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Just saw EQG shorts! · 6:48pm November 8th

Did you know those were even being broadcasted? I didn't until just today, right here!


Summary thoughts delivered in vague spoiler form!

-Sunset may or may not be guilty of serial vandalism.
-The magic is still complete nonsense in general.
-Fluttershy remains the smartest girl in school, give or take Sci-Twi, who consistently seems to figure out magic before Sunset does.

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List of SFaCF-inspired fics! · 2:45am Jun 26th, 2016

Once upon a time, I wrote a one-shot about Adagio Dazzle finding Fluttershy on a bench before school one morning, leaving off with the implication that they'd be seeing each other more often. Then I got more ideas for it, picked it up again, and things got a bit racier as time went on, to the point that some people hoped for sex scenes. I thought that since I was never going to write it myself, there would never be clop of this story, but here we are with three (at time of writing)!

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I started writing a story, but I would like to ask you something. Would you be interested in checking out my chapters for proofreading and advice?

One; "write the kind of story you want to read." :raritystarry:

By the way, I'm looking to write my own story. Any suggestions?

Oh oops, sorry about the mix up. At least you're still working on the stories, some great stories I've been reading have ended prematurely. That is, unfinished.

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