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"This first step onto the planet of Mars is brought to you by a cooperation between NASA and SpaceX. And now, a special thanks to our sponsors: Red Bull, Nike, Ford, Pepsi, Hasbro, Starbucks, Coke..."

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Because the Short BIO wasn't long enough

'Facts' about me I guess
Here's some (potentially) interesting facts about me you may not know about me. If you knew any of these beforehand, I kindly request you get out of my closet and stop stalking me when I walk home every night or else I will shoot you. The facts will be presented in the form of a Q and A.

(I am not allowed to, nor will I under any circumstances disclose and release the margin of error regarding the aforementioned facts about me, my existence, my current situation and current affiliation nor the percentage of these facts about me that are outright fabrications and/or altered to uphold global peace and security.)

Q: Age?
A: I am an age of undetermined value. As of now, my calculations have shown I am, at least in my current life/form/whatever and for all practical purposes, somewhere in between the number you get when you divide the numbers zero and fourty-two, and a number so obscenely huge that it makes a trek across the multiverse seem like a short jog through a park and can be best described as 'so unfathomably huge that calling it 'mostly infinite' is okay'.

Q: Sex?
A: Once, probably. I think, anyway. At least that I can remember.

Q: Location?
A: Somewhere within the cube of space between the Andromeda Galaxy and the Tadpole Galaxy, as of now.

Q: What would you like to be doing in five years?
A: Sitting on a mountain-top observatory on the tip of an active volcano on a volcanic island somewhere on an alien planet, watching the triple suns set, eating Goldfish Crackers with a supermodel girlfriend and a white robe, equipped with nothing less than the best Starship in the galaxy. But then again, 'like to do' doesn't necessarily mean 'think will happen', now does it?

Q: What are things you like?
A: Music (the classics especially), history ranging from then to now (especially the World War Era, Cold War Era, Ancient Mesopotamia up to the Bronze Age Collapse, the Renaissance, and the Colonial Era. On an unrelated note, alternate history), strawberries and Goldfish Crackers, anything to do with space or future technology (including galaxies, planets, stars, science fiction, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and delusions of future grandeur for me riding an epic starship), the SCP Foundation, military equipment and strategy (on an unrelated note, explosions), Anti-TCB stories, humanity as a whole, travelling, dogs, MLP, HOI4, strategy games, imagination, horrifying and mysterious things, writing (obviously), American Pride, Canadian Pride, Soviet Pride, British Pride, geography, electronic devices, Spelunky, Faster Than Light (a game), tanks, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, memes and a whole bunch of other things similar to these.

Q: What do you hate?
A: SJW's, terrorists, faulty logic and logical fallacies, misanthropists, conspiracy theorists (Moon Landing Hoaxers, Flat Earthers, Chemtrailers, GMO's are Badders, etc.), Nazis, Anthro, being interrupted while I'm making a point, politics, Kim-Jong Un, pro-TCB stories, and the slow and agonizing realization that none of those things I always dream about and fantasize about happening in the future and in my lifetime will probably never happen whether it be due to technological impossibilities, greedy corporations and political leaders, a lack of funding or other similar problems. On a related note, those pesky laws of physics, always getting in the way of my fun.

Q: What's your religion?
A: Atheist.

Q: Ideology?
A: I shall not disclose, due to fear of being shot by the French Police and possibly the Germans and New Zealanders if I fail to word it properly.

Q: WHO do you hate?
A: Honestly? GrayOnBlue. He's my mortal enemy. EDIT: Oh, hey. He's a troll. I guess I didn't really read his stories and comments in full enough to realize before. Once you look at it, it's quite obvious. And thus, my secondary hate option heads to Chatoyance. Obvious misanthropy there, too.

Q: What's the point of this Q and A?
A: Don't ask me, it's an enigma in and of itself.

(coming in a year and a half later, i realize now that this is incredibly cringy and i deeply regret writing it. i apologize for all those who read it, and wish them good luck in restoring their eyesight)

The Library of Babel (AKA My Stories)

Stories that don't suck

To-Do List

1) Finish 'Containment Breach'.

2) Write a Long, Mentally Deficient Crackfic involving Ultra-Hitler, Robo-Stalin, Canada, UFOs, Perhaps SCP, maybe Futurama, the Reapers from Mass Effect, Donald Drumpf, nuclear warheads, some famous physicists and scientists, two serial killers becoming friends when one picks up the other who was hitchhiking, the narrator being a character and other shit. Actually, don't. Actually, YES. NO. MAYBE.

3) Write a Second Part for 'TCB: Secure, Contain, Protect' featuring more SCPs.

4) Write a story in which ponies land in the world of Terraria.

5) Write a story in which a pony lands in the world of the SCP Foundation, is picked up and classified as an SCP.

6) Write a story in which a human crash-lands his starcraft onto Equus.

7) Write a story involving R winding up in some sci-fi environment.

8) Write a story involving a human with rather remarkable technical, mechanical, mathematical, logical and scientific abilities (who is maybe a bit too paranoid about unlikely occurrences and plans for them frequently) winding up in Equestria.

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And thus, my secondary hate option heads to Chatoyance.

Actually, she's pretty cool.

'Preciate that add tho

Hey hey, thanks for the watch!

And as for not knowing how a story should end, don't worry, we've all been there. Some of us are even still there! Like, even now! Despite our best efforts!

:fluttercry: I'm fine...

Interesting stories, will give them a read...
ps. If you happen to read my fics, don't mind the down votes... People just hate the settings they are set in.

Oh, hey. That's a cool idea- a short story where she tries to escape from the Foundation. Simple. I can work with that.

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