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On the day of the Summer Sun Celebration, Nightmare Moon returned from her banishment. The power she had accumulated during her stay on the moon proved to be too great for Princess Celestia, and Equestria's ruler was defeated.

Weeks later, Anon arrived in Equestria via unknown means. Although lost and confused, his natural resistance to magic made him quite useful to Nightmare Moon. To his surprise, he quickly became one of her most trusted servants and found himself falling in love with her. Even more surprisingly, it seemed like she was doing the same.

Eventually, despite Anon's best efforts, Nightmare Moon was defeated and Princess Luna returned. Everyone was rejoicing. Everyone... except him. Because Anon did not fall in love with Princess Luna.

Anon fell in love with Nightmare Moon.

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This is the 3th fic with this topic I have read, but they usually are about how it all took place until the nightmare was deafeted, this is about after the fact, so let's see what happens after.

I just read one out of order where anon was dating nightmare moon.

Very nice teaser at the end there.

Already love this concept, great stuff.

What a unique concept!


premise has me hooked, definitely looking forward to this

This is very intriguing concept. I cant wait for the next chapter

I've read a few stories with a similar concept, although they always attributed the side that Anon fell in love with to Luna, rather than Nightmare Moon, which often felt a little unfair.

Stoked to see where this goes, RunicTreetops never disappoints.

It never ceases to amaze me the sheer volume of stories, be they one shots or multi-chapter, you put out. Pretty much every single one of them scratches the itch I have for little interesting romance fics.

I can barely contain my excitement for the next chapter!

Siento que va a hacer muy incómodo

This looks amazing, can’t wait to see more:D

How do you keep coming up with cool ideas like this?!

...six unassuming ponies met by sheer coincidence...

I wonder what this alternative world version of the Mane 6 be, and how will they interact with Anon?

I bet Luna thinks part of her is in love with him. I look forward to the nuclear clusterbuck if that's the case.

I dream about ponies a lot. :twilightblush:

oooh my, things are going to happen!

Huh, this is an interesting premise. How much of Nightmare Moon's feelings and experiences carry over to Luna? Will she still feel any affection towards the protagonist that she felt as Nightmare Moon, or will she see him as a stranger and an unpleasant reminder of her previous insanity and the harm she caused everyone? We don't know yet the extent of Anon's actions as the Nightmare's "enforcer", or how contentious his apparent pardon was. Best case, he was just there to scare her enemies a bit and act as a deterrence. Worst case, he actually carried out atrocities in her name and Luna may find that being around him is a traumatic reminder of her sins as Nightmare Moon and all the harm she caused (including to Anon himself if she feels guilt for "corrupting" him for forcing him to be her henchman).

I guess now the question is whether this story will have a happy ending where Anon realizes that there was enough Luna in Nightmare Moon that the two of them are able to reconnect, or a sad one where Anon is forced to acknowledge that Nightmare Moon is effectively a completely different person from Luna and is now dead for all intents and purposes, and as much as he personally mourns her the world is better off without her.

If you saw Hitlers personal assistant/right hand man walking around your capital freely you'd glare at them too

May I ask WHY you made the main character Anon? Did you really not have enough creativity to make an original character, or at least pick a name out of the list of popular boy names for 20XX?

Because I like him. That's really all there is to it! :twilightsmile:

Oh? I’ve read a concept like this before in the past, but it’ll be interesting to see how you do it. And with how you do your world building and characters, I know I won’t be disappointed!

NM is literally Hitler, btw.

l really like this story, and l eagerly await the next chapter

Jeez you just don't miss do ya?

I swear I haven't been disappointed yet by a story you've pumped out, and this aims to please just as well

The whole point of Anon as a character is to act as a stand-in for the reader.

Also, they've been consistently hitting the featured box writing these stories for the past year or so, and you're just now taking issue with it? And of all the things to hypothetically take issue with, you take issue with one of the most popular styles of stories on the site?

May I ask WHY you felt a need to complain about a properly tagged fic that no one is making you pay attention to? Did you really not have enough personality to do something you enjoy instead, or at least pick a hobby out of the list of popular hobbies for 20XX?

