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Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle have a few drinks together... Okay, maybe more than a few. This is followed by a desire to do some science. This simultaneously goes much better and much worse than the girls would have expected.

Thanks to Novel Idea for the story prompt inspired by this great comic by Crydius.

Chapters (4)
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I will read this when I wake up, but until then... DRUNK SCIENCE!

When can I expect the next chapter?
You can't just leave things like that!
No, wait you can.
I'll wait as long as it takes.

Haha! I saw this comic, im glad you expanded it. Now, Drunk- oh

Oh gods, I couldn't stop laughing at this! It's perfect!

Sunlight and comedy and booze and robots and sex.

Pretty much ticked everything on my list there! Woo!

Just wait until Adagio gets a wind of this. She will want to check where it counts by herself XD

You should ask Wubcake to do a reading of this chapter.

“Ugh… I don’t remember,” Twilight replied.

“What we did last night, or where my shirt is?” Sunset asked.

“Yes,” Twilight replied with a smirk.

Friggin smartass.

Sunset nodded. “Only in that actually dwelling on the actual ramifications of creating a semi-autonomous AI unit self-contained in a robot body that’s CLEARLY modeled to be some sort of science lesbian spawn of ours fills me with such a sense of existential dread that I can’t even evenright now!”

And it is hilarious.

Twilight motioned to the android. “See? Our android daughter agrees with me.” Twilight frowned heavily. “I can’t believe that was a sentence I really just said out loud.”

Neither can I, but after all this time, I expect nothing but shenanigans and general insanity from Justice.

Twilight puffed out her lower lip. “I don’t want my parents to get a divorce.”

It's not fun.

Twilight let out a growl. “Why do I keep getting the blame for these things?! It was Sunset’s horrible idea!”

Because your frustration is funny!

The android decoupled herself from Sunset and nodded. “I believe we need to address the fact that you two are unwed, and therefore, living in sin.”

It's 2017, who gives a fuck?

“I’m not good at social interaction!” Twilight exclaimed. “Even with programs!” she added, hanging her head. “I’m even bad at dating sims!”

“… You play dating sims?” Sunset asked.

Twilight sighed. “I did. Except the last time I played the target of my affection turned out to be a ghost that had committed suicide.”

HOW?! HOW do you end up doing that? Also which dating sim is that? I'm morbidly curious now.

Sunset pursed her lips and glared at the wall she was facing. “Our friends are like… Right behind me and just staring at you in shock, aren’t they?”

I adore that trope.

The android chimed in. “My sensors detected multiple humanoid lifeforms approaching, but I’m also programmed for comedic timing.”


“Ow!” Sunset exclaimed as she reached a hand up to her freshly slapped cheek. “Should have programmed you with the three laws…”

Might have helped.

“To answer your query, Mother Unit Beta is responsible for most my programming while you’re responsible for most of my physical appearance.” The android sniffled. “Overbuilt as it is.”

Oh you are just a treat.

Twilight turned and towards Sunset with a look that suggested she honestly hoped knives would shoot out of her eyes.

Sunset just looked away with a small smirk on her face. “Fun parent…” she uttered.

You glorious bitch.

Everyone save Twilight and Sunset took several steps back from the android as it slowly lowered its arms back back down to its sides and emotionlessly stared at the hole in the wall where it had just thrown Applejack.


Rainbow Dash cleared her throat, “Well, what I want to know is if she’s anatomically correct.”

A series of disgusted exclamations escaped the lips of the others present.

The android replied, “Pre-Programmed response: Where it counts,” she said with a smirk as she placed a hand on her hip.

Definitely Sunset's work.

I need to read more of your stories. Now! *clicks away.*

Oh god... 😆😆😆

You are one severely cracked egg, you know that? Never change.

And Twilight playing Hatoful Boyfriend... brilliant. God, just...brilliant.

(Funny story: A while back I scrapped a story where Princess Twilight came to Sunset's place to hang out for a few days and got hooked on datesims. It wasn't working, but at least I salvaged part of it that eventually became The Equestria Club, so... :yay:?)

