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Will return with more stories! I'm still studying for the exams SAT, ACT and Drivers' ED (I passed PERT) - please be patient!


Cover Art here! *Edited by THIS awesome user! Also, FateMLP and I have finished reading this story, I just need to edit the sound files! :)
Also: Future universe. Other tags: Slice of Life and DRAMA. Christian themes. Those themes were inspired by THIS marvelous story! ;) Plese give these peeps some love! :D
BTW, the dark tag isn't that necessary, it's really a sad tag; but I put dark since some of the other chapters are going to be comedies lol!
* To be clear...this story is thousands of years into the future, and Sunset and Twilight are not completely immortal.*

"Sister" Princesses Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle are mourning the loss of Equestria's favorite Princesses - The royal natural-born alicorn sisters - Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. They have been crowned the "replacements" of the Two Sisters, but they young ones still want their mentor and her sister to be with them.
In an attempt to win them back, they resurrect them. This 'phoenix life' spell to get them back has a catch, however; every 1,000 years, the (original) princesses start life over again and it takes a while for their memories to come back. However, this is a price that the young alicorn princesses will pay; there was too much love and joy lost to them as the older Princesses tied Equestria together. The Orignal Royal Sisters have been resurrected as fillies...and they, as well as the younger alicorn sisters; have to start life all over again....Princesses Celestia and Luna will then be dubbed the new title of "The Pheonix Mentors."

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Comments ( 25 )

Ok. So let me get this straight.
The beginning is one thousand years after all this stuff with the princesses happened already right?
And sunset at this present time is still working on a way to revive the princesses.?

7784468 A nuclear weapon wiped out the combatants of a war, and the Royal Sisters where two of them.

7785492 No, should I change the tag? The rest of it's a comedy so I can't put the sad tag on...

In the story it was saying something about who the Regal Sisters would be with. It said something about a Mother Faust

Mother Faust...

Lauren Faust...

I see what you did there... :trixieshiftright:


This story looks interesting so far, but why were humans and ponies fighting, how has Equestria had so many world wars?

I'll explain in the next chapter, but thanks for pointing that out! :)

Ok, got it. Also, I just noticed that you misspelled "phoenix" in the title of the story.

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