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Nothing is right.

Jake has no idea why he woke up as a pony mare in Equestria. He has no idea why he can't remember what he was doing before it happened, and he has no proof that his human life is even real to begin with. Just his memories. Memories he can't even trust any more, because even the Equestria that he's found himself in doesn't match what he remembers and everypony he meets think he's a unicorn by the name of Skitch-Sketch, who's been right at the side of the Element Bearers.

And then there's that creeping sense of dread. Feelings that he's run from for a long time. And the sensation that some other, deeper doom is bearing down on the planet Equis.

But surely the Mane Six can fix everything....right?

Cover Art by the awesome GatesMcCloud!

And fan art by the loveable and huggable Angermuffin!

Starting story of the Skitchverse

Chapters (11)
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seems interesting.

What happened to this story. I'm really confused, this story was finished, had a sequel, removed, then added back but changed?:unsuresweetie: I just want to know because I followed this story from chapter 2, and I loved it! :pinkiehappy:


The long and the short of it is that the story is being re-written. I came to think that I could do better. So the story is being updated, with what I think are better written chapters.

All of the sequel and spin off material set in the same universe are still valid, though I imagine that I should probably tag this story as being revised in some manner, just to make that clear.

Now, for starters, I REALLY enjoyed the original fiction... but damn this one is so much more clean and polished! I'm loving it.

I can definitely see that your skills have improved.


Feels good to go back and polish old work, doesn't it?

Hey, GGP? What's a Skitck. Are they like sketches?

Awww. I liked it when everyone but the mane six knew skitch. It was more awkward and I like stories where the main character. Is awkward.


Thanks Flicka! It's always nice to hear from people that you've actually improved your skills. :twilightsmile:

I hope that you'll continue to enjoy it as I add more chapters back into the story.


Yeah, it really does.

The original story just felt underwhelming to me in light of my latter work, so going back and polishing it up...well, it just feels good, as you said yourself.


4023393 Been doing it myself. Plenty of things I'd intended to include but missed... or did include, but I was too braindead from being up late to realize it was terrible.


Basically, Rune Heart, Skitch-Sketch is named after a sound effect.

It's how I've always written the sound of a pencil dragging across a piece of paper, in a comic strip kind of format. With the skitch being a lighter stroke of the pencil, and sketch being the heavier, darker stroke.

So you'd have a character drawing in a pannel, and you'd see something like *sketch-skitch, skitch, sketch-sketch* around his pencil to kind of indicate he was drawing, if that makes sense.


Well, I hope that you'll come to like this one too Bubble.

It was a bit of a tough call, but in the end I thought that giving the Mane Six something to do in chasing a mystery was the better decision for the story at large.

4023421 I probably will. Nice cover art by the way.


There's a web cartoonist by the name of Dave Kellet who said something on a web-comics podcast that's kind of stuck with me.

He was talking about how he was unsatisfied with some of what he had been creating, because he had to "go with the first joke" as it were due to his deadline updates and that he thought that his work was better when he had time to go back and "give it a second thought" as it were.

So, never discount the second thought is the lesson here I suppose.


Thanks! That was done by the awesome Gates McCloud, who's gallery I linked to at the end of the long description. I urge the readers of this fic to check his stuff out if they get the chance.

He totally earned all the props I can give him, considering he had to complete re-vector those two scenes from the show to add Skitch-Sketch back into them, on top of everything else he did for the image.

And that's a lot of extra work.

4023484 I'll be sure to check him out. Oh and don't forget to update!:pinkiehappy:

4023387 This is actually something I plan to do with my Valkyrie. Looking over it (in light of more recent work), I noticed that I started off kind of lack luster but gradually grew better. So I plan to go ahead and revise that one once it is finished, just to have it flow better and stuff.

Oh, and I think you've done earned a follow from me.


I hope that the revision goes well for you! Always strive for that higher point after all.

And thanks for the follow! I appreciate it. :twilightsmile:

Dude! This revision is GREAT! Now I want to see how much changes in the story because of your revisions!


Thanks Darkpony!

Hopefully you'll enjoy the changes that are coming down the pike too. :twilightsmile:

i am ashamed to say i didn't remember this story existed.
All the better now that i don't remember reading it! More fun!


“It's time I'll take before I begin.” He grinned, quoting one of his favorite songs on the subject, “Three sheets to the wind, three sheets to the wind.”

I wuv you.

Flogging molly for evs


Glad that you could join us this time around Buckshot! And yes, Flogging Molly foreva! :flutterrage:

This story is interesting in an amusing way.


Thank you sir. I hope that you'll continue to enjoy it as more chapters get uploaded. :twilightsmile:

OH! am I the first to comment? Better make this a good one then... Damn... Can't think of anything...:twilightblush: Sorry...

