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It's summer time and the latest graduating class of Canterlot High find themselves at a turning point in their lives. For many they will be heading off to college and their possible careers. However, for Sunset Shimmer that is not an option she is willing to risk. As an illegal visitor from Equestria, Sunset had thus far managed to fly mostly under the radar on the nature of her origins. With college out of reach Sunset is at a crossroads, stay in the human world in which she loves with her friends despite no career options or return to Equestria.
The choice may be made for her as the magic continues to run loose and at an ever accelerating rate. Sunset must find a way to contain the loose magic or face facts that the portal must be closed or destroyed in order to keep the ones she loves safe.

Sex tag primarily for mature conversations and innuendos.

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Well, I think Twilight and Sunset must be in north-east Africa, because they're both neck deep in denial.

I'll just leave now.


Oh, they have their reasons, excuses would be more accurate.

Off to meet the wizard, are we Sunny?

I have a feeling that if Pinks hadn't shown up, Sunny'd be in a bigger funk than she is now.

Pinkie has that effect.

Beardo has a freak out? That can't be good.

Also, looks like Twiggles didn't have a very good time with Picea-boy. I think Pinkie's observation about her lack of a smile in her eyes says it pretty solidly.

*sips cocoa*

Alright. I'm interested in seeing where this goes.

Hopefully it will stay interesting for you.
Pinkie has observation skills that would put the rest of us to shaaaaame. Trust in the Pinkie Sense.

Enjoying it so far and will be eagerly waiting for more.

Well… shards. That's not good.

Didn't this story used to be longer?

Considering this is the first time it has ever been written and is being published a week at a time so I can have it properly edited and is not done yet... nope it's as long as it needs to be.

Well, glad we got a bit of confirmation of SciSet. Maybe it'll help Sunny deal with the giant bag of trauma she's just gone through.

I will be honest with ya, when Sunset said that the plant monster was familiar, the first thing that came to mind was that it was the phlume.

I'm glad Sunny and Twiggles are getting a chance to be happy for a little while.

I did think about that, but one of my goals of this story is I'm trying to tie as many loose threads up as I can. The second portal is a huge plot hole without further explanation from the original writing team. It destroys the whole point of the mirrors and the 30 moon cycle gap unless it was created by the loose magic like The hand mirror or the possessed cell phone.


This is not how I wanted to have this conversation…”

Were you ever going to?

While we have a decent mage defense and well trained army,

Well trained army. Yes. That is a thing you have for sure.

And you fucked up Celestia.

Got warm fuzzies from that first part between Sunny and Twiggles.

Then, that last line about the thing between gave me Yog-Sothoth vibes. This'll be interesting.

Well, shells…


The color having gone out of it, now appearing completely black. Sunset caught the sudden change in his demeanor and turned to see what caught his attention. She jumped back with a shriek when two glowing red eyes with black slits for pupils and greenish sclera appeared before vanishing into the pulsating black mist just beyond the mirror veil.

Why hello daddy. Were you looking for your baby girl and wifey?

Mega oof. I get where Star Swirl is coming from, but there are times when tact is needed.

And I've got a feeling that Twiggles' desire to get her Sunny back is going to potentially become a big issue for all of reality.

Chaos particles eh? Too bad there' isn't a litteral incarnation of chaos just hanging around, drinking tea with one of Princess Twilight's besties.

This story is based off the movies, shorts, main tv show, comics, and a few ideas that came together and would not shut up until they were written down. Ultimately, I was extremely dissatisfied that the Holiday Shorts were the end of Sunset's story and wanted to give her a real ending.

I have to say, I'm really enjoying this read! *grins wickedly* Especially the part where we're reminded that a Twilight Sparkle can be a dangerous thing. To me, Midnight was far more dangerous a villain than most people give her credit for, simply because she not only had the massive amounts of cosmic power, but because she was completely amoral in her pursuit of knowledge. The lives of billions and trillions of living organisms, the fabric of reality and two entire worlds were inconsequential to her next to the acquisition of knowledge. That's TERRIFYING when you stop and think about it, made even more so when one realizes that the kernel of what made Midnight who she was is still in Twilight. Couple that with the way Twilight teeeends to go a little off the rails when her friends are threatened? *winces* I can see why AJ was worried, that's for sure.

