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Author Interviewer

Is it the blogs starting with [Interview]? Those are site blogs. You'd have to block all site blogs (assuming you can even do that, I don't know) to not see them.

Normally I leave the option open, but since you unfollowed me (thanks for being honest), I'll pass it on to the next fellow. :) Have a nice day!

1389941 I actually followed you and unfollowed you in an attempt at removing your blogs from my FimFic feed, as I didn't know why your posts were showing up and I hadn't followed you. As for the reviewing a story of my choice, I think I am going to decline. Sorry to mislead you to my intentions.

Author Interviewer

Thanks for watching. :) You're my 579th follower, which means you've WON and I will review any story of your choosing, so long as it's complete and I haven't reviewed it already.

1385193 I swar on me mum, il wreck ya m8.

  • Viewing 24 - 28 of 28
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