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Will return with more stories! I'm still studying for the exams SAT, ACT and Drivers' ED (I passed PERT) - please be patient!


"What's this?"

Starswirl asked this for the 100th time after defeating the Shadow Pony.

"That," Twilight answered, "Is a baby alicorn."

"What's this?"

"Starlight's friend Trixie," Twilight replied, "She thinks she is related to you."

"But what is THAT with her?!"

"Discord," answered the princess, "Yes, he is free."

"Oh yes, you are my adopted brother, 'the Prince of Chaos.'"

"Wait...adopted sibling?!" Twilight yelled, perplexed.

"What is THIS?!"

Twilight gulped. "That is one of your mirrors...the Alternate Universe one was shattered...this is the human world one...."

"There is something that I've yearned to do to you again, ever since you released me from my eternal prison," Starswirl explained.

"What is that?" Typical, trusting Twilight. She had had a foolhardy mistake. She had answered to a Unicorn with a menacing smirk.

"Yell at you."


Recolonizing is hard! Starswirl has always been a complicated character of pony, but what happens when he is dumped in a world that he virtually has no knowledge or control over?

Hilarity ensues.

You: This isn't a Halloween fic!

Me: Yes it is...it's...um...not scary. XD I hope you enjoy anyway!

I wrote a fic chapter in two hours, and finally wrote a story two days after the new episodes showed! Yay, me! :D Also, the cover art is by the person called FighterArmy. I'll update this sometime near Halloween probably! XD

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Comments ( 24 )

It's 11:40 am, I'm tired. I hope this is my best story so far! :D

Story was fun to read and made me laugh, but it had a lot of typos and the flow was sometimes confusing. Some more editing would go a long way to making it better.

I'm just asking this, wouldn't "Starswirl acclimates to modern Equestria be better for a title?

1. the star swirl challlanged themt oa singing contest is none canon we saw what actually happened no singing contest

2. star swirl dont match up to his potrayal in the comics at all hell celestia and luna where young when he vanished not adults so clearly the other mirror cant have existed either

3. sunset is not twilights student she has learned nothing from twilight hell sunset is a teacher to scitwi on all this

This should be a fun adventure

I really don't believe the 'almost' as powerful as him line.

I see it as she's humoring him out of respect and because of his reputation.

But I would like to see a Siren punch the crap out of an old man.

I think the wizard will die if he steps in the alternate world. My reason; he’s and the others have been in limbo for a 1000 years and in a world without magic, time would age him to dust.

Sure, I'll edit this some more, but I'll also blame Grammarly and my phone for auto correct because they don't understand pony language or pony names! XD LOL

You're right, it does sound better!

Fixed! :twilightsmile:

I hope I can write a good one! :3

True, I was like: "Almost as powerful?! This is the alicorn of FRIENDSHIP!" XD

Also, LOL, I probably will have the sirens fight Starswirl and win, then he comes back in the next fight and shows his true elderly physical strength! XD

But he made the portal, and also...magic can do almost anything! XD

Also, he should have died in Equestria after he came back from limbo anyway! XD

1. True, but the contest could have happened before, and the sirens could have been on the run before he sent them into the portal.

2. The comics, books, and show's cannons clash on those details, but he could have at least been working on the mirrors and someone finished them. In the reflections comic though, Celestial was a young adult when Starswirl finished the alternate mirror, so the different cannons are very confusing. I like my story as it is though since I have no other explanation as to how the mirrors got in Equestria.

3. I forgot the word 'unofficial' in the story; it's fixed now. Twilight still talks to Sunset and gives her advice whenever Sunset needs it, but they aren't completely Mentor and Student, as you said.

Maybe my interpretation of the fandom's work and the different cannons are incorrect, but like I said - I like my story as it is, and I could add an alternate universe tag if you want. Other than those issues, did you like my story? :) Have a great day!

The beginning of the story was updated a little, guys! :3


i am just saying the comics are not canon and where never canon and where never ment to even be treated as canon the recent comic series based on the pillers and such that could be canon thoe as it does tie in to the show directly but the rest no they cant be made canon at all as the show flat out contradicts what the comics show

also i hate that celestia mirror arc as it Hensley makes celestia look horrid as a character forcign romance cliche plots on her that the show who for hte most part avoids

celestia: i dont care if i endanger my entire kingdom all that maters to me is my love life i have nothing else to think or care about

that is basically what it boiled down to

XD true,Tia did learn from that lesson, though. Also, one of the mlp writers did say that the comics can be treated as cannon, unless the show contradicts it; anyway, this is just my take on the story since I love the comics, but even if I wasn't following the comics, my story might not be cannon anyway...with they way I portray Starswirl and his mirror.

to be blunt i found the hole thing sexist it was basically women cant control there emotions a very tired and anoying story trope (refering to the celestia stuff) i dont care if she learned it is something a grown woman should know already

True...it was kind of weird...may we can just pretend she was controlled to have her selfish impulses run on high or something! XD :moustache:

Then again, Celestia didn't know that the mirror would truly cause extreme harm...also hard say goodbye to the coltfriend you love so much.

It's still Tia's fault though, she should have know better, like you said.

Magic cannot cheat death without a price. There’s always a price!

True! I just don't know what price I should make it...especially since I want this story to say rated G....:rainbowhuh:

It’s your choice. If it was me, I choice the Tree of Harmony. Why would I pick it, What’s more important; a source of powerful magic or their lives?

That's a good pic, I think that their lives are the highest on the list, and without the Pillars or Spirits of the Elements...there is no working Tree of Harmony.

Unless it somehow chooses other bearers! XD

the alternative wprld is from the comic right?


worlds is missing the L

Kind of, yeah, and thanks!

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