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For the past ten centuries, Princess Celestia ruled alone with a gentle touch, waiting for her sister to return from exile. Twilight Sparkle reunited her with Luna and banished Nightmare Moon away.

For the past ten centuries, Queen Solar Flare ruled alone with an iron hoof, accepting that she would never again see her sister after Nightmare's mysterious disappearance. Until one fateful day when she too was reunited with her sister, thought long dead.

But years later, when Luna discovers a tether of Nightmare Moon's magic in her mind, the veil is breached once more. What strange interactions will occur when the symmetry between these two worlds is broken?

For antiquity, featured 10/29/14, 11/22/14, 12/18/14

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interesting, I'm kinda surprised there's no twilight to solar but maybe she's just off screen. Does ask the question though of why the elements couldn't send her back when Celestia used them. Either way have an upvote and I'll be following through a favorite. :twilightsmile:

Oh my god all of my yes!!!:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

It shall be interesting to see how they interact when they finally do meet.

4776534 My guess is that Nightmare and Luna were fused temporarily and the Elements were used the first time to slowly separate Nightmare Moon and Luna from each other, then when the Elements were used the second time the separation was made easier due to the time span, removed Nightmare Moon from Luna, and then sent her home. Does this makes sense to you?

4777177 works for me let's see if it follows the authors story

I should follow you so I don't miss things like this.

Very interesting story idea, quite original. That's what drew me here. Though to be very honest with you, the very lengthy intro with little to no character interaction almost put me off. Maybe it's just my personal preference, but there wasn't enough there to draw me forwards. I had to remind myself of your story idea to keep me going. Though I do like the wind exchange idea to keep the sunny side cool and to keep storms from forming. You allowed the fact that she keeps her sun shining on one side of Equestria eternally to sail by on subtle inference which is a nice touch.

Things got interesting after NMM returned. I like how you used her room to demonstrate how NMM has a softer, almost 'human' (If I may use the word), side to her.

Do you read the IDW comics, by the way? They are considered MLP canon and NMM had her own palace on the moon, completely with an army of nightmare-possesed moon critters. There's also the Mirrorverse with evil versions of Luna and Celestia fighting the good king Sombra, Queen Chrysallis and Captain 'Good Guy' Discord. Could make for something interesting to work in.

How's that for a comment? Better than my usual 'LOL AWESOMESAUCE MOAR PLS'. :rainbowlaugh:

4799099 I actually don't read them.:twilightsmile: And thank you for the extensive comment!

Yeah, things are going to get more interesting than they are now but, blegh, expositions.

4799103 Yeah, exposition can prove challenging, especially for AU settings. I generally build them into dialogue as much as I can with back-and-forth character interaction (and occasionally lampshade it, 'Exposition Moment!'). The other solution is to introduce more characters, for example an alternate world mane 6, high general, favourite court jester, etc. for her to interact with while she's going about her morning business.

Enjoyed your characterization of Luna and reformed Discord. The thread portal is also an interesting concept.

Not much else to add except for a cry of MOARRR!!

Nothing wrong, we just wait

Oh yesyesyesyesyes! More please?:heart::heart::heart:

The uptown of Everfree, right at the end of the ring, was painted yellow and blue.

I think you mean edge. A circle has no end.

Interesting idea, though I honestly confess I'm not sure where you're going to go with this. Still, you did write that excellent Greene Fields/Red Lights, so it should be interesting.


They are considered MLP canon

Are they? I could have sworn they actually had been removed from canon.

Oooh. Now I do see where it's going. It's going to be interesting for Luna to realize that Nightmare Moon isn't just some parasite but someone who, while cruel, was deeply wronged by their history together and not herself at the time(and I'm quite curious how that history happened).

Interesting concept. Do continue

I love your writing! The ideas area so creative!

This tyrant/benevolent ruler universes have never been seen before I don't think, and your take on things both makes sense and fits with the canon!

Do continue, this is very, very interesting :moustache:

Well, things will be happening soon. I look forward to it.

A quick peak in

Hah. It was fun watching the completely wrong but somewhat reasonable assumptions of our protagonists as things built ever closer to the revelation the audience knew was coming. Surprisingly suspenseful.

*claps* Yay Oh I can't wait for Twilight to meet Nightmare Twilight... huh what would she be called... Eh we'll find out!:twilightsmile:

If she was ever born. Timeline changes can undo birth so ridiculously easily that any alternate timeline with changes predating a character's conception shouldn't actually have them (though their parents might have had a similar child).

But if she was born, she's probably not called something with Twilight in the title considering the eternal day for a thousand years (by the way, I expect friction between the two sisters over that eventually, unless Luna moves to the other half of the planet).

Why does this not have more likes?

Ah well, more for me

I want next chapter pliss man it's a great story little dull someplace but it's going right way.

