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Horrifically Fun


The portal between Equestria and Sunset Shimmer’s world has closed unexpectedly. Despite Twilight and Sunset’s best efforts, the girls have been unable to come up with a solution. Running low on pages to talk across the dimensional rift, Twilight reads what might be Sunset’s final message to her. However much to Twilight’s surprise, there’s also another message to a different pony.

Inspired by a conversation with Tired Old Man and the story The Last Page, with apologies to Holy.

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Okay this was utterly hilarious. At first I thought this was going to be a sad moving on fic, but then... this was SO much better. This was genuinely funny. I enjoyed reading all of this. Props to you, very good. Very good. Sunset, Discord would be so proud of you. :P

Good job on such a very funny story. Though I'm sure Sunset is just glad that Starlight didn't have her magic when she was let loose.

Twilight gasped. Maybe at the mention of the ‘P’ word,

I was holding it together until I got here.

Ponies and their naughty words.

7564930 As long as you hugged like this after the spat...
edit; oops, i thought the beat up sunset was from you having a spat with Holy, I made a mistake, still amusing either way.:pinkiehappy:

Oh god, that was priceless!

Having just recently read a couple of very well written "sad/moving on" versions of this same idea, I love the idea that Sunset would pull something like this! Talk about using manipulation skills for good! And Twilight's comments about scrolls of Friendship Lessons to put in storage got me, too!

I didn't see that coming...

Sunset, you beautiful genius!

Sunet you crazy, manipulative, sociopathic genius! Poor Starlight got roasted like a walnut on that one.

Wow..... Forgot about Starlight's tenacity......... Good show!!! JOLLY good show!!!

Those were some absolute genius rant lines. Love 'em.

A really nice funny plot twist for what I expected to be a dark story, loved it :rainbowlaugh:

The portal between Equestria and Sunset Shimmer’s world has closed unexpectantly.

I think you mean 'unexpectedly'.

As to the story itself:


Oh, Sunset, you magnificent manipulative wonderful BESTPONY QUEEN BITCH OF BITCHES you! *wipes a tear of laughter away* That. Was. PRICELESS.


Fixed! Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the story. :pinkiehappy:

sunset at her best :rainbowlaugh: priceless :twilightsheepish:

7565119 You sure you fixed it? :unsuresweetie:

has closed expectantly

That looks like the opposite of fixed. :raritycry:

Gods, that was MFing epic!

Now that is how you motivate someone. Good going Sunset. Nice to see Sunset is still good at the manipulation, she's just using those skills for good now. In fact, that should be how they deal with all future problems- get Starlight angry enough to deal with it. Who needs the Rainbow power when you've got a crazy genius unicorn who can and will break time and space if she's mad enough? It just cost Sunset a few bruises (well, probably better to let Starlight work out her frustrations rather than leave her mad, though I would still rank Sunset's people handling skills over Starlight and Twilight's regular science knowledge).

How'd you write this so fast after the original? Also, you're featured right next to the original, that's cool!

I find this actually believable.

I find (reformed) Starlight a dreadfully empty character... If only she was more like this. Loved it!

When I read the 'message to a different pony' part I was honestly expecting it to be Celestia, since that would just make sense, but I am happy to say I was surprised by this little twist. Surprised and entertained. Good job Sunset, that's how it's done :rainbowlaugh:

Well that's one way to solve that problem.

I was expecting a sad moving on story from there especially after reading The Last Page... only to find a story that has me rofl like crazy! Sunset, you magnificent bastard, I love you! :rainbowlaugh:

is... is it bad that I can totally see this happening? lol

At first I was shocked that Sunset would write that kind of message to anypony. Then when it got to the bit with Sunset waiting, it clicked in my head and I couldn't stop smiling. Very nice job!

One little criticism though, and it might just be a personal pet peeve (gasp!): I kinda think that bold and italics were a bit overused in the second half of the story. Using them can be an effective tool, but they're supposed to be ways to highlight text, and when you highlight everything, you essentially highlight nothing. We know by the tone of their talk that the conversation is heated; the extra bolding and italicizing might have been a smidge excessive.

The story was still clever, entertaining, and well-written, of course. That's just the one little nitpick I have with it, and is nowhere near enough to take away from a fun story :twilightsmile:

Wow. You faked me out three times inside 5000 words.

7564914 Nice avatar, I remember Chomper, but I don't remember the other's name.

What's wrong with 'peeved'?


Not enough hair-pulling and shirt-ripping... :derpytongue2:

7565643 Thanks. Ruby is the name of the pink one.

Sunset, you Magnificent Bitch I read your BOOK!

So Starlight's special talent is getting pissed and doing the impossible. Sounds legit.

At first it reminded me of "what they expect to give" to find Pinkie but this is more of a batman gambit I guess... Anyway, brilliant. Another excellent piece of work from you. Have a fav.

Hah! :rainbowlaugh:

I love seeing Sunset use that "reformed villainous mastermind" skillset for good. This was something Twilight would never in a billion years have thought of, and if she had, couldn't have used. Sufficiently motivated Starlight was a treat to read, too. :trollestia: :facehoof:

“Oh, CELESTIA!” Twilight’s voice suddenly called out. “Starlight! Stop it! YOUR FLAILING ON TOP OF SUNSET LOOKS LIKE IT MIGHT ACTUALLY BE HURTING HER!”

Okay, that line genuinely cracked me up :rainbowlaugh:

On the corrections side... you should go over the fic and separate all addressing terms from the rest of the sentence with commas. Stuff like this:
> I want you to forgive yourself Twilight Sparkle.
> “Hello Starlight,”
Needs a comma before the name in both cases. I think those two are the only ones, but I'm not sure. Anyway, the reason for this is to avoid accidental cannibalism and other such gruesome fates:

Should have used pencils.

This is a very good one-shot.

Sunset, you sneaky sneaky bastard. The moment I read that letter for Starlight I immediately knew what that was about, but it was no less glorious to watch it all unfold.
Good job!

For a second I thought that's exactly what Sunset would tell Starlight, but then I thought "nah, that's too ridiculous, and it's a waste of paper". :rainbowlaugh:

“Sunset’s and your notes on the portal… And Starswirl’s… everything you have on it… All in your study?!”

Oh my god, now I know why she did it! Sunset realized that if Starlight could break all of time for revenge, fixing up a simple little portal would be easy.

“QUIET!” Starlight snapped.



Sunset, you glorious benevolent troll! Best princess taught you well. :trollestia:

This was a fun twist on this plot. Completely caught me by surprise!


The set-up was well executed, you didn't give it away with the tags (which is, in this sort of cae, very important and it's a trick I've used myself).

Very nice, very nice indeed!

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