good too!

Happy Belated Holidays!

That was So CUTE!!!!!

Shining Armor actually warming up to Thorax? Finally!!

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