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The first canon siren appearance in years! (spoilers for Sunset's Backstage Pass!) · 8:33pm Jun 26th, 2019

And they are neither villains nor what we might call redeemed!

Adagio refers to humans as scum (not that they seem to mind), Aria is still a grump, Sonata is still a danger to herself and others, and while they do seem to have undergone at least minor character development, they still carry about the same air as before. When explaining to Sunset that the 'loop' they were talking about is not about the time-loop Sunset is stuck in, but their newest song, Adagio seems almost embarrassed that it's called 'Find The Magic,' which, combined with their faces during the song, makes me wonder how much of their antagonistic outward persona is genuine at this point. The trio has every reason to be short with Sunset, but one wonders if Adagio's "human scum" remark just before a mic drop (at which the crowd did nothing but continue to cheer) is her deliberately playing up the dominatrix vibe she's had going since the first movie.

Also possible is that the writers weren't really sure either and the sirens' characterization for this special was given very, very little thought. Either or.

It's speculated by the Rainbooms that they use vocal optimizers now, confirmed by Sonata, but rejected by Adagio in terms of counting as 'magic.' Given that the book based on this special apparently specifies that while Aria and Sonata use them, Adagio doesn't, I guess that's canon?

You may also be wondering whether or not I'm still writing, and the answer is "not as much these days." Sorry about that, but enthusiasm has definitely dropped over the last few years. Still, writing a blog post like this probably means I'm invested enough that I'm not outright quitting, so something might update sooner or later. Usually Cross Reference, because I've been gravitating toward that one for some reason, but having just finished a few chapters and not even started on the next part's skeleton yet, I don't know where I'll focus next.

And now I'm rambling. Have you seen the special yet? What did you think of the Dazzlings' long-awaited return? Was it anything you'd hoped for? :pinkiesmile:

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Comments ( 10 )
Comment posted by ShadowLDrago deleted Jun 26th, 2019

I'm just happy they are both. Glad Adagio is still a bitch, Sonata is still a lovable dope and Aria is still a tsundre.

I liked most of it. The songs wasn't all that, but it was fun and a much better plot than last. I am also glad that the sirens was just a red herring (although itbwould have been fun to see what sunset saw in adagios mind...
And since someone said that music video was the only thing we'd see off them... I am veeeery happy. They came, they were nasty, they were awesome.

I had a lot a fun with this special, ground hog day episodes are really fun for me, and of course the sirens being here was really cool.

I also don't think I've ever shipped pinkie pie and sunset before but this special really gave me huge vibes for that. And I kinda liked it. Here's hoping that the dazzling s appear in more stuff, or even in the background

Having a little trouble finding this. Is it an actual episode, a short? I've tried looking it up on YouTube and I'm not seeing what you're talking about. Did it air in the U.S. yet?

Officially, I don't think it was supposed to air yet, but I found it on Dailymotion.

It was a treat to see the Dazzlings again, even if they were not the primary antagonists. It was also nice that the problem was not solved with rainbows and lasers.

From the music video i persume, there will be special focused on Dazzling in the future. I hope.

Look on Equestriadaily. They have link there. It aired in Mexico yesterday.

So, was anybody else making Hard Reset jokes once they figured out what was going on?

They solved the Dazzlings pretty well- just enough change to excuse having them around without turning them into goody two shoes many villains often do. I sure hope it's not the last we see of them (and seeing as EQG is ending soon, that's a huge maybe).

In other news, Wallflower was in the background just having fun, even shared a few laughs with Derpy. It was adorable.

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