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The first canon siren appearance in years! (spoilers for Sunset's Backstage Pass!) · 8:33pm Jun 26th, 2019

And they are neither villains nor what we might call redeemed!

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List of SFaCF-inspired fics! · 2:45am Jun 26th, 2016

Once upon a time, I wrote a one-shot about Adagio Dazzle finding Fluttershy on a bench before school one morning, leaving off with the implication that they'd be seeing each other more often. Then I got more ideas for it, picked it up again, and things got a bit racier as time went on, to the point that some people hoped for sex scenes. I thought that since I was never going to write it myself, there would never be clop of this story, but here we are with three (at time of writing)!

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Nah mate I get it. There’s not a lot of room for new ideas without them getting out of control. Most of the old stuff I used to read rarely updates but I will say that Nhyll and Scampy are writing again (some of my fav. stories came from them). Plus I’m reading Empathy for the Devil rn

Tbh just glad ur alive among everything goin on rn.

It's kind of doubtful, honestly. I haven't written much in the past several months and in the rare instances I do, I'm almost paralyzed with indecision on which of my stories to continue. I've pretty much lost all interest in reading stories because too much of what used to interest me was loaded down with not just bad takes and garbage, but the same bad takes and garbage over and over again. For years.

Still, I visit the site almost daily on the off-chance that any of the few unfinished stories I used to enjoy update again (It's definitely not just me that hasn't felt like writing a lot in the past few years), or possibly just out of habit, and if/when the other stuff I've been doing since then loses its luster, I figure I'd have a lot more time for Pony again.

Sorry however much of my work you liked met such abrupt ends/long haituses, though, I know unfinished material is frustrating. :fluttershysad:


You may not still be on this site, but if you do ever see this, will you ever go back to writing stories here? Especially the ones in the dungeons and dazzles timeline?

I can answer that. His stories are good.

Damn, how did you get so many stories to have such a high like/dislike ratio? :derpyderp2:

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