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Horrifically Fun


Sunset moves into her new duplex, but her roommate seems like she's a bit on the 'strange side'. Or more accurately, the 'completely psychotic and probably into all the crimes, all of them', side.

Thanks to Nova Quill/Firimil for their edits and suggestions! Especially Nova who basically inspired this in the first place!

Chrysalis vector by xebck.
Sunset Vector by Aqua-pony.

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I have no idea what is happening, and the last chapter needs some editing, but it was enjoyable.

This is hilarious and i love Chrisy

How sweet, they're friends.

I keep thinking that this is the Chrysalis from Equestria... and then changing my mind... then changing it back!

This chick is weird!

I love it! :pinkiehappy:

Rainbow Dash frowned. “Twinkleshine sounds like a girl’s name…”

Sunset rolled her eyes. “Twinkle space Shine, Dash… Totally different…

Considering the naming conventions in MLP, I believe it.

“Then who you gunna call?” Applejack called.

Linkara? He's dealt with ghosts. And robots. And Outer Gods. And interdimensional conquerors. And comic books of varying quality.

“None taken,” Sunset replied with a shrug. “It’s nice for you guys to have issue with where I live instead of what I’ve done for a change.”

At least you can joke about it.

Pinkie frowned at Fluttershy. “What?! How can they have lots of cents and no money?!”

I can't tell if you're serious or fucking with us. With you, it could be either.

Fluttershy chuckled nervously. “It’s fine! I’m sure those cows feel a lot better in the great pasture in the sky knowing their skin is hanging off such a cute girl…”

Pinkie grinned. “Do you mean Sunset or Chrysi?”

“… Yes...” Fluttershy simply answered.

I freaking love Fluttershy.

From her toes up to her shoulders, she was clad in mostly black, leather, and belt-buckles. Heck, Sunset counted twelve buckles on her platform shoes alone.

Oh, she's a Final Fantasy character then.

“I don’t know the number to this one…”

I getcha.

Another short stories collection regarding some crazy idea that was fed to me by Nova Quill/Firimil

What else is new?

Chrysi paused for a moment. Her smile fading. “Wait there,” she said calmly.


“Don’t count on that…”

You worry me.

“I’ll stay out of your room unless invited.”

That's fair.

Chrysi nodded. “I’d like that. Anyhow… Please stay out of my room unless invited. I’ll do the same for you. I mean… that’s just common courtesy.”


Seemingly momentarily set a back from Sunset’s sarcastic and rude response. Chrysi quickly regained her complete lack of composure. “I need your help!”

What for?

“Oh, ‘bug’… I don’t care much for the connotation.”


Chrysi closed her eyes briefly and took a deep breath, seemingly to center herself. Staring at Sunset with her jade eyes that started out a hazy chartreuse at the edges before turning into a piercing green amongst iris’s that looked not quite human, Chrysi reached behind her back into her leather jacket and produced a black, rectangular item, flipped it in her hand presented what could only be a pistol handle first to Sunset. “I need you to hold onto this for a bit.”


Sunset stifled a yawn. “No. Fuck that and fuck you for waking me up with this inanity. Go cold-clock a hobo and rub his mitts all over that if you need a fall-person.” Taking one moment to soak in the priceless look of shock on Chrysi’s face, Sunset slammed the door.

... Not even sure how to react to that.

Anyhow, you then tell me you need me for something really important, and I don’t know there’s money involved and excitement away from my doldrum existence as a high schooler… Maybe you think you’ll have me figured out by then to appeal to either a need for funds or a sense of boredom and some excitement in my life. Hell, maybe you’ll try both.”

I love how self aware she is.

Sunset nodded and glanced behind her. “He fell off the stairs and broke his neck in the fall. His toxicology report showed he must have been quite drunk at the time.” Sunset turned back to Chrysi. “I mean, I’ll buy that having you for a roommate might have driven him to drink, but… considering this whole ‘mysterious and dangerous World of Darkness’ masquerade you have going, I’d figure if you wanted Twinkle Shine dead, they’d never find his body.”

Oh my god she's fucking great!

Her expression finally settling on something besides ‘up to no good’, panicked, surprised, or pissed, Chrysi nodded towards the hallway stairs. “Yeah look… I’m sorry about the whole… gun thing… Just… I’ve had a lot of coke—” Chrysi’s eyes shot open wide “—a-colta!


“Holy shit, it is, isn’t it?!”

I adore this Sunset so much.

Sunset sighed and shook her head. “Am… am I a magnet for this shit? Or do I somehow run headlong into it without even trying?!”


“Hello, new friend…”


I love this story and also the art for human Chrysalis. Also the cold-cock a hobo line is probably going to have me chortling long past where it would be considered appropriate. Looking forward to more.

