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All unicorns build doomsday devices!” Those five words were words that Twilight Sparkle never expected to hear next to each other and in that specific order in a sentence.

King Sombra has returned, and upon discovering that Twilight Sparkle has not even considered building a doomsday device, has given her an ultimatum: Either she builds a device that has the sole purpose of destroying the world, or he starts defacing her books.

The clock is ticking: Will Twilight be able to get in touch with her inner mad science and save her imperiled reading material? More importantly, is she really destined to bring about the end of the world? Are unicorns really nothing more than a cosmic reset button, poised to bring a halt to all existence at a moment's notice even in the face of past evidence suggesting that they're not very good at it? Will Twilight succeed where all others have presumably failed? Does she even want to?

Join in as we follow the journey to answer the question on minds the world over: “Anypony for Doomsday?”

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A promising beginning
I want to see what Cadence had come up with

I like how "a matter of fact" Sombra is with all of this, and how buddy-buddy he is with twilight. And the dog earring of pages is just hilarious. That is just a critical hit against Twilight. This story makes complete logical sense to me.

Oh, you. I don't know what it is about him, but this is my favorite Sombra ever. Legitimately. Yadda yadda, evil villain with a heart of blackness, yadda yadda, oh there's a tragic backstory, yadda yadda... No, this Sombra is best Sombra.

The smile dropped from Sombra’s face. “Armor, you’re making this weird,” he said, eyes narrowing.

This legitimately made me laugh aloud.

Tell your friends!

I hope you'll take the opportunity to further explore other unicorns' doomsday devices. I can imagine Rarity's being a dress so perfect that it would stop the need for fashion to evolve forever, thus destroying that whole sector of society; Prince Blueblood (I can't even imagine that one...); Twilight's Mother (perhaps while Shiny is giving Twi a pep talk); see if we can have CMC Doomsday Engineers at some point; Lyra's, of course; Dinky.




I'm glad you like it.

Tell your friends!

Given the Common Pony, even as we've seen them portrayed in the show... yeah I can totally see why unicorns build doomsday devices.

I have to agree with that author's note concerning the common pony. That whole episode was odd due to how they treated Twilight.

After watching it, I kind of wanted to build a doomsday device bad enough to destroy a hundred worlds!


Well, maybe not a hundred... but one, definitely!

“Greetings, nemesis!” said a happily smiling King Sombra.
“Aieeeeeeeeeeee!” replied Spike.
The door slammed, leaving a confused Sombra standing alone outside. “Well, that was just rude!” he said with a scowl.

Oh my god, THE LAUGHTER.

I'm glad you like it! Only one chapter left to write, and then hopefully, it'll all be up before the end of the month, and I can start working on something else.

Maybe a sequel, because so far, this seems to be everyone's favorite Sombra.

“Cadence? What is that?” Shining Armor asked accusingly.
“Nothing!” Cadence replied. Her horn flashed, and the sack disappeared in a burst of light. “Nothing is wrong! Everything is happy!”
Shining was not convinced. “You were shipping again, weren’t you?” he asked with narrowed eyes.
Cadence replied, frantically, “No! —” Thoughtfully — “Yes? —” Confidently — “No! —” Dejectedly — “Probably….”


I love your incarnation of Sombra. This is the best thing I have ever read, oh my GOD.

This is the greatest thing I have ever read.

Well, make sure you tell you friends! And followers!


Wait a minute! Have you been shipping again?!

When aren't I shipping?

... I feel like this might be a trick question. Also, I hope you're ready for another chapter.

So... I came here, knowing it would be ridiculous.

But I had no idea exactly how ridiculous it was.

It is very, very ridiculous. And I like that.

Glad you like it!

Remember that you can check progress on remaining chapters on my profile.

Ludacris speed attained Laughter threshold passed Doomsday device activated:duck::moustache::twilightsheepish:


CMC failsafe prevents critical mass

Why do they always sneeze?

Sombra was not amused. “Spike, take a letter,” he said. “Also, when did you get here?” he added, looking down at the dragon.
“Just now, actually,” Spike replied, parchment and quill in claw.
“But how? Neither one of us saw you even come in,” Cadence said.
“Uh, I’m not exactly sure,” Spike said, angling his gaze upward in thought for a moment before suggesting, “Editing mistake?”


“I’ll blister that filly’s fanny,” said Sombra.


Spike, please try to follow the logic here,” Sombra said. “Sparkle hatched your egg, and therefore is your mother. Her brother married Cadenza, and therefore she is your aunt. I’m Cadenza’s new father, and therefore I am your grandfather. And what does the grandfather do when the mother isn’t around?”
Spike looked at Sombra, eyes wide with wonder and hope. “Junk food?” he asked.
Sombra grinned. “How about a deep fried peanut butter and banana sandwich, champ?”


KEEP DOING THE LORD'S WORK. (Still laughing about fanny because in England it's a term for the female crotch and now I'm just giggling 'cause PHRASIIIIIIING.)

I'm told I'm good at this sort of thing.

Maybe youl give Sensational Serials a whirl. It has less Sombra, but might be even more silly.

Karmageddon more like Karmudgen device , ponies turned to old fart mupets in a theatre balcony ,

pre07.deviantart.net/dff1/th/pre/i/2014/346/d/f/socks___by_hillbe-d89mbtw.jpg it's from the stress.......

