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Overwhelmed by her new duties as a princess, a newly-crowned Twilight Sparkle seeks solace within the quiet confines of Canterlot Castle's royal archives, where she discovers a book she'd never seen before. Within its pages was a story about both Princess Celestia and Starswirl the Bearded, as well as a mare that Twilight had never heard of.

Details of their lives, their history, and their relationships puzzle, intrigue, and even worry Twilight. The more she read, the more curious she became and the more questions that arose. But there was only one question to which she truly sought the answer:

Who was Sunset Shimmer?

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...WOULD Twilight disobey? I'm having trouble deciding yes or no. I mean, it's Twilight.

On one hoof, Princess Celestia. But on the other...book.



Hey, why didn't Celestia just blast the book or yank it away with telekinesis?

As said in the story, Twilight has never disobeyed her before, so she wasn't expecting her to just teleport away. Additionally, if she wanted to destroy the book, why would she ask for it at all?


The telekinesis option still stands.

Like I said, she didn't expect Twilight to disobey. She thought Twilight would eventually give in and hand her the book willingly. Even if she were to resort to taking it by force, she wasn't ready to do that before Twilight teleported abruptly.


And she's just gonna let it go? She should know Twilight's not gonna want to stop reading now.

Again, that was addressed in the story. Twilight clearly has no intention of returning it, so Celestia didn't want to fight with her about it and just hoped that she'd feel guilty enough to change her mind and give it back.


Heh, not gonna happen.

This has to be one of the most impressive story of Sunset I’ve read. Maybe not the most but it’s up there. Don’t stop writing.

VERY NICE! Got to say, I like this route for Sunset and Starswirl.

Now the questions come.

How much time has passed for Celestia since those days? Did Sunset mean anything to her? Was Luna’s rebellion already high? Will Sunset meet her mom? Why was Celestia hiding that book? Will Twilight reading the book cause a rift between Celestia and herself?

So many questions. Please keep writing.

Omg sunset is sooo adorable in this

So, we have batpony!Luna I guess?


"What is this word you keep using, 'man'?"

I love this story. Keep writing because I want to know where it goes!

The hypocrisy is strong in Twilight. :rainbowlaugh:

I have read many stories and few can't grab my attention like this one. It’s a great read.

Maybe this will be the story that aludes to Sunset being the stronger magic caster between her and Twilight. Haven’t seen a story like that as of yet.

Keep writing. It’s getting good.

Why is Twilight so upset? Maybe I'm just missing the bigger picture, but the only thing she's learned yet is that Starswirl the Bearded had a magically powerful daughter who blindingly idolized Celestia and became her student through childish rebellion.

Is she mad that Celestia over a thousand years ago was irresponsible and encouraged Sunset's dangerous fantasies, at the time, instead of putting her hoof down like she tries in the present day to Twilight? But then I have to ask why is Twilight putting so much importance to what Celestia did over a thousand years ago? Celestia has become wiser or more experienced after so much time.

The past with Sunset Shimmer is something Celestia expresses regret over as can be seen when she was in a state of panic trying to forcefully convince Twilight to give up the book. So maybe there's something really awful or heartbreaking further into the story and Twilight has reason to be so paranoid and emotional, but so far this is none of Twilight's business. There's nothing sinister at all, it's somewhat interesting, from a historical perspective, by revealing the rivalry and envy between the two Princesses day to day and the reveal that Starswirl actually had a family.

The ending of this chapter is pretty underwhelming because of how little it says anything. Twilight is upset, but why? I think you're trying to create an emotional scene, but Twilight just reads completely flat. She can "think of nothing else but this revelation" but I'm confused on what this revelation is supposed to be, and what sort of thoughts are running through her head to make her this upset.

Hopefully the beginning of the next chapter will clarify that for you.

I have to say, I’m intrigued to see Twilight’s world crumble out of her own actions instead of Celestia’s. Maybe I’m reading into it but something tells me that Twilight will end up apologizing to Celestia.

I’m enjoying it. Keep on writing.


