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The complete story of Thorax the changeling!

Alternate universe tag for this future MLP universe! *NEW, awesome, adorable; and Unique Cover Art by Unique SKD! :D Features Rose the Changeling and Moon-loving Changeling! :D (I created this story to show what I think it would look like if Thorax stood up to Queen Chrysalis after he unites ponies and changelings in the future! ;))
Thorax...young PRINCE Thorax...makes his way back to the core of changeling hive. Even though he must fight off the changeling guards - his kind - he is determined to make it in there. Yes, he had been raised to be a love, magic, and power-draining machine...however, he was more prone to exerting them. Thorax always knew that he was going to face the Queen sooner or later. The prince swiftly flew into her bedchambers, ready with his plan. It is now, or NEVER. Thorax has to stand up to the evil Queen! Even though he may not be able to give the ruler a second chance at Friendship; even if it's for a short time, he could give her another chance at life...and as being his....MOTHER.

The end will be...Queen Chrysalis VS. Prince Thorax!

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Comment posted by Xanatos Speed Chess deleted Sep 19th, 2016

Dark does not actually fit a Everyone age tag


The story summary scares me with its emotions all over the place and reassertions of killing machines.
So I'd believe that comment might have something useful to say.

7578719 (I'm sorry, I won't do it again, but he was swearing and not saying anything coherent! XD)

7579240 Oh, sorry! I see lots of dark everyone stories! I'll change it! :)

7579100 Yes, sorry about that! He swore and did not make sense of his comment!

Will this fanfic have awesome fight scenes?

The story has been updated; I have fixed a lot of errors! XD

Before I read, what is the Dark tag for ?

7784465 Thorax is harassed by him being the only changeling with a strong enough mind to learn about friendship. Also, he is forced to fight in wars, and kills the Queen in the end! XD

Wooooo! New cover art by Unique SKD is now up! :D

However, first, it was Thorax's feeding time! ;D Nurse attached the fussy baby Thorax to her one of her many teats and let the larva suck the slimy but creamy substance out until he was full.
After Nurse gave suck, it was time to let the little one rest.

Uhhh... :rainbowderp:

LOL yeah, it's weird, I may be rewording it another time. :rainbowlaugh:

It seems to me that the genres "Comedy" and "Drama" / "Tragedy" are incompatible. At least it's hard for me to imagine a story that was in harmony with these genres.
Secondly, "Tragedy" is a genre where at the end a character dies (or suffers greatly) whose death we do not want to see because we are already emotionally attached to him. But in this story it will not work because within the framework of this story we and Thorax have no emotional attachment to Chrysalis. The classic dramatic move from "star wars" - "Luke, I am your father" will not even work here because Luke thought that the villain killed his real father, when in fact no one killed his real father, thereby making this revelation more shocking, but in subsequently, the father and son actively tried to lure the relative over to their side by establishing a connection. Thorax always had his adoptive mother (nanny). Therefore, in fact, he can not have regret to kill Chrysalis by quoting Star Lord from "Guardians of the Galaxy 2", "the mother is not the one who gave birth, but the one who raised". (If, of course, in the end Thorax should be able to, then my claim is unfounded, but this is unlikely because the description will almost spoil the ending)

Even though she was one of the eldest changelings, (being over 300,000 years old), she could still breastfeed, and it felt like every single one of the babies in the hive - whether they liked it or not - were temporarily her own children.

how long does the nanny live? Come on. Her character is clearly not age-appropriate. Usually such ancient creatures think very differently. During this time, she could have left for a long time and build her own hive.

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