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Changeling Places has moved. · 4:17am Aug 19th, 2014

As you might have noticed, Changeling Places has vanished from my gallery. That's because I just had it transferred to the gallery of Foal's Errand, who's agreed to continue the story. Her profile is here( http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Foals+Errand ), and the link provided in Changeling Times still works for the story.

Thanks to everyone who liked and supported my story. All I ask now is that you give Ms. Errand the same support you gave me.

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Hello so you’re Shadymissionary, I am Chazkopa and I am the one added Retribution as one of my favorite stories.

I want to ask you about Queen Chrysalis in Retribution, When Queen Chrysalis thought there no need to toss Twilight in the caves where she put the real Cadance, how come that she did not see that her own action and her own magic allowed Twilight to kill her?, the changelings army did felt as their queen suddenly died after all, I wonder if the mane five, Shining Armor, and Princess Celestia will see Queen Chrysalis from the afterlife?.

Appreciate favoriting Fallacies of the Elements, don't be afraid to comment, negative aspect or positive remarks are welcome.

I love your Changeling Times/Changeling Places alt universe.

I'm following you :pinkiecrazy:

DUDE! Can't wait for the sequel! The world you've built here, as well as the wounded characters trying to heal from a devastating tragedy, is wonderful!

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