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As of October 19th, 2020:
The Things in the Dark Places

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As of October 3, 2017:
The Death and Return of Silent Knight
-Total: 782 words
Grilla Warfare
-Total: 1,320 words
Sombra VS the Space Changers
-80% outlined
A Matter of Interest:
-Chapter 5: 1,565 words (significant rewrite of existing work needed)
-Chapter 6: 1,591 words
The Velveteen Hunter
-Total: 8,611 words
The Origin of Nightmares
-Total: 376 words

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As of Septemberer 29, 2021:
The Songstress Who Was Queen
Untitled comedy
Wonder Boy in Equestria
The Prince and His Five Good Friends
Sapphire and Gold


The Story of Agatha: A Further Update · 6:33pm Last Wednesday

No bad news today, friends: Agatha is still doing well. The fundraiser was significantly less successful than any of us were hoping for, but we're hanging in there. Stripe finally sorted out the issue with the account, which means that the campaign at GiveSendGo will actually work properly now.

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In many ways, admiration requires not understanding, don't you think? Flaws, after all, are not to be admired; that’s why they’re considered flaws!

But if we are to admire someone who must be so inherently flawed — for that is their natural state — then we have only two choices: Either we must not admire them, or we must overlook their flaws (at the very least, we must not question those flaws), and I have never known overlooking the flaws in something as anything other than a Very Bad Idea™.

I found it. I was right!

It reminds me of a moment in Bleach (an anime) where the big bad revealed himself as a not-big-good and our designated hero couldn't believe it. He trusted him, he believed him. The big bad then informed him that "admiration is the state furthest from understanding". I didn't quite get it ten years ago.


a riddle. I reopened a previous tab and have access to some of my words. Sadly that is two or three posts too few to get all of mine, drat. One of my first few posts would of fit it. This is hard, i love it! :rainbowdetermined2:

Still, it seems slightly divorced from some of the topics i was last in. I think i know which you quoted, one that i don't have. Perhaps, though, i should ask; do you wish to talk here on your personal page?

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