Looking forward to seeing where this goes!

I'm glad AJ was there to talk Twiggles down. Now hopefully they can make it in time. Hang on Sunny. Help is on the way.

“Yes. I, am your father.”

Called it.

Well, Momlestia's probably going to be on the warpath now, and Somdad has what he wants within his reach. This should be good.

I wanted it to be more shocking, but without any description or hints it just kept falling on it's face. So, I thought just go with it, maybe make a groan of an in joke out of it.

To be fair, I had a feeling Somdad would show up when Momlestia mentioned that he was Sunset's father. Comes with being familiar with the source material and spending far too much time on TVTropes.

ooof. Grumpy Momlestia. *puts on blast helmet and takes cover*

“I know, but I’m going to do what I do best, run away,” Sunset said with a smirk. LOL I loved that joke.

I love this so much. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you, glad you have been enjoying.

And so the Goddess of Fire is born. Praise be to Sunset, keeper of flame.

Hang in there Twilight. Your princess is coming.

That was awesome! I can't wait until Wednesday.

Rest in peace Sombra. You're free of the darkness now.

Happy reunions broken apart by the cruel injuries our heroine has sustained. Here's hoping that Sunny's alicorn physiology gives her enough of a healing factor to make it through.

Looks like the Earth has its own resident demi-goddess in residence. Its a relief that Sunny pulled through.


Wow, thanks for the compliment that you would want more. As of right now I have some ideas, but not a solid plot yet. I'll go into this more after I post the epilogue. Thanks for reading.

That was a lovely ending to a fun story. Thank you for taking us on this wonderful "how it should have ended" for EqG. I quite enjoyed the ride.

Thank you for all the comments and for reading!

You did a great job with this fanfic. :twilightsmile:
I really hope there will be another story, I like the way you described magic and multiverse in this one as well as Sunset's origins. And ofcourse relationship between Sunset and Twilight. :twilightsmile:

Fun and enjoyable read, all the way around, friend!

And if you do end up doing any more in this particular universe, I will happily read. :}

I did not expect that origin


So the magic is all gone? I hate it when that happens.

The girls had to sacrifice their power and geodes to save Sunset. But eventually Princess Twilight rebuilt the mirror and the connective magic subsided enough for it to re-establish the 3 day 30 moon cycle. So now Sunset can show her children Equestria. That reestablishment is needed for what comes next.


...I'm sorry, what comes next?

Still working on that, I like to have at least most of the plot fleshed out.

Huh, while I've thought that was her father for years, the spell isn't something I've ever thought either of her parents would be capable of.

Oh what monsters people can become for the "grater good".

Vaya, ésto es realmente realmente bueno!! No sé porque no tiene comentarios en este capítulo o por qué no es tan conocida, porque a mi parecer la obra se ve que tiene muchas cosas lindas para ofrecernos, un romance con una historia de fondo, bien pensando!

Me encantaron las interacciones de los personajes, las descripciones y el modo de escritura en general, gracias por ofrecernos una buena historia!

Saludos desde América Latina!

Si uno se toma el tiempo para estudiar las civilizaciones antiguas, notará que cuando los humanos decidieron que pasar días o semanas persiguiendo a los animales hasta el agotamiento para comerlos, se volvió viejo, agotador y los asentamientos comenzaron a aparecer. La agricultura agrícola, la manipulación de cultivos y el cultivo de ganado eran la nueva norma. Terminando incontables siglos como cazadores / recolectores y cambiando el paisaje y la gente para siempre. Pero lo que más necesitaban esos asentamientos y ciudades tardías era agua. Casi todas las ciudades antiguas se construyeron junto a un río, un océano o un lago. Hubo algunas rarezas que de alguna manera superaron las probabilidades en las montañas, pero esa fue una historia diferente.

Vaya, ayer tuve un examen relacionado justo a ésto jajaja virtual!

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