• Published 3rd Oct 2019
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Hearsay - Nyhll

Sunset Shimmer just wanted to start over with her life after failing at the Fall Formal, but when new faces arrive at CHS as a result of the Fall Formal, Sunset Shimmer will end up dragged back to one of the last places she wanted to ever be again.

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Chapter 1: Distortion

Friday, October 3rd


Canterlot High School Front Entrance




Sunset Shimmer grit her teeth as she pushed tried to push herself up off the smoking ground, the tears welling in her eyes as she tried to take in where she was. The recollections of the last few minutes slowly came back to her, haphazard blotches stitching together in their proper sequences as she felt her limbs quake weakly beneath her.

She had been defeated.

Sunset hung her head as she looked down at the muddy earth she rested upon, lost about what to do now. The pain swimming through her body was nothing compared to the pain of defeat- of the shame that she had lost after all this time. All the years of planning- all for nothing.

"You will never rule in Equestria." a voice seemed to boom above her, surprising the former Equestrian as she felt an unfamiliar emotion wash over her and sending her tears streaming down her face.

"Any power you may have had in this world is gone, and tonight," Twilight Sparkle continued as her newfound friends appeared behind her, before motioning towards the student body that was starting to gather around the crater. "you've shown everyone who you really are. You've shown them what is in your heart…"

A ragged hiccup escaped from Sunset as she looked up at the Princess, the tears running down her amber cheeks stinging at the scrapes and cuts covering them. "I-I'm…"

Sunset paused as she felt a strange tremor run through her, her eyes blinking rapidly as the world seemed to shrink and then expand before seemingly returning to normal.

"You should know now that the Magic of Friendship doesn't exist only in Equestria." Sunset looked back at Twilight, her emotions raging in the back of her mind. "It's everywhere. You can seek it out!" The Princess turned to look at Sunset, pity flowing from her as she studied the dirty figure of the defeated Equestrian as she gave another ragged hiccup. "Or you can forever be alone… The choice is yours…"

"I-I'm-" Once again that tremor stopped her- the world blinking around her as Sunset tried to speak.

"Ah dunno, Princess…" Applejack said loudly as she squinted down at Sunset's shivering form. "Ah don' believe that Sunset there even is capable of friendship…"

"Agreed!" Rainbow Dash started flapping at the edge of the lip, slowly circling as she crossed her arms. "She's made everyone's life here terrible!"

Quiet mumbling and various nods of agreement ran through the gathered crowd as they looked down at Sunset, judging her as they scowled angrily. Years of emotional and verbal torment from her- and now they had her on the ground.

Sunset suddenly felt very small as she shifted back to sitting on the ground, fear starting to build as she heard whispering start to spread around the students. She was at their mercy, and there was no way she was going to be able to defend herself, let alone escape.

Princess Twilight's voice suddenly cried out, silencing the crowd. "Please!" She begged as she slowly turned to look at each of the students around her. "Can't you all find it in your hearts to forgive her? And the five of you- can’t you find it in your hearts to help her find the Magic of Friendship?"

"Well it's not like she has even apologized, darling." Rarity commented as she flipped her hair with her hand. "I doubt she even knows the word."

"And what are we supposed to do?" all eyes save Sunset's turned to look at the approaching principals of the school as Celestia continued to speak. "Look at all the damage she caused to happen to the school." the pale woman said as she pointed back at the front entrance as another small section crumbled to the ground. "Needless to say, this dance is cancelled, and we are going to have to find a way to explain what happened tonight- and I seriously doubt that anyone else would accept magic from another world to be the answer."

"Let us not forget all the things that have happened to the students these last few years." Luna interrupted Twilight as the lavender girl raised a hand. "Never mind the fact that she is still a threat to everyone here."

"Twilight…?" Spike asked softly, tilting his head up at the girl as a subtle shiver ran down her left leg.