You don’t know how long I’ve been wanting, waiting for this story to come out. How natural Luna’s animosity towards her sister’s popularity towards their subjects and Celestia’s unintentional disregard towards Luna’s feelings.

This story keeps getting better and better.

Keep going. Please.

And it's all about Sunset. Talk about a load to carry.

Thanks for another great chapter.
Gotta say Dee Pad, and correct me if I got the wrong message, does Celestia seem to take her sister's problems too lightly? From what I've read, Luna's advice didn't sit well with Celestia to the point she didn't see Luna fit to teach Sunset and even told her so. Luna complains that her subjects like Celestia more and doesn't feel they appreciate her, but Celestia sees it as Luna not actively engaging with their subjects. Celestia only made breakfast as a piece offering, but calls out Luna for being immature.

Maybe I'm not clear with my thoughts, but here it goes.

Luna gave advice to Sunset that Celestia thought was wrong which would be what Luna thinks from experience. Celestia tells Luna to grow up and engage with her subjects despite Luna's job being a guard to their subjects dreams and seems to be so detached that she can't seem to interact with ponies not even those in the castle.

Is Celestia blind to her sister's problems or just thinks of them as minor issues. I'm sure Luna's negative way of thinking and lack of social skills combined with her jealousy at Celestia and the love the ponies have for her should raise red flags.

Luna doesn't feel appreciated and instead helping her understand and learn how to socialize or feel her actions are appreciated, she is instead called childish.

Can you please give me a hint if my crude analysis will cause an even bigger rift between Luna and Celestia.

Celestia seems ignorant in this chapter or even dismissive.

Thanks and keep writing.

You pretty much summed it up the way I intended it to come off. I won't say any more than that, though. You'll have to keep reading.


Well, maybe if Celestia STOPPED KEEPING SECRETS and just told her what the big deal is...


Yep. Was afraid of this. Sunset was somehow responsible for Nightmare Moon.



Luna, when you try something new, you should take the advice of others so you know how things are done. That said, the fact that her subjects are actively trying to avoid her show how little they care for her.

Celestia, that fact that she just accepts and dismisses Luna’s regression towards solitude with just simple ‘fine’. I mean, I’ve seen stupid things in my life but my god. Luna needs help and Celestia is just saying words. Words are meaningless without action. That is what Celestia is not doing, taking action.

No, I’m wrong. Her actions have been against Luna in my opinion. It’s easy to see how little Celestia really cares. What I have read in this story, in my opinion, has shown me that Celestia takes Luna for granted, doesn’t see her as nothing more that someone to take care of the night. Not a teacher, obviously. Not someone who needs help.

I start to wonder if Celestia doesn’t practice what she preaches. Does she see her subjects at a higher standing then Luna? Would the talk at the end be nothing more than to tell Luna where she went wrong with a final sentence being simplified to your not trying hard enough?

All I’ve gotten so far from this story was Luna is going to a bad place, like depression with medication bad. Celestia not really caring about Luna as much as family should, doing more for Sunset’s growth than she has done for her own sister.

Anyway’s great chapter despite the hatred I’m starting to feel for Celestia and the fear that Luna will no be of sound mind in the future.

I have a vision on how things will end and how Celestia will try to justify her actions if I think what’s going to happen happens.

Thatnks for the chapter. Keep it up and keep making me feel for this story.

Your not wrong. Her whining sounds bad, but after 2 months of trying to connect without success, one could argue that her optimism is cracked if not shattered. Everything that she tries and fails would only reinforce her belief that she is not love by her subjects while her sister seems to get there affections without effort.


What optimism? She told Sunset power should come from disappointment and frustration and it's clear she doesn't respect or even care that much about her subjects but think they should love her anyway. She won't even apologize for nearly killing a kid, and while her reasoning as to why is more fatalistic than refusing to accept blame, she should still make the effort.

You got me there. Then, is it jealousy, pride and maybe not being brought up to understand what she is trying to do wrong? She won’t apologize because she believes her subjects already have her pegged a certain way. She seems to believe her efforts are wasted and she should just hide away like she always have. She has no self esteem from what I can see and Celestia is not making it any easier.

