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Giving Equestria Girls Another Season. · 2:41am May 29th, 2021

Everyone was upset that Equestria Girls didn't get a good ending. They wanted another season of Equestria Girls. However, it never happen and G5 of My Little Pony is upon us. If Hasbro doesn't make a third season Equestria Girls, we may never see it at all and in the words of Sonic The Hedgehog That's No Good.

So you wish Hasbro to make third Equestria Girls and want to know what would be a good episode for season three, let me know in the commits section.

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Thank you for adding my Pokémon stories to Favorites.

Hey, thanks for adding, A new beginning, to The Dazzlings. :)

Hey man. I'm sorry but due the dislikes on the Judgement Day story I have to delete it again. I know you wanna see more but it's not receiving good reviews. I'm so sorry for your disappointment.

Thanks for adding my Pokémon story to your shelf.

Thank you for adding “Sunset Shimmer’s Journey through Kalos” to Pokémon.

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