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Horrifically Fun


A bunch of short stories of random ideas that come to me. More to follow as more time and ideas flow.

Special thanks to Tired Old Man who edited this stuff.

Pic unrelated.

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That last line was hilarious!
So, apparently Pinkie can magically spawn sugary treats now, in addition to charging them with explosive energy?

Join us all in the Nitpick Corner as we ask a very important question:

What does the word "westerns" mean in Equestria? :derpytongue2:

I kid, this was funny. :rainbowlaugh:

The smile on Starlight’s face suddenly jumped off a cliff in a desperate attempt to get away from the conversation. “Uh…”

YEAH. Not to mention Fluttershy takes care of a bear, which is very much a carnivore. A meat eater.

Okay, that was hilarious.
...is it weird I could see that being actually true, and by using the truth she dispelled any attempt at further discovering it?

“Are you two bangin’?” Rainbow Dash asked with all the poise and grace of a dingy passenger train that was being propelled with the extra help of rockets as multiples of sordid frat and sorority parties transpired within its cars.

So, no different than her usual level of poise and grace.

...this is referencing a story I haven't read yet, isn't it?

Which one? Cause I'm so binging it tomorrow.

I dunno. I see Rarity allowing Sweetie to get up to all that - and this - right in front of her as a sort of "better to let her do it and have her tell me what she's up to, then to forbid and have her sneak."

Love Tap just shook her head and looked around the theater. “Wait… Where’s Adagio…” Love Tao’s shoulders slumped. “and Gibson…” she said, finishing the sentence with a tone that suggested she had just answered her own question.
Aria chuckled and pointed down with a forehoof. “Where do you think?”

I honestly can't do much with these types of chapters, I can't think of anything clever to say that the characters aren't already saying, they're doing my shtick for me.

Love Tap once again leaned forward to fire a scowl off of Sonata’s bow. “Young lady, I’m not usually one for corporal punishment when it comes to disciplining my children, but for you, I might make an exception.”

Young? She'd probably several dozens of times your age. At least.

Rainbow Dash cried in alarm as an entire uprooted tree was thrown at her.

You should have seen this coming, in all fairness.

Okay, that was hilarious!
...especially once Pinkie started beating you up. :pinkiecrazy::rainbowwild:

D.H. gave the Dentist the most serious, focused look she could manage. “He lets me help build machines of incredible quantum complexity, makes me happy, and is also great in the sack,” she answered.

Spike! Come quick! I can’t find it!” Twilight urgently shouted from down the hall.
Spike’s features pulled into a tight look of confusion. “Find what?”
Where I asked for your bucking opinion!” Twilight growled back.

I got nothing. That's just funny.

It's awesome that the artwork is a screencap from the 100th episode.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

7918596 "Love Call of the Sirens," also by Justice3442. Basic summary: Twilight takes the Sirens back to Equestria and convinces Button Mash's mother to adopt them. Shenanigans ensure.

Author's Note:
WARNING: This contains HUGE spoilers for the first seven arcs of The Wheel and The Butterfly.

That would have been nice to know BEFORE I STARTED READING THE CHAPTER!

7918591 Bears are actually omnivores. They'll eat just about anything

The chapter title can be taken multiple ways, and they're all correct

I really should read that eventually...it's been on my read later list a REALLY long time...along with 193 other fics :twilightblush:

Gods I would give anything to be Gib-SPIKE! Spike is who I'd wanna be, cause popcorn...yeah I sure do love me some popcorn!

Ah, the typical nerd vs. jock scenario. A classic indeed

the gray pegasus mare with a wall-eyed look on her face, blonde mane and tail and bubble on her flank known as Derpy Hooves

Holy crap! Justice just used her fanon name in a fic! It's a sign of the apocalypse, EVERYBODY PANIC!

Oh nostalgia. I really need to reread that fic again

Don't worry, Discord. He can't keep you away forever

I seemed to be attracted by this story's "quality" picture.


This one. Another something I plan to continue given more time.

7918658 Whoops... Meant to put that at the top.

7919061 That's okay. Just be more careful in the future, especially with warnings about spoilers.


Well, she still pulled the marshmallow from her hair in the "bloopers", but that appears to be the case (minute 2, second 5).

............................................what has been read, cannot be unread...................................................

Pinkie's always been able to pull things out of her hair/mane. Here she literally generated it in the palm of her hand.

“Nerrrrrrrrrrd!” Applejack shouted up at the sky.

And then Applejack was Piccolo.

Yeah, I can't defend Twilight. That was beyond cold. It was sub-zero.

man it feels like wheel and the butterfly has been dead for forty years

“Just… bear with me here.”

“Dan can’t!” Pinkie piped up. “He’s not part Canadian!”


General story comment: You're doing that thing again where you confuse "rose" and "raised". They're not interchangeable.

7918600 That's exactly what I was thinking. Wouldn't it be better if Rarity was aware of what Sweetie was doing and would have a chance to intervene before Sweetie did something stupid if she had to? Like now?
She literally just saved your ass, Button. :raritywink:

7918749 a balanced diet is necessary to an omnivore. So some meat would be needed.

“Oh, pshaw[!”

I'm assuming that the bracket is not supposed to be there.

Spike motioned out to Twilight with a claw. “The Princess of Friendship, everypony,” he announced to nopony in particular.

“Spike! Come quick! I can’t find it!” Twilight urgently shouted from down the hall.

Spike’s features pulled into a tight look of confusion. “Find what?”

“Where I asked for your bucking opinion!” Twilight growled back.

For the love of all things good, gracious, and everything in-between! That was the best thing I've ever read!

I had to read this a second time inorder to understand what the heck just happened.

Don’t look at us like you girls don’t make-out with each other in public from time to time!

Lyra, you're confusing actual events with brony fantasies again.

Wait.....or is it you're aware you're in a fanfiction where that could actually happen?

:ajsmug: I see what you did there

Oh man, i loved that story. It was a concept i hadn't seen before executed very well.

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