She should apologize, no doubt there. But if it’s brushed off, or scoffed at then that would only prove her fears right which would do more harm than good.

Maybe I’m seeing something that’s not there. I see Luna as a mare with no social skills, jealous of her sister for what she believes is effortless love and admiration from her subjects, maybe jealousy at Sunset for being put into the spotlight because of Celestia. She feels unappreciated for what she does do.

What do you see? I would like to have another person view on this story.


Oh, I see that as well. I'd probably feel more sympathetic for her if every other word out of her mouth didn't come off as whiny and entitled and make me roll my eyes and wish she'd shut up.

I won't deny that she has some legitimate complaints, and that Celestia isn't helping matters. Doesn't change the fact that she irritates me, though.

Well, To each their own. I say. Celestia irritates me with her brush off. You see a whining brat. I see a whining mare too that’s maybe in need of help and I’m talking about the psychological kind.

We’ll see in the following chapters.

Thanks for the conversation. Rare few take the time to debate in a civilized manner.


I believe your interpretation is correct as well.








Things are starting to boil. I hope the buildup doesn't drag on too long.

And this is when it all fell apart.

Sorry, Dee Pad. I got halfway through ch 4 and I can't take it anymore. Your lying, cheating Celestia doesn't work for me. Keep the like, but I won't be going any further.

This right here. Celestia's dismissal and Sunset's arrogance is what fuels the conflict. Neither is innocent yet I find that Celestia plays the bigger roll in the downfall of both Luna and Sunset. What could have happened if Luna had a little acknowledgement or Sunset the honest answer on why she wasn't ready. 'Because I say so' is not a valid reason. Celestia seems to be putting herself into a corner and when Sunset falls like Luna, a hell will break lose.

I can see what's to come and if the title o| this story is any indication, then Sunset will be gone like Luna and Starswirl will leave Celestia. Or maybe Celestia learns a harsh lesson too late and only after she loses a second person close to her will she open her eyes to how she herself has acted.

I can see a hazy path to this story and hope the next couple of chapters give me a better clarity.

Keep writing. The climax is not over it seems.

I think I catch a typo.

"I was not my choice to make!" Celestia snapped.

Must be

"It was not my choice to make!" Celestia snapped.

Yes, thank you. Pointing out typos is always appreciated. Fixing now.

Most of what happened to Luna is Luna's fault, not Celestia.

She chose to be up during the night rather than day.
She was the one with the belief and social skills that alienated everyone away from her.
She was the one that denied help from people that could've given it to her until she was deep in her self made hole.
She was the one that threw a tantrum and gave up when the results didn't come fast enough for her.

And Celestia outright told Sunset exactly why she wasn't ready. She hasn't reached the point where she is capable of raising the sun yet.

Thank you for your input. All that you said was true, no doubt in my mind. I just wish that Celestia could have helped out Luna learn to socialize better even if she had to wait and watch Luna dig herself into that hole you mentioned and explain to Sunset in a better way why she can't raise the sun. You could say Luna and Sunset are at fault and they may be, but would you just sit back and watch them self destruct. Pride was Luna's undoing in not accepting help.

I might be seeing things differently than you are, but I can't help but see this as Luna acting out and someone just goes and says ‘She just needs to get it out of her system or she needs to do better’. How? Without a shred of evidence that your actions are working wouldn’t you feel your efforts are wasted. If you tried your hardest and was still ignored what would you do?

Sorry if this sounds wrong but I’ve seen what happens when someone doesn’t feel validated. They get louder to try and be seen which usually results in acting out and being scolded for acting out. In the end they do something that can’t be ignored. They do something that in the end makes everything that happened before meaningless.

For Sunset, her ego, pride, idol worship, and a few more things are skewing her motivations. Have to think about it further and reread some chapters.

What I want to say is no one is innocent and they need help. All of them.

Don't take any of my words as insulting if they come out that way. Its just hard to describe what one thinks onto pages.

You're right. I'm just seeing illusions and Sunset and Luna are just bad.

