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I will hijack stories and make crap. Why? Because there are stories with dark endings, death, pain, misery. I will make such stories happy. I will save the characters from a cruel end.



Anonymous goes and beats up Celestia. What else is there to say?

Making a sequel.
Its gonna be good.

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"Luna is a faggot."

OHHHHH YEAH! Anon Filly just called Celestia's sister a bundle of sticks! SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!

Wow. Jessica sounds so cool.

"Luna is a faggot."

Celestia threw her table aside, cracking her neck. "It is SO on!"


I wasn't alluring to fascism so not sure what kind of English you're smoking.

Me: "uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh......................." Wat the Hell/Tartarus just happened.
Psycho Me: Shows the power of insanity and torture of reality "Bow before me MORTALS."
Pissed Me: pistole (9mm) meet skull (it's ineffective).

Celestia raised an eyebrow, looking at those attending day court around her. "Anonymous, why on Earth would I ever fight a child? Much less a frien-"

"Luna is a faggot."

Celestia threw her table aside, cracking her neck. "It is SO on!"-"

Why does this remind me of this skipped to 2:19

What did I just read and where can I get more of it?

To be fair, English is a ****ing trip, and Hitler did round up homosexuals along with everything else he didn't like.

What does fascism have to do with this? Also, do you even know what fascism is or are you just using it as a buzzword?

He rounded up communists. Its merely coincidence that the majority of communists in Germany were j**is and or gay

The symbol for fascism is a faggot.

All I said was "bundle of sticks"

Thank you for my defense.

Lunaaa is a faggot~ *gets shot*

Words can mean more than one thing.

Another keyboard commando. In the context of what I said, the definition for faggot in my sentence clearly meant "bundle of sticks." When I said "Anon Filly just called Luna a BUNDLE OF STICKS." Now, go and learn how to read and understand, and comprehend and converse in English correctly.

Cute how you accuse me of incomprehension without actually comprehending 10574740's original point (to wit, anybody who thinks that was genuinely what Anon meant is more out of touch with modern discourse than Luna is, and I use the term "discourse" loosely).

Discord chewed my CHEWING GUM

Da fuq?

What in gods name are you all talking about???
Shush and laugh.

Someone took something too seriously and wanted to show their perceived superior moral standing.

Anyways, fun story. A quality shit post.

what EP of SAO is that? don't remember that scene at all.

KvAT #32 · March 4th · · · Bonus ·

5gum, stimulate your senses

I hope discord like uncooked lasagna noodles. Very crunchy.

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