I clicked into the first chapter immediately after read the description, with "Incomplete" tag out of my sight x) And discovered it in the end of the 3rd chapter, predictably. Maybe the linguistic divide keeps me off subtleties of the language, but the essential idea of two Equestrias, one mirroring other, is why I'm here ) Mirrored worlds may not to be a surprise for readers, but I like how the idea is being realized in "Supersymmetry". The only "contra" I could enounce is 24 hours as a little long timespan for a pony being anxious about another pony. I'd insisted on a report every 10 minutes during the first hour or two, then reporting hourly, or something like this) But I concede Celestia is weathered enough to confine herself to 24 hours.
Anyway, I'm waiting humbly for the continuance:)

What strange interactions will occur when the symmetry between these two worlds is broken?

Five bucks on angry sex.:trollestia:

:pinkiegasp: Oh no! I um... I think Twilight is going to find Nightmare moon. *nods sagely*

So wait romance between Nightmare Moon and Luna, Solar Flare and Celestia?:rainbowhuh:

I approve.:moustache:

So a couple guards take on Twilight Sparkle by kicking her a few times?
Not buying it :ajbemused:

Ohhh shit. Twilight dun goofed.

4899727 You don't get it, do you? Unlike Celestia's peace time guard forces, Queen Corona's guard are very well trained. And to be frank Twilight was panicking and here spell casting time was slower than usual due to her panicked fumbling.

This may get nit picky but here goes.
I get that they're more trained and serious, but them essentially just running straight at the element of magic and winning by catching her off guard when she's specifically keeping her guard up sticks out as selling the guards (who should know better) and Twilight (who regularly does better) short.

Outside of that I liked the chapter but I will defend my opinion on that section.

4900694 your right, however in my defense Twilight isn't combat trained, and the guard in the nightmare verse is probably used to capturing petulant weaklings who end up suffering at the hooves of the Nightmare Queens.:twilightsmile:

A) Nothing against you personally, but I'm really tired of the "no combat training" argument. Twilight has displayed numerous combat spells, has been in more combat scenarios than the typical guard of the capital would have during war time, and has displayed significant ability in a variety of scenarios. Saying she lacks combat training would be like saying Somo Hayha (the deadliest sniper to have ever lived) lacked combat training going into the winter war.

B) Are we going with professional guards who at least have some training on what to do against dangerous individuals or street crime guards who would be told to retreat and inform the military when a threat comparable to a dragon shows up; because either way rushing her would only makes sense if they were completely losing their cool and panicing.

4900963 It warms my heart to see people arguing over some of the nitpick details of my story.:pinkiehappy: Just for that, I'm gonna sprinkle excuses explanations in the further chapters.

I suppose mainting the link to her Canterlot could be used as an exc- explanation for her subpar casting ability, and witnessing the equivalent of a dragon could easily spook some strong but inexperienced guards into attacking like zerglings.



On another note, looks like the mandatory "interdimensional meet and greet" is going to be showing up soon.

4903070 Hey, it could have been Celestia x Luna and Solar Flare x Nightmare Moon.:moustache:

Unsure if this pairing should be approved......:trixieshiftleft:

Potatoes getting shot by squirrel launchers.

This story makes me worry about Twilight Sparkle harming Nightmare Moon. That's weird, right?

Huh, I forgot this was tagged romance. Tsk obviously it's Celestia X Nightmare Moon and Luna X Solar Flare. That way they can deal with their feelings in a technically non-incestuous way (though for all I know, they're not actually related and just call each other sister because they were the only two of their species for centuries).

More seriously, I have no idea how it's going to go.

4908703 Baron Fast Track x Cheese Sandwich

I'm... a little unsure how I feel about this story.

The idea is intriguing, and it seems like it could be lots of fun. On the other hand, the only ideas I've had on where it's going are all bad, bad, bad for the characters. I'm optimistic because it isn't tagged dark, though, so... we will see.

That evolution of "bouncing around eagerly"... So cute.)
Hope she will be okay there:)

I people get at Celestia and her cake fetish. She's got nothing on Solar Flare.:pinkiehappy:

THis is one Parasite idea i can except.

Oh, now that's a brilliant take; Luna summoning her alter ego to help her gain power over Celestia, the elements finally doing their job and banishing them to whence they came. This is going to be good, I just know it. :D


It's amazing how oddly suspenseful this story can be despite not that much really happening this chapter. I kept expecting Twilight or Solar to try something... ill advised. I see Solar Flare has a bit of a prankster in her, much like Celestia.

Minor correction:

The bed was no larger than it had to be but seemed so soft, the cabinet drawers were open to reveal their contents; countless brochures - a fair number of them about recruiting into the guard - and several books about how the government worked. There was a separate door leading to what she assumed was a bedroom

If Twilight can see the bed, it can't be behind a separate door that she has to guess what is behind. Maybe you meant bathroom?

4969629 Thank you! And d'oh! Yeah, bathroom was what I meant to write. Fixed.

I'm so glad I faved this fic

Ooh, can't wait for Twilight's reaction. Calm and collected because of Solar Flare's presence? Or freak out and completely forget the Queen is even there? I hope Solar Flare's reaction to Twilight's reaction will be to start laughing, because when Twi leaves the room on the first reaction then she'll probably start freaking out then.

Thank you for the update, hope to see more soon!

Oh yes! I've been waiting for this! *sits down to wait*

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