I don't mean this offensively (I say before I say something offensive), but this is WAY better than your first attempt through it. It's not that the other was bad, this is just much better.


Thank you sir! Glad to know that my efforts to improve it have born fruit as it were. :twilightsmile:

.remote acess….thing.”


Fact of the day: It is impossible to dream while in a coma. Patients coming out of a coma either remember nothing of the experience or only remember floating in blackness. Coma patients = no REM = no dreams.

My avatar.

This said, I do wish I could have your old chapters back to compare them to. Would it be possible for you to do a dump chapter of all of your old ones after the rewrite is finished?


I might be able to do that. Pretty sure that I still have the old copy sitting around here.

I'll see what I can do. Naturally, I want to focus on getting the re-write done first.

4054022 pretty sure you already know this, but I was being silly.:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Rune Heart deleted Mar 9th, 2014

4054187 I know, you silly thing. That's why I said look to look at my avatar, seeing it's kinda the opposite of the keep calm macro that you posted.

edit urgh how I double post

Damn, dude. Are you sure you're the same author? I mean, I've heard of improvement (hell, I improve daily), but this... I swear you're not the same author of this fiction. While I did immensely enjoy the original, I enjoyed it mainly for the premise. It was a different take on the whole "human in Equestria" thing, and I liked the original primarily for that reason. But this revision, its so different, and I'm finding myself enjoying it so much more. The characters fit together like they never did before. Their reactions are much more believable. Skitch-Sketch's associated background with the Mane 6 is much more detailed, even going so far back as showing us that Skitch has been with the Mane 6 since all the way back during Nightmare Moon, even if she's not an Element of Harmony-- Almost as if its really the Mane 7, instead of the Mane 6.

Honestly (and don't hate me for saying it!) this version is so much better than the original. Mighty pleased with it, and keep up the fantastic work!



Awww. Thanks Flicka. :twilightblush: It really feels good to hear that I've apparently improved so much. I guess just plugging away at writing helped more than I realized.

And as far as the Mane Seven thing goes...well, you'll see more about that as future chapters go up. :pinkiecrazy:


Oh yes, Rarity will give you a hat! She'll give you the hatiest hat of all!

I remember reading the previous version of this story and I must say I'm liking this updated version better, I definitely am seeing the improvement in your writing, keep it up.


Having been fortunate to read the original version I gotta agree with the others, the second time around is FAR superior. I'm really enjoying the heck out of the little world-building details you added like AJ's scars, world powers being petty and stupid like they are in real life, and of course Cherry the changeling. It's almost like... wait... Haaa! Ha ha, ah, that's silly. No, of course you're not one too. All the changelings got banished.

Excuse me, I have to buy more tinfoil for my hats and barricade the house now.

This...is very different from the first iteration.

Cherry Berry grinned

Cherry Berry



Thanks Aaron! Glad that you're enjoying the updated version so far!


I did enjoy adding those little world building bits back in. Since I did so much world building after the original story in it's squeals, I wanted to go back and kind of add some of those details back into the first fic.

And what can I say. I've liked the idea of there being good changelings since I read Irony of Applejack.


Cherrypillar? Wha? :rainbowhuh:

....Is this some kind of fandom meme that I don't know about?

4065318 Go read Jericho. You will remember....

Hate to say it but, this is MUCH better, definitely worth reading again. I was sticking with the first but this is already a much better story.

Well, shit. :applejackunsure:

Looks like Dashie didn't grind hard enough on her High Speed Flight Control. Maybe a feather wasn't preened just so? Meh. :derpytongue2: I'd bet she has a sprained wing now, and can't do the solo flier event, thus causing Dash to not be the event's Best Young Flier and thus causing Skitch more... trauma? Confusion? Despair? Whatever is coming, it probably won't end well for our (not so) intrepid protagonist.

If I recall correctly, Dash was doing her solo routine and quite a ways up when Rarity started falling. It was the Wonderbolts that dived from the stands, getting kicked in the head by a flailing Rarity while RD divebombed to save them all. RD just didn't have enough of a head start to pull off her Sonic Rainboom in this case.

In any case, Rarity still fell and RD almost did it. That's got to count for something, right? If Skitch-Sketch can keep coming up with freakishly near-accurate predictions then something has to be a little fishy and warrant more credence towards her humanity.

With AJ scarred and other things not quite meshing with MLP:FiM (like that Free hive) it makes me wonder just how far this will all go awry from Skitch-Sketch's mental canon. While she's still got the wherewithal, she might want to write down all she knows should happen so she can compare it to unfolding events.

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