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Rainbow Dash is widely known for her propensity for pranks. While seeing an unsuspecting Anonymous the human in the outskirts of Ponyville, Rainbow decides to hit him with classic from her arsenal, the ol' lightning stomp prank. It's simply really, she's played it on tons of ponies before.

Rainbow didn't think Anon would get hurt. She didn't think he'd become paralyzed. It was supposed to be a harmless prank!

'What have I done?!

Officially Featured March 1st 2023

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I look forward to reading more

really interesting remids me of jason wright when he stated that humans cant survive a lighting strike, i look foward to the next chapter

That's the third fic I've seen that goes for this idea. I guess some ideas are really there for the taking. =)

Rainbow should do this to more of those no-name abominations. So good on her quite honestly.

Is your whole shtick just to find stories with the Anon tag and trash talk them?

Because if you genuinely dislike stories like these, I don't know why else you would keep clicking on them.


Waaaaa a trope I don't like! I should go and read it so I can complain about it waaaaaaaa

Nice first chapter, looks like things should get interesting quickly. Let's hope that ponies do, in fact, have magic that can fix anything...

Another day, another L.

I haven't read the fic, but I'll keep it in my read it later, I like stories like this.

Absolutely not, this is the only chapter

hopefully you contenue this story, the other one with the similar premise, was abandoned, though the human in that story actually died for the lighting XD, oh well, lets wait for next chapter.

Yeah, I read that one, shame it never continued.

oh my gosh I remember exactly what story you mean xD

Wow, now that's an amazing description of someone after an accident. It's great the way you manage to portray his complete confusion as to what is going on, while informing us by the mute reactions of the ponies.

Not sure where this story could go, but It looks like it'll be a dark ride.

Thanks, glad you appreciated what I was going for!

rainbow fucked up good

Well buck me, it's not often I'll read and enjoy a 2nd person story or anon named person, but this definitely catches my eye. Fantastic writing so far!

Hey if you survive that, at least you would look really bad ass fixing guns and reading the Bible.

For real tho, good narration for a trope that I quite like being "cartoon/fantasy logic doesn't work on human beings"
Quite curious to see if the story is going to also be changing from perspective of ponies to back to Main Character recovering from such a painful tragedy.
Cheers and keep up the good work.

This looks so good!
Looking forward for more! :pinkiehappy:

Oh. shit. You really did it this time Rainbow.

As it turns out, lightning is more than a little discombobulating to a human's delicate nervous system.



What story are you talking about? Could you provide a name or a link?

I already love it.
Dammit RD...

Rainbow done goofed up this time!

Some people are so curdled inside that they need to let the whole world know all about it, at every possible opportunity.

You have zero bitches I can tell

Your name suits you perfectly.


And because of it, I only ever hear ONE insult: "your name suits you." Thank you for proving to be as unimaginative as everyone else.

Comment posted by Pharaoh deleted Mar 2nd, 2023

how could this happen to me~

haha pretty good i want to see another chapter :moustache:

Colour me intrigued. The Administration shall monitor this world.

Hmm... I distinctly remember reading a fanfic like this, but it's told from a 3rd person perspective, and I think the human actually died in that story. If anyone remembers and can give me that story, I'll be extremely grateful.

Can’t wait to see more of this.

This one
Funny enough, as a result of this story going popular, it's bringing attention back to this one too since it's popping up on the Popular tab despite being in an ongoing 6 year hiatus

Is it me or does the picture of rainbow dash look cursed as hell? It looks an early version of ai made it.

Oh, and the other one I was thinking about is this.

Whoa, what a coincidence, I'm me too.

Holy hell I don't think I've seen a more downvoted comment than that one

Almost a hundred now :rainbowlaugh:

Anyways, definitely hoping to read more of this! And hoping I get to see a conclusion to this; this is one of those story premises I've read in one other multichapter story and it went and died when things were getting interesting ..

Eh. Downvotes are wasted on me anyway because I don't care if people don't like my opinions.

While I can understand where you are coming from, due to the massive influx of anon stories, I respectfully disagree.

jason wright from "ending" a story about a human that goes to equestria, everything its fine until he moves to ponyville to meet his heroes the main six, in the story ponyville is extremly xenophobic towards jason with pinkie runing away from the main character thanks to her pinkie sense, fluttershy hidding for how scared she is of jason, twilight saying "i dont have time for humans" and basically starting the whole "lets be xenophobic to this monster" rainbow dash throwing lighting strikes and sometimes diving into jason with the intention of causing phsycal harm, rarity throwing shit and screaming "MONSTER, BRUTE" and stuff like that (this one might not be on the story but in others stories cannon or not is introduce), and applejack literally breaking the ribs of the main character with kicks, it came to the point that jason after 3 years of this wanted to kill himself with applejack lasso, the original story is basically a "i wanted to meet my heroes and everything went wrong to the point its like a dark eldar prison", then you have the canon sequel of the story "it really never ends" by doktorsigma, and the non canon but still extremly good stories like ending and beginnings by morbiusgreen "a new ending" by kildeez, aftermath by badassgrunt and the recently new one "an alternative ending" by ultrapoknee (sorry if i made any gramatical errors english is not my main language)

Bro what :rainbowlaugh: they just asked who Jason was xD

Excellent writing! You could end it right here and it would be a perfect, unsettling short story.

Burned hooman smells like overly sweet bacon and char.
Lightning burns little holes and you necrotize from the inside out... Slowly if it doesn't stop your heart
Poor Anon got hit with a 105 howitzer point blank

ignoring whatever the hell's going on in the comments,

this is quite a good story! can't wait to see where it goes from here. it's quite a good setup for things, if you choose to go on with it! and as others have said here, it also works pretty well as a standalone short story, if you choose to go with that route.

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