I think this is the first fic I've seen so far where Anon/main character doesn't fall in love with the Luna inside of Nightmare Moon, and actively rejects that. I'm liking the setup!:twilightsmile:

Yeah, we really don't know what Nightmare made him do while in her service, and how eagerly he carried out her orders- the first chapter he isn't coming across as someone who's afraid of getting his hands dirty. For all we know, he was involved in roughing up or killing those guards' buddies in the resistance, or rounding up suspected dissidents or their families. But even if none of that is the case and his hands are relatively clean (and honestly given the author I don't expect this story is going to get overly dark) he'll still been seen as a collaborator who personally benefited from Nightmare Moon's illegitimate rule while many others suffered, and then avoided any consequences for his actions. That's reason enough for anyone to be resentful towards him.


Well, we can clearly see that Anon doesn't give a crap what they think or look at him.

Oh no... Well now I'm just incredibly intrigued and left with no more to read, forsooth such cruelty dear author, to write such compelling narrative and then leave me thirsting for more, verily thine stellar and wicked mind is a wonder to behold.

Is good! please do continue :twilightsmile:

This looks like its gonna be another awesome one. Wonder if they tried to blast him with the elements and he shrugged it off like other magics?


This is the 3th fic with this topic I have read, but they usually are about how it all took place until the nightmare was deafeted, this is about after the fact, so let's see what happens after.

I am curious to see these stories! If you could post links, or even just titles and authors, I would be interested to see them.
Sending fimfiction.net mail would be good too.

Honestly Moonie's rule wasn't unjustified, at least to a point. Basicly Tia had the throne solo for 1000 years 4 years for Moonie/ Lulu isn't that bad a trade off. Gives Tia some alone time that's fair but what she did during her solo ruling is the unjust part.

Ok, i managed to find them.
1. The one that is best https://www.fimfiction.net/story/189187/human-relations-hr
2. The shortest https://www.fimfiction.net/story/535703/that-time-i-accidentally-healed-nightmare-moon
3. a comedy one https://www.fimfiction.net/story/374334/anon-saves-equestria-er

There is another one but it also includes clop, so is up to you if you want the link.

looking forward to the emotional tension!

"I want you to be free from the shackles I... I-I mean Nightmare Moon, put on you. I don't want any of her legacy to taint your future."

Sounds like Anon got wrung good and painful like... And learnt to love it.

Not too uncommon.

Runictreetops really woke up this morning and said “I’m going to write yet another banger”

I'm interested to see how you handle Luna going further in the story. Anons got it rough having lost someone dear to him but being "whats left" of Nightmare Moon and (seemingly) not retaining any of the feelings is not an enviable position to be in

There's really no right answer for Luna to anons question. If she tells him he's nothing to her he'd be enraged at being tossed aside and NM being truly gone. If she tells him she loves him he'd likely tell her she's not NM and means nothing to him and become enraged anyways.

Seeing how the story starts at the castle of the two sisters, I assume it's the same or similar to one of Starlight's alternate timelines from the show. Twilight is probably the one who spearheaded the effort to defeat Nightmare Moon, and we've seen that Rarity is one of the castle staff, and Rainbow Dash is a guard. They seemed loyal to Nighmare Moon, so the two changing their minds must have taken some convincing from the other 4 element bearers.

Twilight has a weird amount of confidence for someone who's facing a being immune to magic. Which is basically her while gimmick. Unless shes just confident that he wont start shit with the Alicorns there.

I mean with two alicorns, a human doesn't really stand a chance.
He might be immune to magic, but I hardly think he is immune to a good old fashioned kick to the knee-cap, which would break it considering they are still equines.
Have fun never walking right again.

Also, being personally resistant or immune to magic (which might also apply to any beneficial effects, in which case it’d be a distinctly two-edged sword) doesn’t generally mean one’s environment is as well. And the most basic unicorn trick is telekinesis, which means any of them can in principle go straight to hitting you with perfectly nonmagical rocks and worse from a safe distance, no direct zapping ever required...

Basically a human without human technology doesn't stand a chance against even a basic unicorn.
"Oh you got a sword? I got 5 of those levitated at the same time"

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