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When the sirens need to work to feed themselves (after a few unfortunate incidents burn through most of their emergency funding), they don't easily find jobs they like. This goes triple for Adagio Dazzle, stuck as a waitress/mascot for some cheesy, no-name restaurant. Little did she know what would happen following the broadcast of their very first commercial...

Contains cheese. Twilight Sparkles beware. Rated Teen for upcoming commercialism. Random tag for the same reason, Profanity tag mostly for Aria Blaze.

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 35 )

this is cute, how did you come up with the Adagio working at some Cheese place?

I think I was talking to someone in the comment section to a story somewhere and the discussion led to the thought of Adagio as a singing mascot. With her big, crazy, cheese-poof hairstyle, the idea of cheese must have occurred somewhere and the mental image of her cheerfully singing and dancing in a cute Wendy's-style outfit tickled me, so it worked as the basis of this story.

The idea came to me a little more than two years ago, so I'm afraid that's all I remember. :twilightsheepish:

lol oh ok well it is really cute to think Adagio being in a outfit like that. Also, yeah her nickname is "Cheesepuff siren" lol

this is so frikinCHEESY!! lol,good story dude

"I pretty much always write Adagio as being into girls on some level. I'm not sure why, but Bi/lesdagio just kind of clicks in my mind. This is me attempting to poke fun at my own odd, pretty much baseless 'headcanon' for her romantic life."

lol, same here, I Ship her with Sunset

Also, Aria and Sonata should be ASHAMED! they are sirens, they should be queens of the aqua

I know where you got Herman from: Looney Tunes Adventures. He was huge white dog with Austrian accent who worked as security for Montana Max.

I'm afraid that doesn't ring a bell, but I watched a LOT of cartoons when I was a kid, so who knows? :rainbowhuh:

Come to think of it, that would explain why he sicced dogs on them...

So THIS is why he didn’t update that often lately!

You know, your stories always leave me feeling... kinda sad. I don't know why.

I love the maid, she is frikin awesome lol

Is it to early to call this cute because that was? It kinda reminds me of the old pizza hut commercials

Comment posted by Universal Librarian deleted Oct 21st, 2018

Just finished reading, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep up the good work!

Edit: Deleted my last comment on account of a brain-fart. :derpyderp2:

I could see them having a small edge instinct and all but a different body would make it moot though I think sunset would be more agile not fast but more sure footed like a goat or one of them drunks that never fall down or into things no matter how much their smashed

This is how about I thought they would act though I still hope Adagio and shy hit it off (yes I have read sucker for a cute face fav romance)

The question was now whether or not he was just messing with her.


" Oh, come the fuck on!! "

Ain’t irony a bitch?


You really have a knack for chapter titles. This one...this was a great chapter, I didn't catch the stab at Sunset at first (haven't seen the "bacon hair" joke in a little while), but the "Sugar Patrol" was absolutely hilarious.


Well, glad there's nothing strange with Cheese. Just a nice guy trying to make someone cheer up a bit


Ooof. Adagio's anger and behavior is completely justified, but the fact that she still misses her friends hurts a little. Even after everything, she still cares about them a bit, still wants companionship.


While I don't think Aria and Sonata deserve Adagio's forgiveness, I will read on anyway to see them earn it. I like your stories too much to just stop here.

" I'll probably make a blog post about how they've consistently stolen their villains' dreams, "

Yeah, heroes will do that.


Shed a tear for Darkseid. :fluttercry:

Sprinting, maybe. It's pretty definite by now that humans actually have the edge over horses in distance running. (Granted, Equestrian ponies aren't horses at all, and some combination of magic and writing convenience has likely upgraded their endurance to relatable levels.)

I could believe that coming over the portal the sirens got a natural swimmer's build that dancing did a lot to keep in shape - something built along serpentine lines using most of its body to move ought to make a pretty toned human - but they might not be very comfortable in the water anymore just due to the sheer loss. And being sirens instead of regular kelpies (continuity allowing the distinction) wouldn't do them favors there since their magic seems to have higher priorities to invest the limited available energy in than water breathing or mobility.

Anyone else, besides me, wanted to see the maid uppercut Rainbow Dash

" Oh, come the fuck on!! "

Is anyone else imagining Cuttin' Dry as having a New York kind of accent?

Yeah, a Flatbrush accent - think Bugs Bunny.

I also wonder if Felt is related to the Pies somehow. She might be slightly less strong than Applejack, or something.

There's something almost Maud-like about her...

While I'm intrigued by visions of Pinkie's mother being a runaway from a noble lineage of caretakers and all that could be done with that connection, The Emotionless Girl (basically Maud, Felt, maybe Moonlight Raven, characters with that tendency to show very little feeling 99% of the time) is a weirdly popular anime trope (I can guess why, but that's not really relevant to this) that existed long before the Pie family. I'm using it here because Felt Feather is a loose expy of a borderline psychotic maid whose antics I enjoyed (when she wasn't being genuinely creepy) enough to make use of in my own work.

I hope that makes sense. :derpytongue2:

I haven’t been able to get that song out of my head all day. :rainbowlaugh:

Wonder if that counts as a Pinkie-type song.

Trust Chryssi to pull off a role like that. :facehoof:

A shovel? Curious, i’ve heard some Pegusi know interesting tricks with weather vanes, sooo.... :pinkiecrazy:

Because they are well thought-out, delve deep into the characters and what makes them tick, have just enough going on in the sidelines to create a vision of an actual world of its own which we just glimpse into, and not simply a story with obvious story-like attributes; all of the above and more making you become so invested into each of his versions of EqG and the sirens that it is sad on a very deep, profound level to part ways with each and every one of them.

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