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May contain high concentrations of Thorax and/or Pharynx. You've been warned.



Thorax has always been a black sheep among his kind. But only during the Canterlot invasion did he realize how wonderful it would be to have a friend he’d always wanted. Meeting no understanding among the changelings and finding every next day harder to bear, he decides to leave the hive… for better or worse.

Takes place some time after The Canterlot Wedding and before The Times They Are A Changeling.

AU tag added for modified version of canon.

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Congrats! You get a like.

You’ve said that on like 100 different stories...

Awww, it would have been pretty cool to see Thorax as a circus attraction for a couple chapters XD

yay, finally a comment that has something to do with the story!

OT: too bad I didn't think of that before, it might have been interesting :rainbowlaugh: but honestly, I don't think it would work well with the rest of what's coming up, so we'll just have to guess what might have been if I'd envisioned the story differently

(edit: if you want to include something based on that idea in Thorax Is Phototactic at some point, I'm okay with that. It would probably fit there better than here)

“What does it look like? Chrysalis smashed them, is what happened”, the guard replied.

“But why?” I couldn’t believe it. Why would she destroy something created at her own demand?

“To punish their mother”

That's just fucked up.

Just spotted this, looks like a really interesting concept! Will definitely be reading later tonight.

Zecora too? Wow, feel bad for that sweet little angel, wait, or is it changel? Anyway, great chapter, I have a small clip for this:

years later:

Zecora set down the newspaper titled Changeling alliance begins! and began to walk toward a stool in her hut, she began to picture a familiar pony turning changeling by the second, Zecora sighed, now if only she had given him a second chance, or, was it first chance? Had he actually done anything wrong?

I must say, I really like this story. Author is doing a good job at protraying a lost individual struggling to shake his races reputation.

Love it.

No, offense but after the episode that Zecora appeared in, her not giving Thorax a chance seems very hypocritical, despite his species. So, as much as I liked the chapters before this one, with Thorax is struggle to find friends I can’t say that I thought this chapter was very accurate. And seems that your having all these problems appear for plot sake.

All I can say at this point is that this might have some relevance on the later chapters (the ointment is also a slight reference to an alternate timeline from Season 5 finale). As for hipocrisy, it might have simply been an initial reaction to being startled by something she hadn't expected, influenced by any prior experience of changelings she might have had since younger age. There's nothing to suggest whether or not she would stick to that opinion after the initial shock wears off and she has time to reflect on what had happened.

It might not exactly be years. Take away the months-long hiatuses between seasons and the events of a season's premiere might as well have happened only days after the previos season's finale from the characters' point of view, plus the events of some episodes were happening simultaneously with those of another episode a couple of times, at least that we know of. So my headcanon here is that we're already at some point through Season 5, as will be seen in the next chapter.

What did I have to lose?


Oh you naive little bug horse.

Oh, Thorax, an ant would have been so much easier for you...

The guards galloped through the throne room doors, a bag carried in their magical grip,
Guard 1: “Your majesty! We’ve captured a changeling!”
Guard 2: “we found it at a train station,”
Guard 3:  “So what should we do with it?”
Celestia stared at the bag intently, “Take it to the kitchen.”
Guard 2: “Your majesty?
Celestia: “You heard me,” her tone became quiet “I’ll have it done rare,”
The guards faces clicked with understanding,
All the guards: “Of course, your majesty.” They rushed out the doors.

“Mmm, I think this is what they should do with changelings every time they’re spotted!...” she paused, “wait, why did that pink ball in it’s stomach taste so good...”
Celestia trotted over to the mirror to find a changeling queen within magenta eyes staring back at her, Celestia then began to eat her own hoof, :trollestia:

Oh that changeling just made things easier for our ol’ buggo pal... and also got himself captured :ajsmug:

Yeah, karma has ways of catching up to people... also I guess there's still a chance for that one fried changeling coming right up for Celestia that you wanted after the last chapter after all, just not the one you expected :pinkiecrazy:

...or maybe not quite yet - Celestia is probably keeping that reserved for a particular other changeling

I'm not suggesting something like that might actually be included in this story... but who knows what's happening that Thorax isn't aware of to tell us about?

...of course, we don't know yet what any future stories may bring :trixieshiftright:

Dammit! Starlight would have probably befriended him pretty quickly, now if only those changelings hadn’t screwed it up!

pore Thorax life just keeps shitting all over him.

Great chapter, poor little Thorax... it’s not exactly his fault...

No problem, Really, this is basically how I felt about all the chapters, even if I never actually said it.

awww.... *sends virtual hugs*

Finally! A peaceful ending to a sweet chapter.

well, things can't go south every time, can they? :raritywink:

You were beginning to make me think otherwise...

a vary sweet chapter that refers to a grate episode.

a super good chapter.
this story is coming together so strong grate righting team.

the one thing in this chapter that makes me a bit sad is the fact that Thorax lost his flower.:fluttercry:

He’s in the crystal empire... does this mean this story is coming to a close!?

there's still a dozen or so chapters left
but i've started writing a sequel, so stay tuned

Oooh, we are nearimg the home stretch XD

i am liking this story more and more this is just really good.

well this is a turn for the bade, no food , hungry and no way to get out of dodge.

Thorax is c=kind of stuck right now.
things are not looking the best right now.


Poor bug pony

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