I desperately want to do a long-form riff/review of this, but I'm on my mobile right now and kinda comfy in bed, and don't really feel like going to the PC right now. Maybe later...

Hatoful Boyfriend. It's... very, VERY Japan.


Wait that's an actual THING? Huh, on one hand, I shouldn't be surprised, but on the other, I figured that was so absurd Justice had to be making it up. Guess not. Well played Japan.

All of my yes! Take all of it!

Seriously though, this is great. Can't wait to see where this goes.

Oh man, I want more, but I also want to live and I'm dying of laughter here!

Decisions, decisions...

Oh my Lord. I click on the comic link and start reading it and immediately got back here to read it; I couldn't stop laughing all the way down.

Oh and trust me. It's better she wasn't program with the Three Laws, it doesn't work.

Find some mistakes.

you are seemingly suffering a from a malfunction

I don’t really want to me or any

it slowly lowered its arms back back down

over to the hole which which used to be part

the hand hand’s index finger

Saw the description and thought "that looks mildly interesting" and then saw the author and thought "scratch that, this is gonna be hilarious!"

I was not wrong.

Though it did entirely not go in the direction I thought it was going, as you intended people to think. (Which, nowadays, actually is something of an achievement.)

Dam justice you never fail to impress. this is fucking great

I WANT MORE OF THIS! ;_: Please write more!

You know, I'm honestly less impressed by what they programmed than how much they programmed before passing out. They really thought of pretty much everything except the word "water".


There is a part of me that frowns at the fact that they used "Dihydrogen Monoxide" instead of the IUPAC-accepted oxidane, but I figure it was Sunset deliberately messing with it as a reference to the well-known "Facts about Dihydrogen Monoxide" hoax.

...and that Twilight was just taking it in good humor.

Add this to Black_Knight's typos list:

Twilight murmured to herself as her hand continued it’s mostly blind journey

I personaly don't like non-standard "anywayS" (mostly because it gives rise to that dumb "a ways" etc.), but whatever.

Wow you sure study a lot to make this kind of fanfiction


Got these! Thanks! :twilightsmile: Also prompted me to add a little bit around the "missing underwear" section near the top.

Thanks! As odd as it sounds, research usually comes up once or twice when I do a chapter.

Well then. That happened.

My instincts are gonna bet that Daughter Unit isn't actually a robot but someone in disguise, though.

Dude... I don't even need to read this to know it'll be awesome.

Good humor or least of the annoyances and/or impending headaches. Either works. :trollestia:

If it hasn't been said yet: I vote to name her Sunlight Shimmer mostly because Twiset Sparkle just sounds silly.

The same author as Breaking Out? Oh boy, is my body ready.

dafaq did i just read and why is it so awesome

Oh man, this is great.

As long as the android's primary directive isn't 'Kill Son Goku', everything should turn out fine.

This can only lead to good places. I look forward to seeing which ones.


~Crystalline Electrostatic~


The weird part isn't that one of the romance options is a ghost.

The weird part is that every single character is a bird except for the PC.

“So much for getting a handle on things before they got wacky and weird...”

Please, that cause was stillborn before it's conception.

Twilight threw her hands up in the air. “He was the pigeon that hung out at the library! How was I supposed to know he was a ghost?!” Twilight sniffled to herself. “I’ll never forget you, Nageki…” she muttered.

Twilight plays Hatoful Boyfriend? That... makes way to much sense. I accept this as a new piece of Headcanon. As soon as i'm done laughing myself to death that is.

The idea is genius. Expanding it made it better.

The best part is hard to nail down, amusing as this is.

The second best part? That's that it's marked incomplete which means we'll probably get more.

Hatoful boyfriend! I actually started weeping from laughter! :rainbowlaugh:
Bravo! I am very much looking forward to more!

Where is Spike during all of this?

Obviously sleeping in his dog bed. Because, you know, dog.

But he still talks. Because, you know, magic.

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