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I make anthro crossover stories about Movies, Games, and TV shows that I enjoy.


The delinquent Scootaloo has been sent to Ponyville High School Academy after getting expelled countless times from previous schools, and Ponyville HS is her last chance for education otherwise she'll spend the rest of her childhood in juvenile detention and considering Ponyville's reputation...she knows it's gonna be hell...


The fillies and colts in this story are teenagers (Some will be 14, some will be 15, and so on)

Scootaloo is 15

The Mane Six in this story are gonna attend this school as students, so they're gonna be the same age range as Scootaloo.

(May contain slight [not major] cussing)

Video Game Inspiration: Bully (PS2)

Cover Image by ToxicScootaloo

All moves that are explained to Scootaloo are taken from WIkihow

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Even though I've never played the game, this was a good start to the story

This reminds me of Manticore Academy, hope its as good as that.

I'm loving this and I hope it follows the game

Lol did you make a pun at the end since this school has a few b word girls in it

I would put the fire cracker in he's pants

A big read blond stallion with a Southam accent in writing seems like him

You sneaky writer nice move did not see that coming

Halloween is around the corner as well

Somehow I get the feeling scoots is screwed over

just saw this story now i have the urge to play bully again. I'm glad my ps2 still work

giving swirly to those annoying prefect is so satisfying

It's not a bad fic, too bad not many people know of it.

*Insert Bully Victory Theme*

Not bad, at last Gilda have some brain compared to the original.

Confused why I thes chapter reposted

Site error I made it look lime you posted ch8 twice

It might have been because I was fixing some spelling and I republished it when I fixed it

Ok I seriously wanna call in someone to avoid a needless fight buy calling dimond out on her bullshit saying she pulled that same stunt with the bullys like say Gilda showing up

The spoilers cause I swore in my last comment)

Diamond didn't really have to pull anything to have Scootaloo fight Gilda.

Gilda already wanted revenge because she heard from the other members of her clique that an orange pegasus was beating the crap out of everyone and she already knew who it was.

Diamond just told her that Scootaloo was waiting to have a showdown with her.

8605638 true but when you think about she also instigated fights between scoots and the bully's for her own amusment

Very interesting story so far! Have not played the game yet (plan too) but am basically familiar with it and this school was not far off in the bullying level then my high school, teachers would walk right past!

Cool picture as well! Did it inspire your description of her or did you find something to fit?

I just copied Jimmy Hopkin's (The game's protagonist) persona and gave it to Scootaloo but I made Scootaloo a little bit more caring than Jimmy is.

Also for the pic I just found something to fit Scootaloo's new delinquent persona

My inspiration actually came from my love for the game i thought it was an amazing atmosphere to make a pony version of, I tried making a game fic once (a Grand theft auto one) but it didn't work that well, so when I removed it I let time pass and tried again with this game.

Thought so, but less psychotic, more out of survival then malice or Byronic-hero then anti-hero.

Thought so.

GTA would be harder... and more shocking!

Looking forward too more story and fighting moves! Off hand ones I could think of would be the straight-blast, anything from Judo or ... the Ponies Elbow!

Reading through again (and learning up on the game). And if I'm correct the three Scoots fought were Wade, Trent and Troy with Diamond Tiara standing in for Gary and Sweetie Belle for Pete?

I'm NOT going too analyse much more then this, a headache in the making!

Bullies - Bullies.

Eggheads - Nerds.

Fashionistas - Preppies.

Fire Dragons - Greasers.

Wonderbolts - Jocks.

I get it, you really thought this out!

Heh thanks :twilightsmile:

I didn't know what custom name I could make up for The Bullies so i just stuck with it cuz there are some dragons and griffins in that gang (GIlda is the leader), not just ponies can be bullies.

Scoots only fought two, but you're getting it! :yay:

8688851 Bullies, well all I could think of is thugs, rogues or goons. In the end all bullies are criminals too me, anything they do is a crime in the law books.

Oh yeah, I was reading the wiki (mostly), that and YouTube (a little)! At least I have the basis now. You got some amazing fights though, even more brutal then the game I recon. That is a broken elbow and the video also shows a version the "Oblique" or "Shovel" kick, a real knee breaker that Bruce Lee loved and often followed with a straight blast. She'd get away with self-defence... this time.

I think The Bullies would stay,..too late to change it now.

I'd figured that the fight scenes would be more brutal than the game because Scootaloo is in a crazy school where fighting and bullying are their Bread and Butter. So I thought that adding a little blood and some broken bones really set the tone of the fighting atmosphere.

Yeah, too late, anyway, bullies are too lame for any cool new name.

Fair enough, and it's a total fantasy!

One hell of a fight! She telegraphed her first attack and then went in with fury while Red kept calm... had he been serious that'll have factored as well.

Yeah, You remember when Diamond said that The Eggheads' leader is mostly studying and reading besides having fun? Well that's how Twilight is in the actual show (Well the 1st episode of the 1st Season anyway...) and I also thought having her as the pony who would mostly go for Student Council President and call herself a born leader considering she's the protagonist of the show.

So Twilight was perfect for the Earnest Jones character.

Oh yeah and Fluttershy is the perfect Algie! Now I'm fully in sync! Now I'm guessing as too whom Zoe will be?

Great chapter, looking forward too the next one!

Yeah, he took a concept and really made it his own. Never though of Scoots as a tough/brutal anti-hero.

Well he seems fast, I'd wager a week at most.

So Garble is Johnny... perfect!

And I guess Ember stands in for Lola?

Yeah you could say that about Ember, but unlike Lola from the game, She's her own girl who wants to take the gang from Garble's devious claws and turn it around.

Ok, I thought it was a little different. Found Chapter 3 quite a good one. I still hope the bike races and the big magnet are still going too happen.
Was wondering how the relationship issues were going too be written but it seems your going your own way somewhat.

Yeah, I'm trying to stay far from the game and coming up with my own ideas...I'll still try and keep some events from the game and put them in here, but "My own Bully story" is what I'm mostly aiming for.

I don't want to put too much of the game's dialogue and events into this. Otherwise people would loose interest and start un-liking it and writing hateful comments saying this is basically the same exact thing (Movie or Game). Just with ponies.

Same exact story, same exact dialogue and same exact plot twists. just with ponies replacing the characters.

I want to try and avoid all of that. I've learned from my Scream stories.

Pony Scream 2 wasn't well liked since it's almost basically a carbon copy of the movie.

But bottom line is that I'll try to add some game aspects while keeping it my own.

I get exactly what you mean! Though before was basically in line somewhat. But you did have them burn her clothes for example.

The game dialog is well... game dialog, limited and short, there is some basis in varying amounts of it but yeah your right.

I could see them on gliders rather then bikes from crying out loud!

Hey the fights alone are your own! They are Bruce Lee level!

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