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Shame, would love to see some Fredo-chan memery

PoH #5 · May 6th · · ·

So probably not. Especially since my whole idea and drafting went out the window. Thinking of a new plot, should I do another AH fic, will take some time. But for right now, I am in the works of drafting a Fluttershy focused fic. But thank you for asking about it!
Also, I was so fond of Keen Heart that I'll have her return in this new fic

Do you have plans for another AH based story? One that... well to ignore the obvious, is a bit more current?


For any who is reading any fics of mine, here's an update: I was put into a new schoolhouse in the Marine Corps. This school house has a lot less freedoms and is making it difficult to get any writing done. And by difficult, I mean impossible. The fics will continue but just not soon. There other sideline issues that are currently happening that would make writing into my fics...problematic for their tone. Theres a vibe I want these fics to have that if I wrote now, it would ruin that vibe and the fic would suffer for it. So I'm waiting for the optimal time to write.

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