"...Surely you all can find it in yourselves to give her a second chance?" The Equestrian asked- no, begged, as she looked at everyone around her. "Doesn't everyone deserve a second chance to prove they can be a better pon- person?"

"I'm sorry to say that it doesn't work like that here, Princess…" Sunset Shimmer grunted as she pulled herself out of the crater, wincing as she tried to put pressure on her left leg. "I'm lucky that they have no chance to get me into prison for what has happened to the school- like they said, no one would believe their evidence- but that doesn't mean they're gonna let me back anywhere near this school…"

"You sure are sounding rather humble all of a sudden." Rarity's eyes narrowed as she studied the unsteady form of Sunset as she slowly tried putting weight on her left leg.

A low chuckle escaped Sunset's lips. "Let's just say that… this has knocked some sense into me. Now, if you'll excuse me.."

"And where do you think you're going, Miss Shimmer?" Luna said loudly as she crossed her arms.

"What does it matter to yo- Gah!" There was a noticeable snapping sound as the heel on Sunset's left boot broke in two, causing the girl to fall to the ground. She gave a pained hiss as a chuckles arose from the crowd watching her, loud whispers intermingled with them.

"Serves her right."

"The least of what could happen to her."

"Good riddance…”

“Sunset!” Sunset grimaced as she heard Twilight Sparkle start to approach, instead focusing on grabbing the broken heel, her ankle burning as she pocketed the item. She was not looking forward to mending her boot tonight, especially cause now she had to change her plans. Shaking her head as the students started to snicker, Sunset slowly got up once again. “Sunset! Please, let’s go back to Equestria!”

“Yes, why don’t you take her back with you?” Celestia said loudly as she crossed her arms. “She’s done enough here.”

“I’d be sent to the pits of Hades if I went back there,” Sunset said slowly as she slowly tried to steady her stance. “So I think I’ll be staying here…”

“Hades? What do you mean?” Twilight’s brow furrowed in confusion as she looked at Sunset.

“Oh, let me guess- Princess Celestia never told you where the real threats to Equestria are sent. Anyways, I’m staying. I promise I’ll be leaving the school and the students alone- No reason to go after them now.” Sunset gave a sad chuckle as she smirked at the baffled girl. “Anyways, before I go, do you know if Celestia has a phoenix named Philomena?” Twilight nodded slowly as a sorrowful smile spread across Sunset’s face. “Then next time you see her can you tell her…”

Sunset leaned in close before whispering something quietly to the girl, Twilight looking sadly as Sunset pulled back and clapped a hand on the girl’s shoulder. “S-Sure, but… Are you-”

“Sure? Yeah.” Sunset shrugged as she took a few limping steps away, making sure to keep her back to everyone gathered. “See ya never, Princess.”

Princess Twilight’s wings drooped in defeat as she watched Sunset Shimmer slowly walk away from Canterlot High School, and the portal back to Equestria. Her heart dropped as cheers started to ring out from the students behind her, slowly turning to look at them as she tried to come to terms that she wasn’t able to help Sunset Shimmer reform- and now everyone was cheering. Twilight frowned, trying to understand why the students would be cheering. From what the Princess understood, Sunset had been the bully to end all bullies over the years she had been here, but it’s not like she had done anything drastic, right? Blackmail and lies, preferring not to resort to violence during her time here. It was like the Gabby Gum’s incident back home- nothing but words, so surely she could convince the students to give Sunset a second chance, right?

“Well Ah’d not be wrong sayin’ that everyone here is mighty glad fer everything ya’v done, Princess.” Applejack smiled as a pink blob came flying out of nowhere to wrap its limbs around Twilight.

“Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, Princess Twilight!” Pinkie Pie practically sang praise of Twilight Sparkle as she shook the limp lavender girl about. “Now no one will have to worry about Sunset Shimmer again!”

“But- But what about what I’ve taught you?” Twilight slipped free of Pinkie Pie’s hold. “Friendship, forgiveness, giving someone a second chance? Just like you all did with one another?”