Given the content of you comment, I think the stress is really getting to you. Maybe you should take a vacation, friend.

“Is she going to monologue?” Sombra asked no one in particular.
“For too long, ponies have refused to listen seriously when I tell them about the magic of friendship, but no more!” Twilight exclaimed.
“Oh my god, she’s monologuing! This is beautiful!”

I love proud Papa Sombra. It's the greatest.

Wanna have some real fun? Go back to Phase 4, and then plug Sombra's full name into Google Translate. Assuming you don't already know what it says.

Ha! I wish.

Then again, that's still pretty high praise no matter how you slice it. I'll take it.

So basically, in unicorn's culture, it's only expected to build doomsday devices when there are high chances of failing, but if one, like Twilight's, is effective, then it' a bad thing. The unicorns really didn't put much thought into their traditions. Still, the ending was golden.

Not putting a lot of thought into your traditions is the Equestrian way!

6327328 :moustache: It's working!
:trollestia: My little ponies have turned into a nightmare from "The Muppets Take Manehatten"

:twilightoops: Is that not evil enough? I could go Dark Crystal on you!

:raritystarry::rainbowderp::pinkiecrazy::fluttershbad::applejackconfused: Nooooooooooooooooo!

Well that went as expected. If Twilight decides to destroy the world then you might as well start investing in interdimensional transport to escape. Go Twilight, show them all.

Duh. Magic = Friendship = Magic = Friendship.

It's a tautology of wonderful proportions.

I'm going to be a little serious here. I very much enjoy the way the characters were ridiculous parodic versions of themselves, but that it didn't devolve into this kind of "the characters are secretly scumbags and treat each other like crap!" edgy thing.

I praise you for avoiding that.

This chapter was insane...I love it.

Besides being antithetical to the show's premise, that particular trope isn't terribly entertaining, either.

I guess it's an attempt to be like Arrested Development in that sense, but it doesn't work. With FiM, they're all supposed to be nice, so it doesn't work to make them terrible because their nature should help them. With AD, we know out of the gate that these are terrible people, so it works when they try to be good because their nature works against them.

It's funny when characters fail because of their nature despite their intentions, not when they fail because of their intentions despite their nature.

I think.

Eh, I've always thought that fact was obvious. It is why I always call her the Princess of Magic rather than friendship. It is the more important aspect of her title anyway, at least to me.

“Aw,” Spike replied with a teary smile. He turned to Twilight. “I guess this makes me your LBBFF now, huh?”
“Oh Spike,” Twilight said, laying a hoof on the dragon’s shoulder. “I think I speak for Shiny and myself when I say that you’re our BFAMBFF.”
“Alright again!” Spike exclaimed, happily hopping into the air. “Did you hear that, Shiny?”
“You bet I did!” Shining Armor replied. He and Spike shared a brotherly and most radical high-hoof.
“Brother from Another Mother Best Friends Forever!”


“What the hay did you just read to us?!” Scootaloo demanded. “What even was the moral?!”
“The moral of this story is, don’t go to the Crystal Empire!” Pinkie replied with manic worry. “Their schtick be wack, yo!”

Well, she isn't wrong.

This entire story was a religious experience. Can't wait to read the epilogue!

I have to promote this at some point. I must.

Promote at some point? Why not now?

I mean, if it was a religious experience, do you not have an obligation to spread the word as far and as fast as possible? Just sayin'.

Good point. I'll be sure to do that!

Outside, I appear calm and collected. Cool as a cucumber, even.


This is fantastic. That is all I have to say.


I look forward to the sequel in which Sweetie Belle, taking inspiration from Twilight, makes her own Doomsday device.

With the rest of the CMC of course.

I'm quite sure tree sap will be involved at some point.

There you are. Comment section was feeling a bit empty without you.

Now where's Crystal? I've heard from No. 1 Son, now I need No. 1 Fan to round things out.

You have successfully broken my brain.:ajbemused:

Damn it I want my sides back. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

The author's note is so true.:applejackunsure: What is it with common ponies and completely ignoring the latest news??

6332807 I'm here! I'm late, but I'm here. And it was a wonderful story to wind down for the night.

Actually, to be honest, even though it's in my favorites I never got an email it updated, and it got very rudely pushed aside by other stories I'm neglecting because I'm a terrible person. I just cleared a few out and saw this one had like four chapters unread. I binged them all just now. No regrets, 20lb gained, would binge again.

I don't normally enjoy the random genre, but it was the fact that the characters aren't so random as to be completely unbelievable. Each one had just enough of a morsel of themselves layered under the exaggerated hilarity to make it even more wonderful. I could actually imagine all of it happening in a mirror world.

Legitimately, my favorite part is still Sombra. Gosh darn Sombra. Every time I see fan art of him, I see this version. I also hear a distinct voice for him in my head that I can't place, but if I figure it out, I'll let you know.

Now to figure out what this word is my iPad autocorrected exaggerated into: expatriated. (One spinning Google logo later) Oh. I knew that word, just not as a verb. Huh. The more you know.

Anyway, thanks for the amusement and for the continued awesomeness that is Sombra Pops (now in three flavors, only banned in 47 states).

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