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May Harmony Prevail.


When the Tower appeared, the World ended. Madness and insanity reigns. The Landscape has been twisted beyond recognition, and the people have suffered even worse. Survivors contend with beasts, both those who were once people, and those who were not.
A Survivor who has had their mind and memory shattered seeks refuge at a Highschool whose name they can’t recall, unaware of the dangers already present in the school.
Soon, however, she shall find that there are many forces at play, some familiar, and some not. Some allied to Harmony, and some opposed to it.

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Interesting start, let's see where it leads.

Poor Fluttershy... :fluttershysad:

Thank goodness that, just like in many other universes, Sunset is there for her! :twilightsmile:

Does Wallflower Blush play a big role in this story?

To the best of my knowledge, no. It could change, but as I understand it, Wallflower Blush is not a main bearer of Harmony. Not in the same way that the Main 6, Sunset, or Celestia are. I am sorry if I have disappointed you.

Are we gonna see the girls use their powers in fights?

I’m starting to think discord has something to do with this.

Sunset shook her head, clearing her mind. She could tell that her mental barriers were beginning to crumble under the onslaught. She had begun to rebuild them after the incident with the sirens, but they were being shattered by the ever droning pulse. It was getting harder to think, but she knew she had a mission.

That’s a thing?

“Sunset! Oh, I’m glad Angel Bunny was able to retrieve you.” The bunny that had led Sunset to the group jumped up and into Fluttershy's waiting arms, before sending Sunset another scowl. What was that bunny’s problem? Sunset was interrupted from her thought when Fluttershy gestured to map and spoke.

Looks like he never got over the bullying.

Memories washed though her, of a time before chaos and madness. Times where learning and study had dominated her life. When she had been a student to a princess. She remembered how magic was as ordered as the other races-the Pegasi and Earth Ponies believed. Even other Unicorns clung to the same old traditions that dated back for over thousands of years. Magic is not controlled by words or rituals, rather through will and intent. Those words simply let one focus their wishes more easily. Over time, unicorns had been taught to do magic in such a specific way that they needed “spells”. But the Princess didn’t, and as her student, she didn’t either.

That’s pretty interesting.

“We’re safe, at least for now.” Sunset told her, but Celestia could pick up on the exhaustion hidden in her voice. She was once the Principal of an entire high school, she had gotten good at reading people. Sunset could see Celestia look at her with concern, but Sunset tried to wave her away.

Interesting to know.

Sunset looked towards Para, and she realized that it was still pulling her hand. She followed slowly, and it led her to a tree. She looked around the tree, finding nothing, before looking upwards and towards the branches. It was the same tree with birds nesting in it. Since she was closer, however, she could see that these were no ordinary birds. They were made of pure, pale white-blue crystal.

Is she a tree? Fluttershy would be jealous.

As if the sword already knew what she was about to ask, it started glowing again. This time, with a soft pink light. Through Sunset’s physical and mental connection to the sword, she swore she could hear it sigh. Then she felt that familiar pull, the one that would lead them home.

Is it leading them back to fluttershy?

Two of the bearers of Harmony were trapped in an endless slumber. They were in a forest where light never shined, and many sleeping bodies lay outside. Some sort of creature was hunting, or atleast using the dreams-there. Odds were, that creature was responsible for the dreams that Luna and Applejack were in. So naturally, she would need to enter the dream and defeat the monster.

Does luna count as a bearer?

Unlike last time, however, she was prepared. She wasn’t caught off guard, stranded alone in a dark and treacherous forest. No, she was fully charged with magic, and she had an ace up her sleeve. She was an excellent planner, even if she had to come up with the plan on the fly. It was how she had conquered the High School earlier in her life.

This might be a hot take, but that was less of being a good planner and more of most of the people at the school being naïve.

She took a deep breath, then gave them the shortest explanation she could give. “The world ended. Acoypalse, ragnarok, whatever you want to call it happened. Nearly everyone was transformed into monsters, or into some form of insanity. I lost all my memories, I couldn't even remember my name. I got this sword from…” Sunset paused. Perhaps it was better not to tell them about the person she had been seeing in a dream. “...From a Crystal Tree.” That was a lot better. “Now we need to rescue all the ‘Bearers of Harmony’ and destroy the tower that caused this.” She finished.

Why not tell them?

I wasn’t expecting celestia to get any focus.

Wallflower has never been connected to any Element period though. Let's keep it that way.

This is honestly fascinating.

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