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This story is a sequel to I am NOT a Pony

It has been one year since Luna lost her son, and depression has gripped her heart. She's lost the will and the strength to perform her duties. She see's her son when she closes her eyes. His death haunts her, literally and figuratively. She's not sure if she's losing her mind, or if his spirit is really haunting her. But something dark is definitely happening...something Luna has yet to understand.

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I almost forgot about the last story. But excited to see you continuing this series! :pinkiehappy:

I think I'm going to keep track of this.

That is one pretty sea quill.

And yes Luna, you ARE crazy.

Please continue


Comment posted by T-bone deleted March 21st

Interesting so far, I am looking forward to see the next chapter.

great to see the new chapter

And there goes what little sympathy I had for Celestia.

Sure Luna this is totally all Discord's fault.:ajbemused: And its not like that u took him away from his adopted family where he was happy, turned him into a pony against his will, and took advantage of his amnesia or anything of the-OH WAIT!

Seriously I'm looking forward to Tristan handing Moonbitch her royal, lunar ass.

8057563 She still believes Luna is the victim despite what she has done and isn't locking her up or punishing her.

That cover photo... I can't fucking breathe dude.

8057895 Do you find it funny?

Am I the only one who hopes Tristian forgives and accepts Luna as his mother? I mean if I lost my own son I would do anything to get him back!

Come on Tristan! Show those bitches that humans are not to be trifled with!

Comment posted by T-bone deleted April 12th
Comment posted by T-bone deleted May 3rd


Is it wrong that I enjoyed this chapter?

Hmm, in spite of what's happened to Tristan, I hope he can forgive his mother someday...

8092668 I hope he does forgive her too but if she really loves him then she should sent him back home!

Ok, are we sure Tristan is human anymore? Because I think that with all this magic voodoo, he's not thinking straight.

Comment posted by T-bone deleted May 24th

You turn him in to a bug? When writer think bug ponies, why do they mix mutation as well? Stupid!

Aw damnit, now Tristan is being slowly mind controlled by Crysalis. This guy just can't catch a break, I'm beginning to think that he's never going home at this point :pinkiesad2:

neat! but the question is, who is playing who in this

Honestly I'm not even mad, I like Chrysalis as a character a lot when she's not incompetently written.

At least Luna is admiting her mistakes.

Comment posted by T-bone deleted June 9th

Im pretty sure killing Luna isnt going to get him back home! Remember it takes 4 alicorns to perform the spell, So if Luna dies then there no way for him to get back!

Karma's a real bitch, ain't it Luna?

Leave her alone! Hasn't she suffered enough?

when you think that you have hit the lowest part... life can teach you that it can be lower than you tink, soo... so yeah... she can take more. :pinkiecrazy:

You guys can keep giving my comments dislikes and negative replys all you want but I have my opinion and you have yours! And I think Tristian should be with his true mother Luna

I, too, would resent Luna for tearing me away from Home and Family, but this is going on a little long.

Just get it over with and either kill her or whatever you wish, I don't see the point in this extended torture when it can be over with already.

And besides, Chrysalis is still forwarding her own plans to manipulate our long suffering Human.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, I'm not liking this situation

T-bone #40 · Saturday · · 1 · Chapter 5. ·

Okay i dont want Tristian to abandon the life he knew on Earth and live with Luna! I just want him to forgive her so Luna can send him back to Earth and she can live with the fact that he loved her and that she did the right thing sending him back home!

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