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Graduation was supposed to be a happy day for the Rainbooms. Sunset and Princess Twilight had both agreed to temporarily shut the portal to Equestria so they could leave CHS safe and sound while they went on a post-graduation band tour. However, instead of SHUTTING the portal, they somehow made it explode, shattering the multiverse and scattering the Rainbooms across countless different universes. Now, Sunset Shimmer finds herself face-to-face with creatures straight out of dreams and nightmares, from the pages of legend to the screen of cinema.

Her best chance to reunite with her friends and get home: a self-proclaimed "Giant Nerd" and his old jalopy of a car, both of which are native to a world of silent observers of the multiverse, including her own life with the Rainbooms. Between his guidance and her courage, the two of them are determined to reunite the Rainbooms and get them back home...

Even if that means facing ink demons, xenomorphs, genocidal time-looping children, or even Egyptian god cards.

((The most blatant of self-insert fics. I am 100% aware of that. This is just a project to help me unwind.))

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great.....shield hope spidey shows up to help

You know when I first started this I was expecting some hitchhikers guide to the galaxy shunagens but what we got was much better

Thank you! Honestly, the plan for this story is just for it to be a collection of small arcs that each display different crossover ideas. My penchant for long stories looks as if it's going to make each of those arcs long enough to be a story in its own right, but once this first arc is finished, it should begin to hit its stride with more speedy pacing hopping from one universe to the next.

Awesome story, way better than I was expecting.

…...I ship these two …..don't know why

Ward shrugged. "Ran her photo through every database SHIELD has, nothing. She's a ghost, as if she didn't exist until that security camera at the hardware store caught her on film yesterday!"

If they looked at every database SHEILD has, then wouldn't they have seen the EQG movies or the fanart?

Well, who says that My Little Pony or Equestria Girls exists in the MCU? Not to mention any "photo" of her from those would be an animated screenshot, not an actual photograph.
And as much as I hate to say it, I don't think SHIELD catalogs our fanart.

For the most part in this story, it's going to take a good chuck of time before the different universes catch up to each other and consolidate info.

Is this a crossover with other franchises or other MLP fanfics?

Well they could do a simple search on three Internet for her name and they will know who she is immediately

There will be crossovers with other franchises, but most likely NOT other fanfics. I'd rather not step on the toes of any other creators on the site if I can avoid it. These first few chapters have crossed with the MCU and Doctor Who, and I'm planning on dozens of other franchises to integrate into this multiverse, but it'll mostly be within canon territory in each of those franchises.

Their internet or ours? Do they know that there is a second internet now that they've unwittingly crossed into the "real" world? Like I said, consolidating information between worlds is going to take time, it's been a day since the universe shattered.

Well it doesn't matter. Because of the fact of their in that world now, they would be connected to that world's Internet, not theirs.

I think you might have the wrong idea about the rules of this new multiverse. That's the problem when realities begin to overlap: redundant systems don't consolidate. For every universe where the internet exists, there's a different internet built around a different infrastructure. At this point, none of them are even looking for each other. There will be a character who takes advantage of this around... the end of the Undertale arc.

For now, I think the best advice I could give you would be from Mystery Science Theater 3000: "Just repeat to yourself 'It's just a show, I should really just relax.'"

Good point but that brings up more questions... how do they get their Internet if their not In their universe and what's the name of the arc we're currently on?

I don't really have names for the arcs, I just refer to them by what they're crossing over with, so this is the Doctor Who/Agents of Shield arc. I have dozens of arcs planned, naming them all would be kind of a headache. (I sat down last night and wrote down the majority of what I've come up with so far: 37, plus more than a dozen I want to make but don't have a place in the timeline for, yet.)

So this is going to be a long and winding story

Okay I gotta ask, is there actually a risk of a paradox happening or does Penn just not understand how a paradox works?

Every time he mentions it I just want to scream "this isn't time travel!" lol.

Well, his logic is this:

If he's seen the show he's interacting with, then it's already set. That's the future that has to happen, because that's the future he saw. If his actions cause it to happen differently, then he's changing what appears to be a set timeline.

I will say this: messing too drastically with established events CAN have consequences. He's not ENTIRELY wrong. But time and space are more flexible than he believes. There's a lot of wiggle room.

Oh yeah, I totally understand why you may not want to mess with pre-established events since the new outcome might be worse than the old outcome, not to mention once you start changing things your future knowledge becomes a lot less useful, it's just weird to see him freak out about it so much. I mean he's a Doctor Who fan and that show constantly explains that time isn't so fragile that you can't change things to a certain degree yet he's acting as if time operates under Back to the Future rules.

So hopefully someone sets him straight eventually.

Sunset will wear him down, just give her time. ;)

welp end of the shield arc

Sunset had to admit, she agreed. It was incredibly convenient, to say the least.

Yeah, it's almost as if the author needed an excuse for sunset to find her friends

Comment posted by Pennington Inkwell deleted Dec 20th, 2018

Trying to figure out who/what that was at the the end there

I'm sure you'll get it, you're clever! As much as I'd like to just TELL you, I'm afraid I'm just a dangerous, mute lunatic. Sorry, not any help at all.

Well I don't think I'll know until the next chapter since all you told us is it had a single pink eye and is (most likely) a robot... and has a master

This is agreat fic, i can't wait for thenext chapter :twilightsmile:

Your profile pic certainly looks like they have full attention to the story.

"C-Coulson, sir! P-please, I'm begging you! Can we- Can we paint it BLUE?"

:rainbowlaugh: AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! :rainbowlaugh:

Even if that means facing ink demons, xenomorphs, genocidal time-looping children, or even Egyptian god cards.

I recognize all of those except the time-looping children. Where are they from?

just your friendly, neighborhood Spiderman!

how did you do that? in the note?

Heh, just kidding. It's the option that looks like </> on the text editor

oh, code and /code... nice!

Making Science


At the completion of the test, all subjects are given cake and returned to their point of origin. Please proceed to the orientation chamber.

THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Admittedly, we should have accounted for that, it's right here in your file: "Pathological need for control, specifically MIND control. Resentful of authority figures, mainly princesses. Overinflated sense of relevance in the lives of others as a symptom of overdeveloped ego."

Hey! That is severely outdated data

Food for thought, Sunset Shimmer.

Actually, I think my thoughts are full... hehe

Sunset versus Glados. That oughta be good.

you said there was going to be ink demons! i hope bendy starts wandering around the test chambers...that mean you have to solve the tests very fast..if not.. he will find you

I'm afraid I can only admonish patience, friend. This story is going to be in it for the long haul. Bendy won't appear for a while, yet.

I CAN tell you that once Bendy is introduced, the ink demon will be a recurring character, but nothing more. :raritywink:

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