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I have had 3 people over the last week tell me they wanted to end it all, 4 people tell me they would have a reason for doing so, and 9 people tell me they would.

That's a lot of people.

This is not necessarily what this group is about, but it is one feature.
Any problem or concern can be laid down on the councillors*. Heck, even if you have a problem with a math question, just ask. For us, psychological, physical, whatever your concern may be, we will try to help.


An always supporter and councillor must act up to their dignity and no matter how dramatic it is, always, no matter what happens, will always try to help, and mostly would be recommended to not use curse.


( to learn how to become one, or how to find one, look to the bottom of the page.)

We hope you will benefit from either joining or getting some help

For all those wishing to become councillors

pm me. I will give you a short, simple test.

If you pass you will become a councillor and be added to the list of councillors on this page.

If you fail, well you fail. But fret not, you can retake in a week.

I hope you guys enjoy this group


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Every time I try posting a new thread in groups I keep getting this message, You cannot perform this action any more right now.

Is there something I'm not doing right, or what?

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