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A group for bronies living in the great state of Michigan.
Whether you're from the lower peninsula, or from the upper, all are welcome!

Feel free to make threads about whatever. Just please refrain from spamming them.
Stories may be submitted into two categories at this time, safe/teen, and mature. Please take care in submitting stories correctly.

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A bit late getting into the fandom, but Sanilac County has joined. Anyone else from that area?

Brony from the Lansing area checking in. Are there any Bonies left in Michigan?

Me. I go to MCC and have yet to meet any bronies to play the CCG with. You go there too?

Hey guys! Macomb County resident here. Anyone else from that area? :raritystarry:

364978 Still kickin', surprisingly.

366859 Hey there. so where abouts are you at?

So anyone still active with the Michigan Brony community?

I, for one, wouldn't waste my time writing about one of those other states.

Since I'm a bear for research, it's convenient to be able to drive to where the story's set and observe it, and it's easy to put in local references (Dale shops at Meijer, he has a Michicraft canoe, etc.).

I had no idea there were any fics period that took place in Best State:derpyderp2:


Well, Celestia Sleeps In (my own) is largely set on North Fox Island (off the Leelanau peninsula), and also has significant parts in Traverse City and Grand Rapids, and the human protagonist is from Hastings.

Are there any there many that exist? The only one that comes to mind is an infamous Chatoyance "Conversion Bureau" fic set in a ruined future version of Lansing (with a main character from a similar ruined future Petoskey).

Don't you just love that new group smell!
Smells like fresh baked cupcakes. :pinkiehappy:

There should be a folder for stories which either take place in Michigan or feature Michiganders. And I'm not just saying that for shameless self-promotion (although that's certainly a factor); I'm curious if there are others.

Finally, a Michigan group that isn't led by an empty suit!

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