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PhycoKrusk (fi'ko-krüs'k) n. that jerk whose user page you accidentally wandered into

In the Pipe

As of October 19th, 2020:
The Things in the Dark Places

In the Bin

As of October 3, 2017:
The Death and Return of Silent Knight
-Total: 782 words
Grilla Warfare
-Total: 1,320 words
Sombra VS the Space Changers
-80% outlined
A Matter of Interest:
-Chapter 5: 1,565 words (significant rewrite of existing work needed)
-Chapter 6: 1,591 words
The Velveteen Hunter
-Total: 8,611 words
The Origin of Nightmares
-Total: 376 words

On the Shelf

As of October 3, 2017:
Superloo: Extreme Stunt Filly
Projekt: Hoden Kick
The Songstress Who Was Queen
Untitled comedy
Wonder Boy in Equestria
The Prince and His Five Good Friends
A Re-Markable Time (working title)
Sapphire and Gold


Story collection · 2:58am Last Thursday

The collection of myths, legends (urban or otherwise) and ghost stories for The Things in the Dark Places has begun. You can submit the one(s) you'd like to see here: Add your answer

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What do I have that's hot?

The Doomsdayverse

The Skitchverse (In Memoriam GreyGuardPony)

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Tell that to Sega who partnered up with archie comics to make the sonic comics.

The Archie comics, though well-written and entertaining, are not canon.

Hey do you remember that fanfic you left unfinished called my little pony adventure: neck-and-neck well down in the comments you said that It's all but confirmed that Sonic CD is Sonic's fastest well that's not true the sonic from the archie comics admitted that a reality warping speed was as fast as he could go in his base form no super sonic or chaos emeralds included and if you think about it reality warping speed is faster than braking the sound barrier.

My work here is done. CapNTilfy, awaaaayyyyy! *Whooshy-whoosh*

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