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I like writing ponies. And violent explosions. For some reason, that's not a problem here.

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Top Tips for Noobs · 2:36pm Aug 2nd, 2017

Hello again my lovelies!

Wow, two blog posts within a single month's time frame? I know, I'm really revvin' it up on this end, shit. Fortunately, this one is gonna be less ranty than the last one, or at least I hope so. This blog is going to be about some top tips for someone new to posting on this site.

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Obsi #171 · May 1st · · ·

thanks for the fave :P

Never had any intention of stopping

Sir, please continue. :moustache:

thanks for the fave, kind sir :pinkiehappy:

  • Viewing 167 - 171 of 171
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