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Horrifically Fun


Love Tap has a reputation for being excellent at taking care of children. Twilight needs somepony to help look after the sirens. These two things really shouldn't have any connection, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Spiritual sequel to The SweetieMash Chronicles. Though reading SweetieMash is not compulsory for enjoyment of this story, it helps fill some blanks.

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yes, please, more, thank you.

Well, that happened...

I wonder how long it's going to take for the Sirens to find out what it's like to make Love Tap angry... :pinkiecrazy:

Uh-oh, Equestria is in trouble. I'm curious why Twilight would actually allow the Sirens back into Equestria, especially with those gems, and I feel bad for Love Tap after Twilight's blatant, desperate bribes. She's going to be the only sane one in this fic, isn't she? The Sirens are going to have to get used to being back in Equestria, and Sonata's last line (brutally honest and airhead at the same time) sums up the fic pretty well. Good luck Love Tap, you're going to need it.


It was really subtle, but Twilight said not to remove the gems. Guess that could mean any number of things, but let's just say their function is not quite the same as it was in Rainbow Rocks.

I'll touch on that in a later chapter, of course.


Not a bad first comment. :rainbowlaugh:

“What?!” Adagio protested. “I can’t help it! It’s like tourette syndrome.”

Adagio has "Obviously Evil" syndrome.

Reservation for "Fucked," party of four?
Also, I'm ready for Gibson's apparent horn-dog tendencies to really bite him in the ass.

Considering Twilight said not to take them off, I'm willing to bet they're inhibitors of some kind.
It makes the most sense for Adagio, considering she's a unicorn, but what they'd be restricting on the other two is what interests me.

6891944 I think the gems are what keeps them as ponies rather than the seaponies they should be in Equestria

Goddamnit, Justy (I'm calling you Justy now).


Ah, whoops, missed that line, I was mainly wondering why they were whole again since last we saw they had shattered due to friendship laser. Though I give it five minutes before they convince somepony to take off the choker. Looking forward to an explanation whenever. Wonder how serious or silly it'll be treated since come to think of it, their natural Equestrian forms shouldn't even be ponies.

Wow, the Mash family really knows how to drive a bargain

Button's family plus the sirens...

Throw in a bit of Discord and this will easily rival the Wheel as my favorite of your fics.

I'm guessing the chokers keep them in pony form, and without them BOOM! Giant sea beasts.

Wow. Twilight is horrible for doing this

........ EPIC.

Also does the mind of anyone else go to weird and scary places whenever Adagio is involved? Cause I kind of see her, years later, 'help' Button and Sweetie with their relationship.

You truly are the best writer for the Sirens. I can already tell that this is going to be amazing.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache:

I have Tourette's Syndrome, and I can confirm, evil laughs are pretty hard to resist on a regular basis.

6891908 And then Button gets the ability to turn them into Magical Pony Mares!

Because you know.

Little Girls.


I love this already. Let the hijinks commence!

I definitely ship GibDagio!

I'm feeling more than a bit sorry for Love Tap at the moment... At least she'll have the chance to vent as she utterly destroys Aria!

I didn't stop laughing through that whole chapter. And hey, a story where Gibson finally got laid! Good for him.

Well Aria is going to get destroyed by Love Tap, someone is going to end up in the hospital or graveyard thanks to Sonata and Adagio is well on her way of building a harem or herd of strapping young stallions.

Adagio: Well actually I was just having some fun but a herd, hmmmm. Why not? If I play my cards right I might even have a shot of snagging the Royal Sisters. I heard some rather hot rumors about them back in the day. Some say they were the reason Discord turned out the way he did and all.

C: Uhh..... I was joking.

Adagio: But first I'll have to practice on how to please an alicorn. Oh Princess Twilight your future Queen needs you!


Adagio's evil tourettes is pretty funny. And it looks like Sonata has a touch of the same.

“She’s giving us hot babes and money! It does not get any more win-win than that! There is literally no downside!”

This is the second fic in a row where I've had to explain what win-win means. It's not getting two things at once. Win-win is when two different things might happen and they're both good. It's called that because either you win or you win, so it's a win-win. If it was "We get hot babes or money" that would be win-win. If you "get hot babes and money or nothing" that's just normal win.

There is truly no ocean in the world that can hold the love I have for this fic. And after only two chapters, I fear what might become of me in the future.

Can't wait to see how the rest of Ponyville will react to the sirens' presence

Well Love Tap is going to have a lot of young colts/stallions coming over soon when Gibson tells his friends what a good deed she is doing.

Aria may have just made a huge mistake

Mama Love Tap is about to lay the SMACKDOWN on Aria's candy plot!


Gibson isn't likely to know such nuances. :twilightsmile: Another accepted definition would be that the deal benefits both parties (in this case Twilight and Love Tap/Button's family). So yeah, Gibson is way off.

Aria should've never poked Mama Bear with a stick...Man, Gibson's a lucky colt stallion, and Button and Sonata are so adorable together. I'd love to see them bond more :rainbowkiss:

6896669 Aria's pig tails. No.

Notice how I am very monotone about this whole thing.

It's like seeing two antechinus males stuck in a room with their equivalent of porn. Spring comes.

It's hilarious, but it can only end in distrbed minds.

Another good rule would be that they pay for anything they break. It may seem like a dick move given their wealth, but that kind of cattiness is the only way to truly communicate with the Dazzlings.

6897932 uhm, wut? I'm not sure how what you are saying connects with my comment... Did you reply to the right person?

I believe this Derpibooru tag sums up how this fanfic will go. Especially with what will happen to Aria.