Now why can I suddenly see a scene where Sunset bumps into Adagio somewhere, who puts on her usual haughty-obnoxious attitude... until Chrysi shows up, casually greets Adagio, and tells Sunset she'll see her back at home later. And Adagio is suddenly acting like being anywhere but around them is the best idea she's heard all day. Leaving Sunset with a "Wait... what?" expression on her face.



P.p.s sorry for the caps i did a shit ton of coke


I need more of this!!


if that's ok with you

Started out well, but then you had to go and get all edgy by throwing in unnecessary cusses everywhere as well as trying to be meta-clever by subverting the story arcs set up in the previous chapters like, "Hurr-durr it's pure crack now! LOL, aren't I random!? Truly I am a master of the written word for I write only that which does not matter. Yes, so avant-garde."
Here, have a biscuit.
...Sigh, this is why comedy is my least favorite genre. So few people know how to do it right.

Why is Aria the one Sunset calls if there are ghosts?


Ha! :trollestia:

So, which one is the sociopath? Sorry, Sunset, you know we all love ya.

OK, worth the trip so far.

Is Chrysalis acting purposedfully creepy or is it me?

Yeap. Chrysalis is acting purposefully creepy.

What the bloody fuck even happened in this chapter? This is such a fucking whiplash not just in mood but in character too. Chrysalis is all over the place, Sunset has turned edgy and... okay what the fuck happened with the weapon and how does Chrysalis just flip the script and decide to just "hang out" with Sunset after giving her a weapon that we don't even know the reason why? And no Sunset's comments don't count.

This chapter seems like it's happening a month later or whatever after the 2nd.

When everyone around you is insane, maybe you are the weirdo.

And seems perfectly friendly to me. :D

Not gonna lie, I wasn't a fan of this chapter. It basically undermines everything you set up in the first two chapters for no real pay off. There wasn't enough build up for the subversion of Chrysalis's perceived character to really have any impact, and having the whole thing be just Sunset ranting about... something, I don't even really know, wasn't all that funny in its own right, either. You had a good premise with a good set up and then just sort of didn't do anything with it.

Normally I really enjoy your stories, but this one I'm not fond of so far.

I'm with Pinkie on this one.

Highly, highly suspicious.

This chapter contains one of my favorite kind of gag: The gag that's not really all that funny by itself, but then is run into the ground until it becomes hilarious.

I can't really follow what is going on. Is Chrissi on meds? Bored with life so acting weird on purpose? What?

Could use some Flufflepuff.

The comedy seems fine to me, but then I really like absurdist humor, and I know that's not for everyone.

This is exactly the same Sunset that Justice always writes, from what I can see.

I'm curious as to what you felt the build-up in the previous chapters was? Like, legitimately curious: What's your take on the story so far? What did it seem like things were leading up to?

My problem isn't how it's written but rather how abrupt it is.

I haven't read any of his other stories and I shouldn't have to.

Alright, that I can certainly understand: I expect that my take on things would be different if I didn't know what to expect walking in. All else I can say is give it one more chapter and see how the next one works out?

Comedy is subjective. What's funny to one person won't necessarily be funny to someone else. That's the real problem.

I usually avoid cussing but considering Chrysi's background and the situation, there's no reason for either character to watch there P's and Q's. I'm also not entirely certain what story arcs you had assumed I had set up then subverted in the brief two chapters of the fic. This IS the story arc, Sunset is now roommates with someone who is legit bonkers. This is one of the reasons I released the first three chapters all at once as these three communicate what this story is going to be about where's the first two are more setting up Sunset's move and brief encounters with Chrysi before they "properly" are introduced and get a feel for what the other is really like.

Also, I wrote an Equestria Daily article pointing out the approach to humor you mentioned is not how I operate at all, though I understand the misconception as 'random comedy' is usually labeled as writers doing whatever they feel like with little regards to an over-arching story. Truth be told, I could count on one hand how many of my stories are just for pure silliness. Usually, I have some idea or thought I'm attempting to communicate even through an obtuse mean. I have this tagged as "random" because of Chrysi's desire to flip the script at a moment's notice. Basically, there's going to be plenty of mundane, if over the top, adventures with these two. Slice of life covers the mundane and Random covers the over the top. Comedy, of course, shows the basic tone of this 'Odd Couple' approach to the idea.

Aww, she's so friendly.

This whole chapter seems the the plain antithesis of the first two. Honestly, I can’t even tell what’s happening.

Doesn’t Chrysalis know that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar? Or wait, is that offensive too?

Yeah look… I’m sorry about the whole… gun thing… Just… I’ve had a lot of coke—”

chrisy got that rich girl money coke and blow and nat

My guess, it is A Chrysalis from AN Equestria! Just one where Changeling were more... spidery perhaps? Anywho, this is a delightful story so far!

