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There comes a time in life when a guy just has to buckle down and write the greatest story he has ever written.

That time is not now, and that story is not this one. But hey, we could all use a little silliness in our lives.

Presenting Sensational Serials: Silly, Short Stories for Silly, Short Ponies, a selection of silly serials and short stories showcasing certain someponies in strange, silly, and sometimes shocking situations! (Too much alliteration? I think not!) Starring all kinds of ponies, even the ones nobody really likes or has ever heard of! Some of them even have continuity! Probably!

Inspired in part by SPark’s In which SPark attempts to be slightly less verbose. Only not nearly as good. Tags updated to reflect characters actually featured thus far.

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These stories are a lot of fun. :pinkiehappy:

Glad to hear you're enjoying them! For a good while, I was afraid these stories might be a bit too silly.

Bitchlesia might be out of character, but she's darn fun to watch. :trollestia:

This one is actually based on an old commercial, starring American football players who get lost trying to navigate underneath the stadium. Which was, itself, probably inspired by the classic film This is Spinal Tap.

Pretty sure that Bugs Bunny's catchphrase predates both those. :pinkiehappy:

(I'm enjoying these so far!)

Oh no, the line about Cowbuquerque is definitely Bugs Bunny, and it was pure luck that I was able to get that pun to work.

But the overall plot? The commercial; the bit with the kitchen is taken from it almost word-for-second (a new expression that I probably made up just now).

Heee. This is my favorite chapter so far. :pinkiehappy:

5102677 Ah, I see what you mean. I haven't seen Spinal Tap, so I misunderstood the reference you were making.

These have been fun.

It always makes me happy when someone who is FimFic famous enjoys my stuff.

Which, looking at my followers list, is actually maybe a lot more people than I had initially believed. How ‘bout that?

This was pretty fun, part of me wants to see this continued just for the sake of everypony, and Gilda, and Will, and whoever, to live long enough for this rendition of Blueblood to be the one organizing Winter Wrap-Up. :pinkiehappy:

It's always neat to see a comment from someone I recognize from another story.


Oh! Uh, tell your friends!


Ooooh, this looks like an interesting start...

If you don't write more of this, I... won't do anything, because I don't have a lot of options in the "make you sorry" department, but I will be very, very sad.

I thought we were internet friends, Phyco. Why would you want to make me sad? :fluttercry:

In seriousness, and I don't know if the other chapters share these elements since I landed on this chapter first (let's go with I'm a time traveler and not a tourist pointed toward an alternate route of readership), I enjoyed reading this. There's so much that intrigues me! How did all these different personalities come together? Flutterwill and Trixblood... it's an off-beat "hey they were mentioned together in a few or more sentences" shippers' wonderland! :trollestia: Okay, I said "in seriousness" but that notion derailed quickly, didn't it?

In super seriousness, I am already hooked on the premise of this alternate universe and will be reading the other chapters present in this collection.

Then you're really going to get a kick out of the implied Applestia a couple chapters back.


Oh my gosh. Would you be offended if I use "Hungry Mare" in a future chapter? With link back, of course. I have a somewhat-sort-of-upcoming-situation that this would be perfect in. :raritystarry:


I heard the character voices from Friendship is Witchcraft for this, and I mean that in the best way possible. And, yes, Applestia is now a thing to add to my list of "ships that somehow seem to work."

By all means do so! It's part of my ongoing quest to make "things" in the fandom. Carmen Sanfratello is another one.

Expect to see more bizarre almost-ships in future installments! Particularly if I ever get around to writing an actual Good Neighbors story.


Well... that certainly lives up to the Silly Shorts moniker.

Yay, Fist of the North Star.:yay:

And you were so close to not being useless, Blueblood... so close!

Okay, yeah, I totally want more of this story. Love some of the odd pairings and this certainly isn't the most messed up reboot of the series I've seen (that would be Friendship is Madness by Chiashi Zane).

Here's to hoping for moar! !

I'm presently writing it, but it's more of a side project right now, so progress is slow.


Nope, no declaration of war here. I am quite thoroughly amused, pleased, and humbled. Thank you for the laugh and the gift... but most of all... for the mental image of the 'stache.

:heart: Your writing, as usual, inspires me!

[edit: It can't be a mental image, because you have a picture in the author's comment. Oh, well. Mental and visual image?]

I even made sure the word ended with a 0, just for you.

Also, keep your eyes opened for the follow-up; another idea just came to me.

she'll be... Hermelestia

Lyra: that makes it sound like she's got a pecker

Exactly as planned...

Luna: What'd I miss?

Lyra: Hermelestia

Luna: ... going to be one of those evenings I guess

Since the wings are so small, maybe they could put them on Scootaloo and hope she can fly with them :D It couldn't hurt (well maybe physically for a little after surgery, but not in the long run).

Vril drox?

Sounds like brainiac 5, Vril Dox

So... Is the author a DC comics fan?

Not as such, no.

I thought I'd cooked that name up, but I wouldn't doubt that I'd read it somewhere, then forgot I read it somewhere.

I still like the name, not changing it.

(Velvet Step could be a Jimmy Olsen, maybe....)

5890044 Superman's pal? Well, he was elastic lad for a short stint in the 31st century at some point...


...those changelings aren't going to know what hit them.

And Cup is olive Oyle?

who was Brutus? Or quimby?

What're you talking about? This allows them to efficiently perform their work with a minimum of distractions.

Get in the bag!


What a wonderful way to wake up! I might enjoy your silly shorts almost too much... Ah, heck, when you flash that 'stache I just have to accept it as professionally okay!

With great facial hair, comes great responsibility

Or flashing it to get things

5102677 Bugs originally said it in "Hare meets Herre" (Goering).

Yeah that sounds about right for border security

Props for Crystal griffon

Me: What'll it me Spike?

Spike: Cider. Hard. Granny smith hard.

Me: Got a license?

Spike: I have a mustache

Me: *shrugs* good enough.


...well, three cheers for the border guard, then.

:twilightoops: ... :heart:

These silly shorts... Sensationally stupendous as usual, PhycoKrusk.

(Yes, this response contains solely s-containing words, assuming hyphens'n'apostrophes're considered as singular structures.)

At this rate I think Twily and Sombs should be getting their own short story collection.

And a room, apparently... :twilightoops:

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