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The Xel'Naga Artifact's activation at the end of the battle on Char has a completely different result than Raynor expected. It sends the Queen of Blades to Equestria, and the Elements of Harmony. Given her reality bending power, and overall manipulative nature, the Elements restrict her power upon her arrival. So, what's a newly weakened Queen of Blades to do, inside the Elements' vault in the castle?


Note: If you're not familiar with the SC universe and haven't played the last mission in the WoL campaign, the prologue and a few other things might not make sense to you. I suggest you either get the game, as it is one of the best RTS games ever made, or read up on a bit of lore before you get started.

Inspired by Celestia vs the Queen of Blades, and the lack of other Kerrigan crossovers, barring the all out invasions or Ponies as Starcraft campaign transplants.

A combined work between myself and Destructorspace

Disclaimer: I don't own Starcraft, the Queen of Blades or My Little Pony, that is Blizzard and Hasbro, respectively. This is a fanfiction only.

Chapters (14)
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So, yeah... Destructorspace made me write this :scootangel:

Don't say that! All I did was show you my outline-in-progress, and you got so impatient that you couldn't stand to see me taking so long just trying to work out a basic plot. :rainbowwild:
As the readers will hopefully agree, this turned out well enough that I decided I liked your writing, and more importantly your writing speed, enough to just hand you the project. :rainbowkiss:

Also, spoiler - we aren't planning any shipping, so far. Sorry to you CelestiaxKerrigan shippers. :trixieshiftleft:

This looks fucking awesome. I don't care who made it.1190991>>1190951

Isn't the queen of blades a character in fable?

You're probably thinking of Jack of Blades, the primary antagonist of Fable 1.

That you did :rainbowkiss:

1195065 As did I!

:yay: I am really glad that you finally uploaded this to fimfic. Between you and 1190991 discussing this, I have been really wanting to see this story happen and now progress. Can't wait to see more!

To those who served aboard the Battlecruiser Maledictis,
You fought bravely in the face of death and ultimately failed. You can rest easily now, knowing that you accomplished absolutely nothing and only made Kerrigan pissed off. We salute you, you poor souls, as you fall, living up to the name of your ship.

Thanks for nothing,



Nice, although this video... I get shudders watching it, it's so good!

Very interesting concept... I'm gonna be watching this one.

I....didn't help. I just sort of sat on the sidelines for a little bit before wandering off in a confused stupor.

you ahve 15 minutes, bring more ponies and kerrigan or face the consecuences

There there, we understand that jobs take precedence. :coolphoto:
Unless you were just goofing off. :twilightangry2:

Jack of blades was part of a group, the gueen, the knight and the jack. They were all "of blades"

Kind of a bland, generic start, but the concept is interesting enough to track.
Now for what makes this look bad: punctuation issues ahoy, especially something called "comma fever". You're gonna need a proofreader.

Ah, punctuation, my one true nemesis. I'm actually a proofreader myself, but I wrote this between 1 and 6 AM, so it's not my best technical work :twilightsmile:

As for the bland start, I had to pretty much stick to the established scenes of the war on Char, or were you talking about something else?

1200102 To me at least, it reads like "Kerrigan wakes up to an invasion without context and goes trash shit left and right". Doesn't make for a very engaging setting if you ask me.

It was somewhat of an issue for me actually. We wanted to start the story in the Starcraft universe, but didn't want to put too much focus on what happened before she came to Equestria. The prologue is more than long enough already, and trying to put in any more background information would probably have created unnecessary clutter for the rest of the story.

The Queen of Blades and Starcraft has been an established story for over a decade now, and for the most part the story is written for those people who already has some knowledge about this particular setting. It might not be good story-telling, but I knew that a lot of people would already understand what was happening. And those people who know nothing about Starcraft or Kerrigan probably wouldn't like the story anyway, so no big loss there.

