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Anon-a-miss has all but destroyed Sunset Shimmer's life. Her relationship with her friends, her reputation, and her happiness were seemingly gone in an instant. Finding her life after this is difficult enough, but with another problem added into the mix-one with Equestrian origin-how will she cope?

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What going to happen with Sunset, what she planning now?

Seeing a fire of determination and not letting Anon-a-miss tear her down anymore is a good change of pace for the anon a miss fics. Go get em Sunset!!

Oooh nice.
Can't wait to see more of this!

Well hope the CMC are happy! They get what they want but at the expense of ruining the school! Really really hope they get exposed soon, and wonder how Celestia and Luna will handle the punishments.
I really hope it not the stupid three months detention bit.

i loved it
i cannot wait for the CMC to get whats coming to them.

Hmmm... You have my attention.

Nice! cant wait to see how CHS feels now!

Yep...I knew it. Once again, the first of the Rainbooms to discover that something is truly wrong is Fluttershy. Why am I not surprised? 🙄

Short, but good. :twilightsmile:

i cannot wait for the fallout of anon a miss >:3

i cannot wait for
Sonatas bluntness and cluelessness.
Arias swearing and angry
Adagio wanting to rule everything...and bed sunset.

“Sunset, I’d like to introduce you to Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, and Sonata Dusk. These three will be your tour guides today.”

Oh, fuck.

And let the story officially begin! Sunset is now in enemy territory as not only is she in Crystal Prep, but The Dazzlings are back!

Oh, this can’t be good :twilightoops: :rainbowderp:

Oh, fuck.

I don't see the issue, I mean at worst...

Aria might get expelled for graphic language...
Sonata might be expelled for destruction of school property (AKA causing an accidental chain of hilariously terrible events)...
Adagio might get expelled for stripping in public...

Just a normal day in the mirror world what can go wrong?


Ex...pelled? What is this strange word you speak of?

it is the word of freedom that many both love and fear, mostly love

Heh, there is no way Sunset won't note the irony of those three showing her around the school.

Wonder what direction this is going to go. The one that has the Sirens now freed from the corrupting magic and almost happy to see Sunset, or the one that had them already thinking about where they are going to hide the body.

I was thinking it was going to be SciTwi not those three, I'll give you that.

I'm trying to throw a few curve balls here and there to make it more interesting as I go along. I'm rusty in writing fan fiction, so I hope this is still interesting for you guys.

Well, so far so good I guess for Sunset's 1st encounter with The Dazzlings in months, but now the question is what now?

Great to see them here and on the road to being friends. I could see Wallflower playing a role here as well if you choose to incorporate her.

sunshim lol maybe we get to see the real sonata this time?

I liked it. It felt well paced.

You have a lot of instances in this chapter of failing to capitalize Sunset if it isn’t at the beginning of a sentence.

Very nice. I’m curious to see where things go from here.

Very nice. I’ve seen the angle before but your writing gave it a nice spin.


Oh, I reached the end.

'Tis nice set of ideas.

Huh… making friends out of enemies. Can’t say I saw that coming, but right now I wouldn’t ask for anything different.

Well you see Sunset, as a famous leader once said.

Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.

- Martin Luther King Jr.

Very nice! Hope they treat her much better than the rainboms.

I believe its safe to say Sunset is gonna bond with The Dazzlings very well to create a better friendship with them than the Rainbooms.

The Rainbooms? Pfft, I rather call them The Rainf:yay:kups in my opinion.

Not a bad name for them

Another great chapter!
I cannot wait to see the aftermath of sunset leaving.

People... I am feeling the FEELS!:fluttercry:

“Yeah. Besides, there’s no way that a group so easily letting themselves get torn apart by some stupid band war would ever have hope of beating us,” Aria smugly stated.

Sunset: (thinking) Should I tell Aria?

And that's what was crossing Sunset's mind in that moment.

i do hope to see something in CHS, including the elements power waining. also fingers crossed for no quick solution when shit does hit the fan, honestly too many of these stories like to go 'consequences? what consequences" the crusaders broke the law, the rainbooms betrayed there elements, lets see that stick.

This is good. I hope to see more.

Thank you! For Celestia doing a real punishment! Not the dam three months detention crap!
That really weak punishment, even for the comic. They be suffering real consequences and results.

I can't help but wonder where this idea that the CMC would ever be outed publicly as part of the punishment came from. I see it quite often in Anon-a-miss story's but it really makes no sense.

No sane principal that cared in any way about their students or wanted to keep their job would enact a punishment that directly put their students at risk of being assaulted by their fellow students. Really the only way they would be exposed is if someone brought the police into it and brought legal charges against them, and even that would be iffy as they are minors. The rest of the punishment makes more sense, and is very reasonable for what they did. Besides even if she wants them to get attacked, the other students would figure it out and put two and two together when they profile goes down right after they got called in and punished.

Otherwise a good Anon-a-miss story, keep it up.

you dont get the feel sorry. you had your chance. now piss off while sunset enjoys her life again :D

Celestia is about to open up the gates to hell, let's see how the C.M.C. survive the same students that tortured Sunset!

I think it's considered necessary to out the Crusaders in most stories to protect Sunset from those already targeting her for something she was innocent of. Without hard evidence of her innocence and the revelation of the true culprit, there would always be doubts and she'd still be likely to be a target for those hurt by Anon-a-Miss.

Whether the whole thing would fly in a realistic scenario given legal constraints may indeed be another question, but frankly if I had been framed and falsely accused, I'd be demanding the whole truth be told, and to *insert negative afterlife of choice* with protecting the real criminal's identities just because their victims might be unhappy with them. I suspect that particular feeling is another reason why the big revelation is a popular and recurring theme in Anon-a-Miss stories.

Probably the harshest punishment I’ve seen for the crusaders that didn’t involve the authorities. It occurs I don’t know that I have seen one where they were expelled.

Snips and Snails would actually make pretty decent detectives. Anyway the Crusaders being found out and the girls learning the truth and just how bad they screwed up is always do dawn satisfying to read

Awww snip and snials helped find anona-a-miss how cute

Interesting move using Snips and Snails as opposed to a professional or having them outright confess. Then they tried to lie it off? Tsk, tsk, tsk, won't they ever learn:facehoof:

I know i have but I can't remember the name

Actually revealing the true identity of Anon-A-Miss is necessary for several reasons but mostly for Sunsets safety. If students attacked her because they didn't know she was innocent, they'd be charged with assault or worse, the CMC could be charged as well and Celestia could be charged with negligence because she knew but opted to say nothing

god dammit! yet another time the crusaders get a bloody slap on the wrist! :flutterrage:

That makes sense from the PoV of Sunset or maybe the other 5, but not from Celestia's side. Also when Sunset is already gone the risk to her is minimal.

I suppose its just one of those things, like in movies when there is a really clear simple obvious solution that would fix like 99% of the problem but someone does the dumb thing because of "Drama!" and it somehow works out because its a movie. It doesn't ruin the movie, just like this doesn't ruin this story, simply makes it have more comedic value when re-watching years later.

This was just the proverbial straw that broke my camels back making me want to comment about it.

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