“Again, not interested… Geez, next you’re gonna claim that kid.”

Adagio’s entire body shook in disgust and she glared at Aria. “There’s something wrong with you.”

...Well, at least Adagio has standards.

Well, I'm officially interested now. 10 bucks on mama ursa!

6898512 I thought you were sory about her fighting. BUt then I realized you were happy about Aria. So...

I'm very conflicted over whether to agree with you.

I feel sorry for Love Tap, but I like Aria.

That escalated quickly. As expected. :rainbowlaugh:

I hope the trauma unit at Ponyville General Hospital is fully stocked and staffed cause Love Tap is about to put Aria in traction for a few months with plot-whippin' she about to lay on her. Serious I hope Twilight's little deal with Love Tap came with full medical and dental insurance for the sirens because looks like Adagio and Aria are going to need it.

I totally agree withe the state that Sonata is a child since she has the metal capacity of a foal around the Button Mash's age. Of the three Sirens I see her really becoming a part of the family and turning over new leaf in a time. Aria may even see a new light if she ever wakes up from the coma Love Tap is about to put her in.

Hilarious but... I feel like there are sexy things happening we're retroactively missing out on.

Why do i keep thinking this is a clop-fic?

I love this story!

It had been such a long time since she had been back in Equeeee3bbbgstria and an equally long time since should could fly so well under her own power.

Not sure what happened with the Equestria in there and you need a "she" in between "since" and "should".
Loving this story so far.:twilightsmile:
Also, did I spy a reference to your SweetieMash story?

I foresee:

Twi: AAHH! Lov-Love Tap why are you in my bathroom?


Twi: Uh Love Tap?


Twi: Gurgle.... spit... gurgle, gurgle... HELP! SOMEPONY!!! LOVE TAP'S TRY- SPLASH. Bubble, bubble, pop.

Love Tap: Shhhh, shhh it'll even over soon. Soon, just lie back and go into the light.

Sonata: Can I go after Twilight new mommy?

LT: Why of course my dear by all means.

S: YAY!! Oh hey look she stopped moving.

SciTwi: AHHH!...... Did I really just have a dream of that hot milf down the street drowning me and that we were both ponies?

Dog Spike: Really? That's messed up, usually you have much. much hotter dreams about her that you write down in that private dream journal of yours that both Shining and Cadance read when you're not here.

SciTwi:..... Spike, di-did you just talk!?

Dog Spike: Uh I mean woof woof?

Definitely the Stair Major and not the Stair something-else-that-begins-with-M.

Is this taking place within the SweetieMash verse?

Well this chapter was fun and all, but I'm far more interested in what's going on with Ada-Aria! Yes, Aria! *nervous laughter*

Something tells me that Love Tap is REALLY going to have her hooves full with this one.

It had been such a long time since she had been back in Equeeee3bbbgstria

Was this intentional, or did you I'MPANCAKE! with your keyboard?

Also: Blue Orchid? Really? :trixieshiftleft:

I love how you write from Sonata's POV, by the way. :rainbowlaugh:

You know it's time to worry when Button is the smart one.

Oh right! She was going face mumping with Button Mash!

Holy hell that sounds filthy.

A yellow earth pony filly with a red mane replied and eyes that reminded Sonata of a sunset replied.

You've got an extra 'replied' in there.

Scootaloo answered, “You probably selectively blocked that memory as a psychological tactic to keep functioning on a day-to-day basis without resorting to feral screams of horror for hours on end. I’ve done that with a bunch of things we’ve done… probably.” Scootaloo’s lavender eyes looked off into the distance as if they were trying to go on a journey far, far away. “It’s kinda hard to figure out what’s a regular nightmare and what’s a repressed memory of trying to get our cutie marks.”

Well that took a dark turn. :rainbowderp:

“Who’s Lockjaw?” Sweetie Belle asked.

Apple Bloom furrowed her brow. “Isn’t that the pony that runs the scrap heap?”

Nah, that's Trapjaw.

So is this officially a sequel to The SweetieMash Chronicles now, or what? Because this chapter kinda makes this sound like it's a sequel to The SweetieMash Chronicles.

This is probably a dumb question, but is this before or after the CMC got their Cutie Marks? I probably missed a line somewhere, just not sure if they were base jumping in another attempt at cutie marks or they're bored (probably the latter). Or in some cases, probably to avoid traumatic memories. Its sad when even Sonata can question why Scootaloo needs a parachute. :applecry:

Heh, I could totally see the typos as just part of Sonata's narration. Talk about literally being too dumb to live (yes Sonata, you need to breath to live). Too bad no Love Tap this chapter, I'm expecting that fight to be one-sided. And I also expect her to go make more demands of Twilight later, as she probably still got the worse end of the deal so far.

Oh god that Rick & Morty reference.


Ahh... the joys of cat ownership when your cat figures walking on your keyboard is a great way to get your attention (she was just doing it now, in fact).

Fixed. Thank you! :twilightsmile:


Holy heck. So many questions.

Right then.

First off, I got the errors peeps pointed out to me. So thanks there. :twilightsmile:

Second, I originally wasn't sure where this fit with my other stuff but after this chapter it definitely feels like the spiritual successor to SweetieMash (which of course isn't finished yet... I should probably get on that). This would take place before the CMC have there cutie marks, so they're up to their old tricks... I suppose I could have spun it that they threw together base jumping for Button to get his cutie mark and then got a little carried away, but I'd imagine even those three would piece together that Button probably wasn't eager to fling himself off something high again if they crafted an activity with him in mind.

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