“Twilight, darling, that dreaded Sunset Shimmer has tormented all of us for years!” Rarity said with a heavy sigh, shaking her head. “And besides- look at what she did to the poor school grounds! And not to mention the rest of the students.”

“Yeah!” Rainbow came to a stop above the rest of her friends. “Sunset Shimmer doesn’t deserve a second chance!”

Twilight couldn’t believe what she was hearing from her friends- even quiet Fluttershy was nodding with an angry glare. She had just helped them fix all their relationships, bringing them all back together- and they- “I-I-I-I can’t believe you!” Twilight nearly shouted in exasperation, surprising everyone around her. “Has nothing I taught you made any sense!?”

“T-Twili-” Fluttershy tried to speak up, only for Twilight to ignore her and continue on.

“Pon- People can change! Especially when given a chance to! Look at what’s happened since I came here! All your friendships have been mended- the school is no longer divided! All because you gave one another a chance! You apologized to each other, and look what came of it!”

“It can’t be helped, Twilight.” Luna spoke up, calming everyone down somewhat. “Even if we did give Sunset Shimmer a chance to redeem herself, it doesn’t change the fact that she is a massive threat to the students- and we cannot allow her to stay due to that.”

“I’m sorry, Twilight.” Celestia gave an apologetic look. “While we have no chance to pin the blame for what happened tonight on her, we cannot ever allow her back.”

“I… I…” Twilight seemed to shrink in on herself as her shoulders dropped, a hand coming up to her face to wipe away a tear building in the corner of her eye. “I think me and Spike are going to go now. I know… I know that I’m a total outsider here, but please…” Twilight looked up at everyone gathered, her eyes begging everyone even more than her tone. “If any of you see Sunset Shimmer… Please, help her. I’m sure given a chance she can prove that she can change for the better.”

Twilight reached down and picked up Spike as he waddled towards her, her crown in his mouth. The Dragon turned Dog gave a sad look to her friend as she looked up at the people she thought were her friends. “I’m gonna go now… I doubt any of you will see me again.”


Friday, October 3rd


Old Town District

Warm tears ran down Sunset’s face as she shut the door to her apartment and slid down it while bringing her hands up to her face to try and muffle her loud sobbing.

As soon as she had made it far enough away and was certain that no one from CHS was following her, Sunset broke down into tears. Her emotions had been raging ever since she regained consciousness in the crater- Emotions she hadn’t felt in years battered her around. She actually felt remorseful for what had happened, aghast at what she had become during her time on Gaia. Sunset had crossed over the mirror portal to try and prove to Princess Celestia that she had the ability to be a Princess, to lead those around her. But over time her actions and thoughts grew darker, more vicious- and her pride only seemed to blossom and driving her towards tormenting the students of the school.

But she still had issues with her pride back in Equestria, at least she was told so. She was Princess Celestia’s personal pupil for a reason- she had immense magical skills and talents. She put everyone at Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns to shame- even the teachers! It wasn’t her fault that she was on a higher level than everyone else! They’d have to cut off her horn if they wanted-

Sunset sobbing froze as a thought came to her, her hands pulling away from her puffy eyes. Her mind pulled up a memory of something she had read from Celestia’s private library- a report on a male Unicorn from ancient times that had been captured by some race whose name she didn’t recognize. The Unicorn had had some sort of amulet put over his horn, preventing him from ever using his magic, and left in a gaol for study. Over the course of a month, the stallion had slowly grown more and more erratic- and when he had been “returned” to Equestria he had to be sent to Celestia’s care for study.

Magic Deprivation the Princess had called it. It seemed that if a unicorn was unable to use their magic it started to strain them mentally, eventually putting so much strain on them that they are driven into a furious state, eventually becoming physically violent to everything around them.

Surely it couldn’t be something as simple as that- could it? The weird aching throb in the back of her mind that had been building over the last few years seemed to have vanished since putting on that crown.

