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A story following Sunset Shimmer's life in Gaia, starting with an aftermath of the Fall Formal that doesn't go quite as smoothly, leaving Sunset to try and start a brand new life once again, with problems new and old as she tries make her life her own. She will have to navigate work, friends, enemies, and trying to decide where she really belongs, and who she really wants to be, as her actions at the Fall Formal are noticed by forces potentially more malevolent than her old self, forcing her to once again return to the halls of Canterlot High.

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Welcome back!

Great start, and I'm definitely looking forward to more.

hey great to see you again


Oh, geez. Sunny, you should have taken up Twilight's offer. Surely Celestia wouldn't have thrown her into Hades...right? I mean, it's gotta be better than this...

Interesting start and development.

If the Sirens are already on the scene then CHS is pretty much boned.

Especially since PriTwi appears to have already written CHS off as a lost cause. Actions have consequences. Sunset's not the only one about to learn that lesson the hard way.

I hope her journal is at her place and not in her locker as it was in Rainbow Rocks.

Kind of want to shake Twilight right now, if she had just told Sunset about Luna and Discord she would be home and being looked after, not alone with a messed up back and no paperwork.

Celestia probably wouldn’t have, but from Sunset’s perspective she did commit high treason and her last experience with her did involve banishment.

this is a amazing start I hope it's pretty look so I can have something to look forward to everyday!^^

Thankee~ ^^
I'm just gonna write when I fell like it~

Thankee~! ^^ Nice too see you too~

Sunset didn't exactly leave on the best of terms (Mainly cause she didn't understand things fully)

Thankee~ ^^

Yup- the timeline is gonna be pretty condensed for the first little while as things are explored~ ^^

And I definitely wanted to get the Sirens going ASAP xD

We will have to see about her journal~

As far as Pri-Twi, well, she was more shocked at how everyone around her was acting- so she was completed flustered when she tried to calm Sunset.

Thankee~! ^^

I won't be updating every day, but hopefully I keep posting often enough for your enjoyment~ ^^

No problem, just being honest. I've always liked your ideas, and there is never enough Sunset/Dazzlings/Shadowbolt stories.

I'm really glad your back.

The whole 'bits turning into chocolate' idea was clever.

I thought Gaia was one of the names given to the planet the show takes place on, not the name of the Equestria Girls world.

I’m guessing Treehugger isn’t a student in this then. Also have to wonder how often Vinyl and Sunset have just missed each other.

when will you update this story?

Thank you~ xD
I always loved chocolate coins~ ^^

I don't know either way xD
I just like calling it Gaia, cause it's not Earth xD

What little research I did didn't show her as a student, and I needed a stoner style character xD

Soon hopefully? ^^;
Been having a hard time getting writing xP

Makes sense. I’ve seen her used as one of the students in a few fan fictions, I’ve also seen her as being Big Mac’s age.

Well damn, it's alive. Nice chapter!

Normally I would strongly suggest that Sunset run. Sadly she has a bum leg so that is a no go. Poor girl, really should have let Vinyl and Octavia help.

Chrysi the slumlord. I buy it.

Cool chapter.

The fact that Chrysalis is a slum queen and owns the whole area makes sense. She has a very domineering character after all.

(Kinda reminds me of that movie with Joe Pesci)

Oh this story just went to a whole ‘nother level of awesome!!!

Sunset scowled as she thought of the Bits she brought over from Equestria- a small fortunes worth of solid gold coin transformed into a bunch of useless chocolate! That mirror had to be some sort of sadistic entity!


I'm liking this story alot, have a world built and already got a good premise. Loving it so far, and the characters your setting up are pretty great.

hey! This actually seems realistic, well as realistic as a pony stuck in human land but it's good.

Hope you update, this is going to my favourites and my best works also know as the "read later" section

when will this continue?

"My name is Chrysalis, my dear, and I own Oldtown."

and the fact that Chrysalis owns the whole entire outlet of Oldtown does not surprise me at all

I know right. It's like you expect it from her.

And hopefully I can bring it back again shortly xD

Glad ya liked the chapter~ ^^

She should have, but she's had a really exhaustive last few days~

Thankee~ ^^

Though she would hate the term "Slumlord" xD

Thankee~ ^^

Yeah, I knew I wanted her to be a shadowy underqueen, it just made so much sense~ xD

Thank you~! ^^

I have put a lot of effort into world building behind the scenes, and can't wait to show it off~ ^^

Glad you like it~! ^^

I hope to start updating again soon ^^;;;

It makes sense that she would control the underworld in the human world xD

Hope to see another new chapter eventually

This chapter was worth the wait good job

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