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After a strange alien creature named Anon suddenly showed up in Equestria, it was only natural that Twilight Sparkle would want to help him adjust to his new environment. To do so, she enlists the help of local school teacher Ms. Cheerilee. With her guidance, Anon should be able to learn how to do things the "pony way," and before he knows it, he'll be another friendly face in Ponyville's growing community.

Unfortunately, Cheerilee isn't exactly a fan of the new human in town, nor is said human particularly happy to be under the tutelage of an elementary school teacher.

Is there any hope of them getting along?

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Welp, good representation of what a teacher's life is like. Poor Cheerilee.

We need more! GIve us more! Also give Cheerilee the money money money!

Comment posted by Canned Pone deleted Sep 30th, 2023

This is a very accurate teacher representation. Also it looks interesting, I like the premise, and the tags look promising.


Happy Banned Books Week.

Remember to thank teachers and librarians. And St. Isidore's curse on Texas and Florida and Iowa (and Kentucky, and Tennesee, et al).

edit. You downvoters prefer St. de La Salle? As long as book burners get hit by a Quivering Palm or Holy Smite, either one is cool.

I'm digging this man, I can't wait for more.

I love multi-chapter stories. Runic... you blindsided me with a Cheerilee story but damn, I want more.

New Cheerilee story just dropped, and by Runic nonetheless. Yes, this is nice.

I’m all for learning a new custom but why should one species impose their culture on another?

From some of the Tags up there, Cheerilee's life is about to get a lot more interesting than she could expect.

Was this in any way inspired by "Still No Signal"?

TStill No Signal
Human gets lost in the forest, he tries to use his phone to find his way back and for some reason it isn't working. Weird things start to happen, because you can imagine where he is now...
Axel Azabash · 73k words  ·  613  21 · 7.9k views

A good opening chapter, it has me intrigued. Cheerliee is shown in a nice but sour disposition, instead of her nice but clueless persona used often in other stories. It also reveals problems with the school, rooted in the schoolboard & Spoiled Rich most of all.

I like how Cheerliee is relatable here as well, she has a passion for her job yet it shows that problems are chipping away at that passion.

I hadn't heard of it until just now, I'll be sure to check it out when this story is finished!

She don't wanna do it but she needs that dough
Eh, gotta respect the hustle

Anon's a prick apparently

I say if Anon is going to act like a child, he should be taught with the rest of the children.

This Anon makes me think of a cop or similar branch of law enforcement who doesn't like dealing with bothersome situations outside of work.
I have a few ideas as to the cause of his demeanor, besides being stuck in Equestria. I wonder what the next chapters will reveal about him.

Is he really acting like a child though?

I like anon

The only difference in behavior is the swearing.

SRY #21 · Oct 1st, 2023 · · 1 · The Human ·

Nope. He is acting very reasonable in my opinion. If Twilight wants to treat an adult, especially a grown man, like a child just because they are an alien it would piss a lot of people off. Nothing he is learning it seems couldn't be gotten from a book. I'm putting it down to more pony specism.

Of course the real question is what does Twilight hold over him that he didn't just say "No".


Personally, I think it's because he saw how Twilight acts when her mental problems come out. That & he may have seen all the mind control books she has on the shelves out in the open for anycreature to use. Call it reformation or whatever else, if it let's you alter the mind of a sentient being then it's mind control. Discord was right to eat all the spells she had of that nature.

He may not have been given an option either. If Celestia tasked Twilight to look after him then she may have gone obsessive mode & ignored anything he said.


She keeps that up and that's how you get a villian...

I personally Twilight just wants to impose pony culture on him. I could be wrong of course.

Cheerilee draws a crude outline of an earth pony and begins to describe their role in Equestria. They have physically study bodies and often find themselves caring for the land more than their flying or magical kin.

Small typo here. I think you mean 'sturdy' rather than 'study'.

Teachers don't really get paid like they should so by all means secure the bag queen!


I don't want to be stuck in some little red schoolhouse with a horse that plans to treat me like a baby."

Throwing a tantrum will sure help with that.

I totally enjoy your prose when you’re not doing porn for someone else. This is great stuff.

Wonder what makes him play nice with Twilight.


I would rather resent being sent back to elementary school, but I certainly wouldn't be rude to the teacher.

Rather, I would love to discuss formal scholasticism and the 7 liberal arts with Cheerilee. Maybe teach her some classical human rhetoric to stick it to Spoiled.

I like this anon. He feels like an actually frustrated human to be in equestria.

Well…I can’t wait to see what magic Cheerilee pulls to get this Anon to not be such a grouch. I honestly can’t blame him for not wanting to be stuck in Equestria basically against his will.

It has narcotics in the tags

I feel like he would be more mellow with Cheers if that was the explanation.

Jeez, couldn't he have clarified that the meat he eats doesn't come from sapient beings? The way it's framed, Cheerilee would see him as a murderer.

Where’s the fun in that?

Thanks for the chapter.

"I wouldn't eat any kind of flower. What do I look like, a cow?"

Huhh!? Brother you cannot say that.

Gee, I wonder why the man who has been ripped from his home, is treated like a child and is constantly reminded about the fact he is in an unfamiliar and strange world would be angry to be forced around someone who embodies that for multiple hours a day.

Don't get me wrong, Anon is being a jerk and should know better, but at the same time it's shouldn't be very hard for them to figure it out.

Heh. If it would be up to me, I'd say, "Good luck, Miss Cherilee."
She's too darn nice to be put in this situation.
Also, I cannot help but to think or the phrase "Hot for teacher". Yeah, yeah, I'm dating myself with that Van Halen/David Lee Roth Reference. Can't help it with every story I have read having Cherilee in it. I am curious to discover what direction this story is going, what with that "Romance" tag and all. The Comedy bit is certain to follow, but where's the romance thing? Hm, Runic?

:twilightsmile: :twistnerd: :rainbowhuh: :moustache:

I wonder why he acts the way he does towards Cheerilee and Twilight.

She was surprised that he wants to pay Twilight back for the shack?
I take it that she has never encountered pride before

You'd think Twilight could find a better way for Anon to learn this stuff.

I am really starting to enjoy the character interactions

Anon is a jerk… but he’s also dealing with a lot being trapped in horse land… I think a Cheerilee is gonna get an idea of just how much it’s effecting him soon… also appreciate it when Anons not a moron.

Thanks for the chapter.

Not the best way to start a new relationship. Experience would have him keep his options open and opinions to himself until they’re required -especially in a foreign environment and culture.

…but not before giving Anon a judgemental side-eye. Cheerilee notes that such side-eyes have been a common sight since they left the schoolhouse…

I wonder if this may be a more significant factor in Anon’s behavior than he’s letting on. Finding a job to pay back the house may be difficult.

Definitely want to see where this is going.

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