To me the super suspicious thing is why is Sunset an unknown? Not only is she Starswirl’s daughter (someone who Twilight is a massive fan of but didn’t even know he had a daughter), but she was also Celestia’s first personal student, had a similar magic flare to Twilight (and seemingly the first such know case in a unicorn), and actually managed to raise the sun some. Yet the only reference of her anywhere is a single book that was hidden away. Worse, the entire thing gives off grooming vibes as well, and Celestia seemingly wiped Sunset from from the history books.

So, ponies are suspicious of Luna suddenly mingling, and said mingling means she’s sleeping at night. Sleeping at night means no one is watching dreams, and therefore severe nightmares will spike up... This can only end so well.

Gotta say, this Celestia is rather despicable. Her ego is massive, she does not think of long term consequences, takes issue with criticism, and is selfish and willing to undermine both Luna and Sunset to satisfy herself. And if the present day stuff is similar to FiM, she’s still a dishonest manipulator. If anything, the whole Sunset not existing in the history books looks so much worse now. Not only is such a prominent figure missing, a story that portrays Celestia negatively and explains Luna’s transformation into Nightmare Moon (and does hint at Celestia herself being a major cause, not just jealousy) seems like Celestia is trying to hide her own failings.

She told Sunset that frustration and disappointment make good motivators, that they should encourage you to try harder, and that you should be honest with your emotions. Then Celestia tells her to her face she’s wrong and now we see Luna taking Celestia’s advice. Now instead of using her failure to motivate herself, she’s letting the failure win because she can’t just look at the bright side like Celestia does. However, unlike Celestia, she can actually see that not everything is always cheery and that just ignoring problems doesn’t make them go away.

Luna may be whiny at times, but it was built up. Celestia ignored her advice, which then backfired horribly, then actively tried to undermine her relationship with Sunset after telling her to try and befriend others. Even Starswirl thought Sunset would be a good influence on Celestia. Doesn’t help that Celestia is starting to be dishonest again (lying to Sunset about the fight and not offering Luna a teaching position). Meanwhile Luna tries to take Celestia’s advice and it backfires. Sure she could’ve done it better, but at least she’s trying, and trying for 2 months.

Sunset’s flip flop didn’t make much sense. This is the same Sunset who just spent however long organizing a festival for Celestia to show how great she and the sunrise are. Sure there’s been some pride here and there, but suddenly having a full successor complex? And so soon after Luna was banished? If anything, it almost feels the Sunset from the end would’ve set up the festival with the intent of getting Luna out of the picture, but that doesn’t match the previous Sunset at all.

Almost all of that was due to Celestia’s advice. Sure Luna was grumpy at the start, but she listened to Celestia and Starswirl, and tried teaching Sunset. It went very well until Celestia got jealous and went out of her way to undo all the progress Luna made and tell her everything she does is wrong. This is after ignoring Luna’s advice about honesty and Sunset almost dying. Luna also tried to teach Sunset that frustration and disappointment are natural and can be great motivators while also telling her to be honest about her emotions, then Celestia comes in and tells Luna to her face she’s wrong. The breakfast was particularly bad, as while technically Celestia was right on a few points, the entire thing was motivated by Celestia getting pissy about Luna teaching Sunset something different.

Then Luna tried following all of Celestia’s advice. Celestia told her her sleep schedule wouldn’t work, so Luna tried changing it twice. She tried going out and being more sociable for two months, again following everyone’s advice. Instead of using her frustrations as a motivator, she tried to stay positive for two months, even with everything failing. Sure she definitely screwed some things up and could’ve done better, but she still follows their advice and tried multiple times. Throughout the entire thing, the only times Celestia admitted any wrong were after Sunset nearly died (then proceeded to lie to Sunset again after the Luna lesson) and at first when going for the low blow after getting pissy about Luna teaching Sunset (then undermined that by getting even pissier after learning what Luna taught her).

But you can't say this isn't partially you're fault.

Wrong word. Change to your.

How much do you want to bet that the sun needs earth pony and pegasus magic to keep it stable and sunset's sun is just a bomb.

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