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This story is a sequel to The Stranger Among Friends

Changelings have lived in Equestria for a long time, and have survived by staying hidden and keeping their existence a secret.

Meeting Driftwood of Portside forced Princess Twilight Sparkle to begin recognizing her stance on changelings, and how that stance informs and influences her decisions as the Princess of Friendship. When she returns from Hoofington, she discovers that there are changelings secretly living in Ponyville, and that they've been living there almost as long as she has.

More than deciding how she should react to some of her closest friends keeping secrets from her for fear of how she may react, she must confront herself and her beliefs. The presence of changelings in Ponyville will challenge not only her as a pony, but as a Princess as well, and her decisions and actions will reach far beyond the borders of Ponyville when the time comes.

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Rainbow Dash isn't dead, but when she develops apple palsy, she'll wish that she was.

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Melody Breeze sent a letter, hoping for a reply. Needing one. Letters have to go somewhere. Sometimes, a different letter comes back. Even if it's not quite what was expected.

Inspired entirely by the excellent (and significantly better) Just Reply, written by the equally excellent (and significantly better) Flutterpriest.

Edited by nobody, as is tradition.

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Telling scary stories around the campfire is a long camping tradition, but when Applejack gets tired of hearing Rainbow Dash tell the same story with different words, she decides to share one of her own that her mother told to her, a long time ago. It couldn’t possibly be true, of course, no matter what Pear Butter had said all those years before.

It’s not as if anyone has ever seen any proof, after all.

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This story is a sequel to The Unicorn and the Stranger

Changelings have lived in Equestria for a long time, and have survived by staying hidden and keeping their existence a secret.

Driftwood of Portside, a changeling long residing there in disguise, broke that cardinal rule of secrecy when he met Rarity of Ponyville. When the Royal Guard discovered him, her intervention change his fate, sending him towards Ponyville by way of Hoofington rather than to Canterlot, as her involvement would mean that Princess Twilight Sparkle would be personally interested.

Driftwood is not a pony, and Equestrian law does not have provisions or allowances for changelings. He is a stranger in unknown country, and his fate is beyond his control, resting squarely with those who may have no reason to care what becomes of him.

Cover art has once again been provided by goshhhh.

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Ponies have long lived in the magical land of Equestria, and have come to know the multitude of creatures their share that land with.

Changelings are not among those creatures.

When the Queen of Changelings arrives at their doorstep, desperately asking for their help, the Magic of Friendship moves Night Light and Twilight Velvet to offer it. But that night would not be the end of the story of the mimic queen's legacy.

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When the Winged Wonder meets the Blue Blur, it’s bound to be a grand adventure.

But there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes, and plenty that happens before that story even starts! Wish you could be privy to those tales? If so, you’re in the right place!

Contained herein are recollections, recountings, yarns and maybe even a bit of lore to quench your thirst in between the chapters proper.

It will update only when it does, so keep your subscription up to date to catch the latest action, whether in Equestria or on Earth.

This is a companion story to My Little Pony Adventure: Neck-and-Neck. one can be read without the other, but this is not recommended.

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(Part of the Doomsdayverse)

It’s audition day, and hardly anypony around even has a shot at cinching it. Mostly because they all bailed the instant they found out what the audition was for.

But Lightning Dust is different from those quitters, because if there’s one thing she isn’t, it’s a quitter. Another thing she isn’t is employed, so there’s that to worry about too, but it won’t matter, because by the end of the day, she’ll have a job and a new family (did I mention that’s what the audition was for?)!

Provided she doesn’t blow the audition, and given the gaggle of weirdos and numbskulls she’s trying to join, anything could happen.

Note: This story does not contain doomsday devices. Just thought you should know going in, in case that's a nonstarter.

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This story is a sequel to Anypony for Doomsday?

Velvet Step is a mostly ordinary earth pony from Canterlot. She dances in the ballet, goes to night clubs, and has the best friends that any pony could ask for.

And then, her bathroom suddenly, inexplicably and incomprehensibly becomes a gateway to another dimension (that's where the "mostly" comes in, you see).

Now, trapped in a different Equestria, her only hopes of returning home lie squarely in the capable professional unlikely-to-wreck-anything hooves of a frustrated princess and a retired king with a penchant for dark magic. Will Velvet conquer the long journeys, dangerous missions, sleepovers and editing mistakes that stand in her way, or will this be her last (mis)step?

Find out by starting with the Prologue below, seriously, you'll be missing context if you don't.
Special thanks to goshhhh for her incredible cover art, and for being able to interpret what I wanted even better than what I myself was capable of.

Special thanks also to Crystal Wishes for allowing me to use her OC — Velvet Step — before she really understood exactly what it was that she was agreeing to.

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