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This is a place to discuss sports of all types. Mostly football, though. American football. And if there are any stories about sports out there then that would be cool to add too.

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March Madness Coming Up People.
UVM Catamounts FTW

No need, I finished it.

*hands Garbo a lit torch*

Just in case we all hate it.

Tell me when that's done.
or Better yet, I'll just follow you.

I guess I can do one. It'll be short though.

You could do it yourself, you know. But that's actually a damn funny idea.

I swear someone here needs to make a fic that a pony caused the power outage at the Superbowl.

300702 Go Colts! Luck should be ROTY!

Comment posted by hellslayer2000 deleted Feb 2nd, 2013

300705 That sounds reasonable.

Just don't say they're all Jets/Steelers fans and I won't hate you. The Colts are fine.

Oh please...

They should all be Colts fans!!!

Dash should be a Bears fan. Sooo.... how 'bout them Piggers?

Love Derpy. And Celestia.
Oh, and Flutters. She's great.

299496 The whole image is blasphemy, haha :rainbowlaugh:

No it's not. AJ being a Giants fan is Blasphemy. Why can't RD be the Giants fan. I like Applejack better.

I just realized the picture on this page makes Twilight a Pats fan. That's blasphemy, just saying.

298069 in that case Hendrix Warriors. 6 decades

UVM Catamounts ftw.
Undefeated for over three decades ...
ever since they cut the program ...

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