Honestly, if you're into RTS at all, go try the Starcraft games. They're probably some of the best you'll ever play. :pinkiesmile:

1202077 Okay, I see your point. Keep it available for non-SC players to read too.
I've played Starcraft a lot when a few years back (mass marines + bunkers + SCVs, anyone?). Gotta get my hands on Brood War and the second game sometime...

She will take him and infest him and wuv him and call him Unyling and they will be the best of friends and go on all sorts of adventures.


:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:Simply Epic, the only thing I could ever say on this new chapter of this Impressive Fic, due Maybe next you could have LUNA Goddess of the Night, Mistress of Darkness and Mistress of the Moon have a go at it since she did Kick the living daylights out of:

1.THE CHUCK NORRIS.iambrony.jsmart.web.id/mlp/gif/18834__safe_animated_princess-luna_human_luna-punch_chuck-norris.gif?1342432893

2.And with this SORRY EXCUSE of a Persianiambrony.jsmart.web.id/mlp/gif/18824__safe_princess-luna_animated_human_luna-punch_300_.gif?1342432883

3.Along withiambrony.jsmart.web.id/mlp/gif/18817__safe_animated_princess-luna_human_naruto_luna-punch.gif?1342432873 with defeating Nagato who now knows what PAIN truly feels like. LOLLLLLLL!!!!!

guess my laboratory report will ahve to wait

Kerigan should simply assimilate the ponys into the hive after all everyzerg has the dna of the entire swarm in it even if it is an infested terran.

So much...win. No words can express the awesomeness of this story.

ooh this is gonna be gooood:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

There is a surprising lack of information on how the Zerg open their Warp Space wormholes on the Starcraft wiki. :unsuresweetie:

Awesomeness...... Pure Awesomeness.

LOL! Luna kicking Chuck Norris... :rainbowlaugh:

:pinkiecrazy: Yessssss this pleases the Kukulkan Brood...
:moustache: Keep up the good work my good sir.

you better watch out twilight kerrigan is coming for you:twilightoops:


:pinkiehappy:I just want to say SORRY in advance, for the most I would undoubtedly be ridiculed by either you or the other readers when I proclaimed the otherwise escape of Kerrigan to burrow under ground remind me in under no other terms of this lovable individual who brings smiles and even post sugar and food craze to a level that is holy in itself.


:trixieshiftright:Heck I could just Picture without further prompting of Princess Celestia's utter astonishment.


Sorry for the delay you guys, I've been busy with classes starting up again...... Definitely not Guild Wars 2, nope :scootangel:

Might I be so bold as to request someone making a gif of Pinkie's detection of Kerrigan with her Pinkie Sense? :rainbowkiss:

Nice. Cant wait to see how that turns out.

Thinking about it, given what the elements of harmony did to nightmare/luna, they mingt be able to purify/humanize kerrigan...hmmm.

epic chapter is epicly epic in a truly epic way:twilightsmile:

.....did i mention this fic is epic?:twilightblush:

this is looking so great....

Lunar in a liquor store, how I hate writing Zecora. Those rhymes :facehoof:

Also, does a more reckless group of ponies exist than the CMC? I doubt it.

1253079 If you think about it, Twilight sparkle in the beginning, and to some degree the elements of harmony later. Look, dark goddess brining eternal Night/ancient chaos spirit more powerfull than the princesses... Fight it by ourselves^^. I mean magical supeweapon or not, wanting to stop nightmare moon by herself is somewhat crazy, and discord? ok, without the elements there may have been no way of stopping him, so confronting him may have been the right thing to do, but it was still reckless as hell. Both confrotations were won mostly only because their vastly superior foes failed to take them seriously, and got a bit caught up gloating (or being crazy) to boot.

Especially when you consider the first time - the rationale was, well, this book says they'll work, so let's charge through the deadly forest to find their last spot, which they could've been moved from or buried over time. Wheee~! :trollestia:

lol those three are so gonna die:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

I say this is quite impressive writing! I looking for more. Are you gonna update regularly? :ajsmug:

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