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There's only so much failure a changeling can tolerate. For Shade, once was enough. Years of training and preparation in the hopes of achieving a new life for himself and his colony wasted because of the negligence of their leader. It's time to try a different approach; if force won't work, then maybe peace and diplomacy will. What could go wrong?

A chance encounter in a creepy forest; A tree filled to the brim with books; A brief and sudden rain shower. These are all things that will change Shade's life forever.

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So it's like Visionary, then...


I've never read it, so...maybe?

Good so far, consider this liked and tracked. :ajsmug:
I hope nopony knew that unicorn, or things are gonna get pretty awkward for poor Shade. :rainbowderp:

I just read the newest update for song of the moon, it was called "wolves in sheep's clothing"
I open the update tab and see this, my brain shut off for about thirty seconds before I realized this was a story about changelings.
I commence reading.

yyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy update!:pinkiegasp:

Why don't you have more reviews?!:rainbowhuh:

Your writing decent length chapters with a decent plot and a good update speed, usually stories like this are swamped with reviews.

Guise is kinda of a prick...Also nice confession scene.:twilightsmile:

He's not 'kinda' a prick, he's a complete prick.

And thank you, I didn't want it to come off as too cheesy.

Feautured post for this story is inevitable...
Romance between Shade and Twilight?
Yes. :raritystarry:

Oh dear... This could turn quite nasty....

... I am slamming this into the featured section, hell or high water.
You MUST simply be in the spotlight.

1574794 More like a complete jackass.
I can see where this is going a mile away.
The question is, when is Winter and Chellma are going to make contact with each other?
It a damned love triangle, and if my senses are correct....

This might end up another tragedy.... And I never seen any fics that have changelings fall in love with ponies ever have a good ending. Bittersweet ones like with Chrysalis don't count.
I just hope that you drive both to good fortuantes. Perhaps another shall love Chellma....
Hopefully. But for Guise.... Yeah, he's going to die....

A very painful death.
Typical. Someone must take the mantle of the villain so that others will truly realize of what horror that become of them, so they themselves do not fall for what the induvidual sacrificed their soul for those that need not experience it.

A tragedy in the making, no doubt.

Done! That should get your fic some well needed spotlight.
Enjoy dear! :raritywink:


Seriously though, I appreciate it. Thanks!

Yeah, this is a good one. It's rare to see the changeling succeed for so long. And did he forget about their plan? He might put it to good use, to cement his place among the ponies. This is probably heading south, but it would be nice to see something different, really.

Dammit Chamella!:fluttercry:
Nice to see that the love he's getting combined with Twilight's training is making him strong though.

Loving this story, keep it up!

Ah love at first drench :p

Where did the real Shade go? :pinkiegasp:

Epic Chapter.
This story truly deserves more attention.
Btw, thank you for updating so steadily :)
Keep up the good work :heart:
greetz, In5an1ty

Hes gunna tell twi everything isnt he

waaah! this is getting intense!:flutterrage:its hard to wait

Just to clarify real quick in case anyone gets the wrong idea, this is not the final chapter. There is still one more chapter left; an epilouge that's meant to tie up a few loose ends and answer a few remaining questions.

1635284 such as "can a changling and a pony have a foal?"?

Still, as endings go, that was a darn good one, even if it's not The End. :yay:

Thank you. I was worried it would come off as too cliché. I still think it does, but as long as you enjoyed it.

And so the story comes to a close. I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to read this and even those who simply gave it a chance but couldn't get into it for one reason or another. To be honest, I never expected to get this much attention (even if it's still not much compared to other stories), and even more amazing to me is how much of that attention was positive. I was flabbergasted that I ended up getting several favorites after just the first chapter and more and more with each additional chapter. So, thank you guys so much for the support.

My next step? Well, first I plan to submit this to Equestria Daily and see if I can't broaden the viewer base, then who knows? I have some ideas for some bonus chapters of this story that go a little more into Shade and Winter's relationship and everyday life now that his secret's out, but I have to write them first and it's been a while since I finished writing the main story, so I have to manage to get back into a writing rhythm if I hope to keep that promise.

Either way, I hope you enjoyed the first thing I've written, like, ever, and thanks again. If you have any questions, whether they be about me or the story or anything in between, feel free to ask.

I've enjoyed the ride, thank you for completing this.
I do hope you that if you continue you keep up the amazing quality of your work.

It was certainly a most enjoyable story. I’ll admit I always crave something a little more epic wherever Changelings are concerned but either way it’s a nice little romance.
Good luck submitting it to Equestria Daily and in any of your future projects. If they do include Changelings I’ll be sure to take a look.

Congratulations into a well closed story. It really felt as a wrap up, unlike some stories who seem indecisive about closing things off. I really feel I don't mind closing the book, even though more could be explored. Excellent.

I for one can't understand how this story didn't get more attention. It's well written, lengthy chapters, and an interresting plot with a popular element (changelings). I have to say well done and I hope that Equestria Daily gives it the attention it deserves.

Wow. These last two comments alone have done much to boost my confidence and motivate me to keep this stuff up.

The FiM fan base really is the best there ever was. Thank you.

You didn't change to "complete" :p

That's because it's not. I'm going to be writing some bonus chapters to add to the story. It might take some time but I'm feeling motivated.

So, that's the first bonus chapter. I've got a few ideas for more and I'd like to clarify that these probably won't be as long as the chapters in the main story, though this one ended up being longer than expected. Plus, they tend to focus on relationship building and comedy, so don't go expecting any plots for world domination or anything of that nature. Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed it.

I'm not sure when I'll get around to posting the next one, but here's a short little teaser for you:

Shade used to be a carnivore. Winter knows that and she knows he has since given that up. But there are some questions about that aspect of his former life style that she would like to ask. Just how far is her curiosity going to take her?

My mind is ful of dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

So is the mom a ditz too?

Did see come off that way? I don't recall her doing or saying anything that would make her seem like that.

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