Sunset wiped the back of her hand across cheeks, the stinging from her many scrapes and cuts more or less numb by this point. Making sure she was steady on the ground, Sunset pushed herself up to her feet, favouring her left leg as she hobbled her way over to the sofa that sat in them middle of the main floor, sitting down once again as she started to slowly remove her well scuffed up boots. It was going to be a pain to reattach the broken heel to the boot- it was likely to not even work, but considering that she didn’t have the money to purchase anything new, so she had to try.

Setting her boots down she moved to her coat, making a pitiful noise as she took a look at it once it had been removed. “Sasha…” Sunset muttered softly as she embraced the coat, a few of the seams torn apart, and there were holes in the back near where her shoulders were thanks to the wings she had sprouted. At least she would be able to sew her back together; Sasha was her oldest possession in this world, and she was the single most important thing that Sunset owned, and luckily the blood that had been seeping from the wounds across her shoulder blades and tailbone had only soaked into her shirt. Resting it on the edge of the sofa before giving it a gentle pet, Sunset stood up from the sofa and started making her way towards her kitchenette.

A gentle sigh filled the air as Sunset pulled open the fridge door. Sunset had always lived a rather spartan life in this world, and her fridge was a perfect example of that. A well used jug with built in water filter sat alone as the only thing available to drink, and various fruits and vegetables sat beside a half eaten loaf of bread for eating.

Sunset grabbed an apple, taking a bite of the crisp fruit as she shut the fridge, leaning heavily against the counter as she continued biting into the apple, her mind contemplating if her hypothesis was correct. It was true this world had no magic, but then why was she seemingly more cognate? What did the crown have to do with it? She had managed to sneak through the portal without getting caught, and managed to overhear the Princess talking with her friends about the Elements of Harmony. While Sunset soon learned that she was in the restored Crystal Empire, she also discovered that the Elements of Harmony had been recovered, and that Twilight Sparkle wore hers as a crown. Surely if she brought that back to Gaia, thus separating it from its owner, she would be able to use it herself! Its uses would be limitless! Or so she had thought- Instead her greed and descending mental state, combined with her theft of the crown caused it to painfully transform her into a daemon…

Her free hand shifted towards her back, gingerly touching the slowly growing sticky blots on her shirt as her wounds continued to ooze. The shirt was toast, both the shoulders and the lower hem were soaked in her blood- she was lucky it was only oozing slowly, or else she’d have to go to the hospital. Some gauze and bandages should be good after disinfecting them. She finished her apple as she turned towards her washroom. A warm shower would be a good start, cleaning her before she started to patch herself up. Maybe she would dip into her secret stash before bed. A hard drink- at least as the humans called it- would be the best way to help her get to sleep. Then tomorrow she could start focusing on trying to make a life in this world.

Sunset ignored the sirens blaring outside as she headed for her shower- it happened every night in this part of Canterlot. The Old Town was the hub for gangs and drug dealers- but it was the only place Sunset had been able to find a place to live. Sure, the place was abandoned- the utilities only worked because it was still technically owned by the city. It was a former historical hotel that Sunset had managed to carve out into a place for herself to live. And luckily it seemed like no one ever came to check up on it, most likely the place was buried under a pile of paperwork somewhere- if not entirely forgotten about.

For now, she’d have her shower and clean up, before enjoying a cold drink and trying to sleep. Hopefully tomorrow she’d feel better enough to start a new life for the third time.


Friday, October 3rd


Canterlot High School Front Entrance

“{Are you suuuure this is the place?}”

“{I dunno- looks pretty blown up!}”

“{Would you two please… Shut up?}”

Celestia and Luna both looked at each other in confusion as three voices started speaking in an unknown tongue. They had sent all the students home a little over half an hour ago, and were now waiting for the fire marshal and his men to finish looking over the damage that had been wrought by Sunset Shimmer. The pair of sisters turned around to ask who was behind them, only to pause momentarily when light reflected off of three red gems.