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I will not apologize for art.

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...the fuck did I just read?

Seriously. The fuck I just read?


I decided to take the huge list of tags as a personal challenge. I dare say I'm "winning".


Wait, do you mean to write at least one story that covers every existent tag?

...In alphabetical order?...

I'd say you won. It's not your best work, even allowing for the level of effort, but it does show off your talent you can just casually pass this and it makes me smile :pinkiesmile:

Given it was you vs. all the sins of writer writingness, that deserves something....

like maybe safeword vs. Magic Pants, especially being taken into her hole :twilightoops: :trollestia:


Well, maybe I'm not THAT ambitious, but this at least rounds out the story tags for me.



Were you waiting for the new tags to go up before you posted this? Or did you just see the tags and think "fuck it, let's do a thing"

Either way, I chuckled


The latter. I honestly had no idea the new tags were going to hit.

Lol! Got your 2nd person and Anthro tags out of the way eh, bud?

“… Sunset Shimmer…” you mutter.

What the fuck, they added annon tag and self insert? wtf

After reading this, I have to say. I have many regrets.

But yet, I'm still laughing.


It is possible to write palatable Anon, self-insert, Displaced, Mary Sue and a half-dozen other deplorable fanfic things. Rare as hen's teeth, mind you, but not actually impossible.

But it is structurally impossible to wring joy out of second-person omniscient.

Kill it with fire!

Bravo, sir. Bravo.

Srsly though, why are there so many of these??

Today, you have read... *Checks the title* Anon Vs. Justice A Not So Epic Showdown Told Mercifully Quick! Oh, and it was also pinkfluffyunicornsdancingonrainbowspinkfluffyunicornsweighingatonusingmybackasrainbows! a fun read for me!

Not sure what I just read. Grammar flubs, shifting perspective, and totally unlikeable Sue characters. All in service of a gleeful poke at the new tags. Because why not?

You made me bust a gut, you glorious bastard.


Yeah OK so, uhh, Justice? Buddy? Gonna need to confiscate your crack pipe. And your weed. And any alcohol you may have lying around.


I r8 8/8. Must of been f8, it was so gr8 you could say you used some b8. I wish we lived in the same st8, and maybe go on a d8. (Not really. Please don't h8)

Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

I will not apologize for art.


This is horrifically meta...


“Who the fuck is Dan?!”

My thoughts exactly. unless he's from another story? :derpytongue2:

“It fires lightsabers.”

... Now I've seen everything. :rainbowlaugh:


Before I made a half-thought reply to this comment, I decided to actually research second person omniscient instead of assuming it was basically just second person point of view. I'm glad I didn't assume. That does sound really hard to do without screwing up the overall pacing of the story, if not impossible.

There was someone who was writing a story from a second person omniscient (only hinting at the omniscient as they declared), but I don't know how far they actually got into their book. At the very least, they stopped updating their blog about a decade ago. Mayhap they scrapped their piece.

Despite this, I did find some joy from this piece, if only for the random one liners. :ajsmug:

7863330 On a quick re-read, I concede that this isn't actually omniscient-viewpoint. So it isn't absolutely irredeemable.

Only mostly so. Still loathe second person perspective.


That was what I was thinking after I researched it, but I wasn't going to nitpick over the word. I was just making a broad response about my thought on second-person omniscient point of view in general.

I'm not a big fan of them either, to be honest. However, I do have to say that I have enjoyed the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book series. Being given choices at the end of each of those chapters gave me a sense that I was in the driver's seat rather than being in the passenger seat. I think if a work was serious in trying to capture your attention in this way, it would have to give you some sense of authority in what's happening, even if there are constraints.

7863273 It's a reference to a couple of my other stories. Specifically The Wheel and the Butterfly and Dan & Pinkie Take a Slice Out of Life.

I fuckin lost it at "Don't talk to me or my son ever again."

I must ask, what drunken brawl bet caused this spawn of Lucifer to come into being?

... ooookay...

The pony narrows his eyes with clear, killing intent. “That’s it. I’m doing everypony a favor and murdering the heck out of you.”

As you do.

It shoots lightsabers... brilliant.

You know what, 10/10 for the cover art alone.

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