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Once, she'd had children. So strong, so brave, so many. Once, she'd been strong, and warm, and loving, and her Blessing spread like wildfire among the pitiful humans. Until she'd been betrayed. Killed. Imprisoned. Cursed.

Now she has returned, and nothing shall stop her. She has allies. She has, for the first time she can remember, friends. Her family will spread throughout this new world, and she will not fail. Elizabeth Greene will not repeat her past mistakes, she will be victorious in her quest.

After all, third time's the charm.


For antiquity, featured 6/1/2014 and 7/20/2014.

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Interesting concept. I've found tons of prototype fics about OC evolved, Mercer, and Heller but never one about Greene. Best of luck to you my friend with your fic.

Very promising, personally I hope Greene can be somewhat rehabilitated, but the summary makes me think otherwise. Anyways, keep up the good work.

It begins...

Awesome story so far:heart::heart::heart:.
You've earned my support.

I love this story, the way you write Elizibeth is very creative and somthing I have not seen so far. Instead of making Elizibeth a evil charecter, you make her just a confused person blessed with great power, and thinks that spreading the power is the best for everyone. When no one really wants it. Can't wait for more.

Well now, let's get this party started!

Love it, keep doing what you do.

Elizabeth sat on a ceiling,

I think you meant roof.


Whoops! Thank you, fixed.

Nice one, can't wait for next one :pinkiehappy:


So the ponies, if not all species on Equs, are totally immune to her Blessing, needing only a period of sickness before it passes. And of course, Greene doesn't have the first clue about biology, so she has no idea how things really work, and doesn't know that she has to adapt to adapt the Blessing to work on other species. Well played sir, well played.

Best Prototype Crossover ever:twilightsmile::heart:

Doesn't Elizibeth at least need to consume one pony so she can get there DNA and learn how to infect them I think she needs to evolve like all great viruses do!

I love this story so much.

OK, so maybe she does understand how immunity works...Well! This is gunna be good!

A conspiracy theory society? That's new! Heh, nice going, now the good guys are mobilizing. This is interesting! Well played sir, well played indeed!

I am always amazed at how well you write this story.


Elizabeth cannot consume. That ability is exclusive to Zeus.

At least I'm hoping so. I'm hoping this story follows the cannon of the first game and completely disregards that horrible sequel.

3296604 oh I thought she could do it to and prototype 2 was fun man what are you talking about!

That moment when you just finish reading a story and it updates moments afterwards.



Prototype 2 was fun gameplay wise but storywise it ignored pretty much everything from the first. Even the tie-in comics are horribly out of character for Prototype-1 Alex.


That pretty much sums up my reaction when one pony decided it would be a good idea to Leeroy Jenkins Elizabeth Greene.

Anyway, this anti-alien cult feels kind of forced to me. So far they have no reason to be plotting the murder of Lizzy besides "she's an alien, she made friendlies with some influential figures, and she's weird." Granted, Elizabeth is bad news, but they don't know that. They immediately assume she has brainwashed the princesses and Fluttershy without even a shred of actual evidence besides them being amicable towards the alien.

Great chapter, but you should really flesh out the motive of these people, or at least generate something they should actually fear from the alien besides her defending herself with extreme prejudice.

I'm always excited to see a new chapter in Greene's story:pinkiehappy:.
Makes my day:twilightsmile::heart:

Bring black watch in or wayward child!

This story is amazing. A most innovative spin on a prototype crossover!

Man, this story is fucking awesome, keep at it bro!

Already commented on an earlier chapter, but just to let you know... this crossover is brilliant. Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

I don't see Elizabeth's spa visit going well. Massages are out, so is the hot bath, which leaves the steam room, which she probably wouldn't like.

Elizabeth isn't gonna love that massage, Rarity. She'll tear his/her throat out.

Later in this story do you think you could bring blackwatch there? I'd be interesting see what Elizabeth will do with the "Similars".

we like your story bro we dont comment cause we cant see anything wrong with it, keep up the good work :pinkiehappy: has a moustache:moustache:

Ha! Looks like she's realized the curse upon those words!

Alright, I will comment. Main problem though, I don't have much to say. I like your story, I'm interested to see what will happen. But I can't really say that every chapter now can I?

I like turtles..

It's good, really like where the story is going. Can Greene even get out of her suit thing?

OMG!!! This story is AMAZING. It's totally WONDERFUL Beyond BELIEVE ITSELF!!! :pinkiehappy: You GOT to keep writing. There are just too few stories about Elizabeth here. Actually, there are too few of them in the internet all together. :pinkiesad2:
So It's EXTREMELY awesome your writing about her. ESPECIALLY when it's about her in EQUESTRIA.
Keep up the good work.
Singed: A fan-of-your-work 'slash' stalking-you-guy. :scootangel:

I'm simply in love with the way you portray Elizabeth Greene. It just makes me want to hug her... y'know, if she wouldn't tear my head off for touching her... or if she wouldn't make me puke copious amounts of blood before transforming me into a faux zombie.

Seriously though, good job at making a scary mutant zombie queen such a likable character.

Haha! children!

Nice chapter, as always!

she's little threat...

Ignorance is bliss Luna but often short lived.

I’m guessing she will figure out at some point, that if she blesses the elements it will let release discord

And that would be bad bad bad

My god, I liked Elizabeth in the game already, but this just amplifies it. The way you write her uses logic to make sense as to why she does so much to humanity. I just hope that IF you bring Alex Mercer into all this, he's not still hell-bent on killing her? Perhaps have it so that he is brought in after he gets beaten by Heller. So he knows what she went through(for the most part) and they work together.:twilightblush:

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