Hey, I just met you

And this is crazy

But here’s a gun now

So hold it maybe?

As for Sunset being edgier than usual... She did spend many years as a self-obsessed drama queen, you know. While she's in a better place now, she can undoubtedly still "walk the walk" when she has to. And it might be something of a self-defence mechanism when confronted with someone who's Adagio-level evil. Channel her inner demoness to keep the other girl at bay.

Of course, it's still hard to tell if this is Chrysalis, or the human version, which I'm sure is intentional. She's so random and edgy that she's hard to pin down. On one hand, she seems to have the human world nailed, but is caught off-guard by words like grift, which she's never heard of before. On the other hand, she could be just a very goth teen who happened to have been born (in that world,) with dark gray skin, teal eyes, and dark blue hair. This colour scheme lends itself to only one dress and emotional style, and if she chose to embrace it, that would make her all sorts of edgy, just by trading on her looks and dress style. Also, some people would find that attractive, which would feed her ego.

All in all, she's a very interesting character, whichever world she's from, and I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.

god i hope thats equstrias Chrysalis 

Sure I guess. It's still in my favorites.

“It’s been a pleasure meeting you, Sunset. I really hope you last longer than the previous occupant of that room…” Chrysi let out a laugh that would make most cartoon queens green with envy and disappeared into her room, Sunset catching the briefest flashes of black-light and neon before the door closed.

Loving this completely! You have done a superb job with Chrysalis, and this is the best EG portrayal of her I've ever seen. Funny they mention her eyes, they look a lot more normal in the cover artwork than her catlike eyes in the show. And the description of her loose lock of her as being like a noose... :heart:


:rainbowlaugh: OMG yes!

I did notice a couple of typos, though, like this one, which sounds like it should be chose:

somewhat lethal strength with that hand if she so choose.

Very excited to read the rest of this now, moving straight onto the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

Am I right in thinking that this story is unrelated to any of your others, and so we aren't meant to know why Sunset would call Aria? Or is that a reference to another story that I've missed?

Fixed! Thanks! :twilightsmile:

That's actually a reference to my story The Dazzlings are Insane, though aside from subtle references like that, I didn't intend for this to have any required reading. That being said, it's supposed to be mostly interwoven with most my other Sunset stuff. Again though, lack of familiarity with them shouldn't hurt things that much.

Chrysi continued. “Just try not to leave music on too loud or alarms on when you’re going to be away for a few days…” she gave Sunset a serious look. “I’m sensitive to loud noises.”

“Uh… sure?” Sunset replied. Weird… This girl was just… weird.

Most reasonable roommate request I've heard yet :twilightsmile:

Unexpectedly courteous Chrysalis is a joy to read!

Huh, the third chapter offered a very interesting new angle. Trying to work out if I like it more or less than that sort of offered by the first two. On the one hand, as Sunset points out in this chapter, the direction they seemed to be going in was kind of predictable and teenage edgy. On the other, Sunset did pull out a lot of sass when plonked without warning into a potentially dangerous situation. Twinkle Shine's fate was nicely set up and revealed, too.

So the question suggested is why Chrysalis has a roommate when she can clearly afford to live by herself? The story so far has suggested she doesn't really want one, but the ending of the third chapter hints otherwise, so we'll see I guess?

But it's definitely made the story more interesting, and I love your idea of a Chrysalis that's plain bonkers. And it's good to see a Sunset that can stand up for herself, and hopefully next time will be aiming alongside Chrysalis rather than against her. Very excited to see more of this, I was worried it would be a three-chapter one shot.

Thanks for writing! :pinkiehappy:

Nope, nothing to worry about. I think the next TWO chapters are more or less ready to go minus maybe some last minute editing. Next should hit VERY late tonight or technically early morning tomorrow, probably. There's pieces of other stories already written as well, just need to find the time/mindset to get back to them and figure out if there are any other chapters that I need to get out before their release.

This will probably turn into a collection of shorts much like "The Dazzlings are Insane". So, at one point updates will become much more sporadic, but I'll get them out as ideas occur to me.

Are you this rude to everyone, or you just taking a piss?

It's cool if you don't like a style of comedy, or find something in specific funny, but don't be a jerk.

I feel the need to ask for this story in general:

...........What is happening?

(That's not a bad thing, I'm loving this.)

A Homestuck reference in the description of a Sunset Shimmer fic? I'm definitely going to start reading this.

8604400 That is great to hear; I'm excited! But I think you're in a timezone a few hours behind me, so if it comes out really late tonight I'm going to be very sleepy tomorrow :twilightoops:

I'm afraid The Dazzlings Are Insane has been on my Read It Later list for at least a year, but it's buried so deeply there now that even when I try to trim the list down I don't reach it before it starts filling up again. Would you suggest reading that one or the Love Call Of The Sirens stories first?

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