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I write for 4chan and now I'm writing here. Joy.


A man with nothing much to live for in the world comes across the three sirens, Adagio, Sonata, and Aria after their defeat at Canterlot High. They have regressed down to a child like state and have lost all their memories. Cuteness and laughs are ahead but the future is not nearly as happy as it looks.

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Very interesting story I look forward to seeing where you go with this.


You won't be disappointed! This is by far the best fic I've written so I hope you enjoy it just as much as /mlp/ did!

Hmm... interesting... I'll keep watching...


Sorry if that chapter was a little weird. Like I put in the notes it won't be the precedent for the entire story.

Comment posted by Mallory S Nocturne deleted Dec 23rd, 2016

7814049 Not really... it felt kinda necessary... I mean, I know how hard to take care of little kids like them (Thank my younger cousins for that), and honestly, seeing them happy takes a bit of a load off of my insane world...

Could use a little spell checking but it's a solid story overall and I give it a thumbs up amigo.


Sorry about that! I promise I'll go back and edit everything once I have time to do it. I'm a lot better at content than grammar so if it sounds clunky I do deeply apologize. I'll fix it!

A few issues with swiching tenses in this, but all in all not a bad story. Glad to see this finally get posted here.

Flipping Hell, this was adorable!!!

Like it, but the the farts really take away cute points from Sonata. Either way, love it so far.

D'awww... get some rest, man... you deserve it. Good night from here!


Children fart. It's a fact.

Am I the only one reminded of Alvin and the Chipmunks?


It's more a point of contention. I use it to build the rivalry between the two.

Yeah well whatever reason, ur doing a good job so far. Keep it up, -and merry christmas



Thank you! And marry Christmas to yourself too.

Is Sunset gonna end up being their 'mom'? Or am I just hoping for nothing?

Still a few issues with tences and grammar, but all in all not bad.


Anon built a large wall (and made the Changeling's pay for it)

Is Anon gonna make Equestria great again?:trollestia:


Once the story is done I'll go back and edit it (unless I can get some poor sap to do it for me)

And yes. Equestria will be made great again. Vote Anon and his daughters 2020.

I came here for laughs, not for feels.

Great chapter.


Oh my friend, there will be both. This is just the tip of the iceberg in feels lake. So I hope you packed warm. Thank you though.

Are you going to make a chapter with Anon adopting them?


Only time will tell my friend. Only time will tell.

Kids are like farts, you can stand your own, but others' are unbearable.

This is a great story.

I'm curious what's going to happen when the Rainbooms enter the picture. Their certainly going to be in for a shock when they meet the Sirens again,

Will we find out how Anon first met the Dazzlings?


Why thank you.

All I can say is the rainbooms will be joining us and that not everything is how it looks

I really love this story. I have the original saved on favorites(yes the one on the other site) but havent gotten to read it because is along run for one chapter and i guess i like it in chapters.

I saw the begining of the other and the fact that its the same.... i feel its missing a prologue chapter on how Anon found them and how they started to live together because i can guess the first chapter they have been together atleast some days.

Strangly from a while i have been of the idea that in reality the 3 are not sirens but normal ponies or humans and that the gems the actual sirens are other creatures that just used their bodies but the personalities we see when they are interacting with each other are the true personalities of Adagio, Sonata and Aria that surfaces even while being under the siren's control. I think there was a comic that showed this somewere(fan comic mindyou)

Them going to school sounds like a very dangerous idea..... Can't wait to see how it goes

I'm kiiinda hoping for a scene where Aria socks rainbow dash in the stomach. It doesn't have to be rainbow but she's usually the brashest and most likely to confront them, even with them being little kids

STOP BEING CUTE. I've already contracted diebeetus. Like, type 4. That's how sweet and sugary this is. And of course I'm not gonna stop reading it, so throw in some spice or something. At least a pinch of salt. Have the rainbooms confront anon for helping them or something. Make anon go all RAAAGGH MY BABIES! And chase them away.

But make fluttershy nice. Fluttershy is nice. Don't be mean to fluttershy. But maybe Aj and Dash.


Ohhhh just you wait. Darkness is approaching. Maybe 10 chapters from now, maybe the next one. But darkness is coming.

Yes! This was awesome:rainbowkiss:. Keep up the good work!


Thank you! This is going to be another really cute arc so get yourself ready. With a few surprises too.

Sonata: Is that our new mommy?


Aria: you idiot! She can't be our mom. She'd have to marry daddy first!

Booo! Rarara is worst human. AnonXSunset OTP!

Poor Aria. She needs snuggles.


>rarara is worst human


My heart has finally melted like the witch from the wizard of Oz, this story is so good!

7861048 When Anon gets Rarity, one of the most picky bitches in the world, and is completely oblivious the whole damn time and wasn't even trying. Boi what happened to Sunset, Sunset is best bae! You better do it. ( lol, just do what you do dude, long as the story stays good)

There is an anon tag now


Is there? Thank you. Also Praise the Sun.

It has been added some time like yesterday ,no prob glad to let you know , awww yeah

I don't know why but I was hoping Anon would say, if anything happens i will personally crush your skulls.... :pinkiecrazy:

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